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  1. I was too busy admiring the greatness of that jersey design to notice the OSHA disaster behind.
  2. Happy to help as I can. I can at least provide the crew perspective on the frac equation.
  3. Depends on the mission, but the normal fractional/charter players are NetJets, Flexjet, XOjet, Travel Management, Planesense, Wheelsup and Jet Suite. I’m guessing you’re looking at Excels or Latitudes if you’re comparing Wheels Up and NJ’s. Something to think about, and I’m sure they’ve mentioned it, but larger fleets mean better recoverability and shorter wait times to not fly on some chartered jet you know nothing about when weather, maintenance or duty issues inevitably delay one your flights. For Flexjet or NetJets, for example, those recoveries will often take place in better equipment whereas one and two plane fleets like Wheels Up means it’ll be another Excel or maybe a King Air 350. It makes things a tad better when the flight goes off schedule, but at least a Challenger 300/350, G or Global shows up to complete the trip. If you’re considering the Phenom versus KingAir 350 then I would simply say that the Phenom has a ton of baggage space, is quite cramped inside, is very slow and has long legs. It’s an entry level jet, and your expectations should be set there even though the salesmen will tell you it is the cat’s very own ass. We routinely skunked it with performance, and the owner’s often noticed the greatly reduced block times.
  4. I believe that Kauai is roughly the same size as Oahu. The former has about 50k people and the latter has 2M+. Most of the people on Maui are tourists, and the Bog Island is nearly deserted by comparison.
  5. I flew for one of the large fractional operators for over a decade. They can structure the contract 100 different ways to accommodate your needs including the ability to move up or down in aircraft size or buy additional hours if needed. Or sell them back to company or into an owner pot. During my last few years there the charter card product really blew up, and pure fractional shares declined to only 50-60% of the clientele we flew. The cards tend to be a touch more expensive per hour, but have lower total hours bought, and all liability is pushed off on the operator instead of the share owner. Also, and this seems almost silly, but the cards tend to be a one bill item whereas the fractional shares would send updated bills for fuel surcharges, management fees etc. in addition to the base cost of the share. It’s been awhile, but 25 hours in a 7 seat, one stop to anywhere in the country type fleet cost $108k. I’m sure that increased a bit, but you might be able to drive a deal as the fracs are sitting around almost as much as the airlines.
  6. Hell, the last time it threw its hands up in the air (space) and gave up. I’d give it credit for having some initiative.
  7. I had an instructor note my getting sloppy with regard to centerline etc. on my landings and he started betting me a coke based on the outcome of the matter. Just a little skin in the game made me focus all the more, because I didn’t want to buy him the soda. And it’s not like we don’t all need a little clean up at times. I had been flying private jets professionally for a number of years when a check pilot and friend mentioned that I had a tendency to line up on the right side of the runway and work my way to centerline as I got close on my visual approaches. He was right. It happens. Good luck. Also, remember that nowhere does it say you have to solo by a certain number of hours be it 10, 15, 20 or whatever. I frequently continued with the dual instruction part of the syllabus until both the student and I agreed that they were ready to solo. They kept learning, and we checked that box when it was appropriate, and not on some low total hour goal.
  8. You just have to 3 in 1 rule. I can still multiply by 3, or multiply by 3 and add 10% plus distance to slow down for approaches. It’s that whole divide by 330 million thing that gets touchy.
  9. Computers do our maths. And if the computer won’t do it we call someone who’s computer will. They don’t want us long handing that shit.
  10. I wouldn’t have chosen my current profession if I wanted to do mathing.
  11. 1. Never tell me the odds. 2. At least one of those three and change posted here so this hits close to home.
  12. My back of the napkin math suggests that the current Covid death totals will be roughly doubled up if the economic shutdown induced suicides, domestic abuse deaths, new addictions, inadvertent pegging fetish admissions etc hits .0005% of the population. Seems like the logical conclusion is to act in such a a way to drive those two numbers toward an intersecting low point. And that’s not going to happen if we keep this thing quasi shutdown for another 6-18 months.
  13. Largest exporter in the nation with massive ties to the military and essential economy driving infrastructure? Boeing’s not going anywhere. The interesting thing to see is who declares BK, likely AAL, and if the others follow shortly to prevent a massive competitive advantage like DAL enjoyed.
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