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  1. they are building in the wrong place "I am the monarch of the sea I am the ruler of the coup....."
  2. Mammatus clouds. Definitely my favorite.
  3. I’m sure it’ll be some version of it minus any shackles, not that any were apparent, that saban may have put on it.
  4. Not quite a Liberty Bell, but still made an impressive sound hitting my roof in Keller.
  5. Connecting on 5% more throws where the receiver is thrown open would seem to be a difference maker in a race where both QB’s are essentially equal otherwise. Casey threw Brewer open in the Alamo Bowl. He seems to see and execute a layered passing attack quite well. That pairs nicely with a strong rushing attack. Card, otoh, seems to see and anticipate holes of the defense in a more on schedule manner. it may be that Casey’s escapability and layered passing is needed more than Card’s more structured ability this year, but I think Card’s game wins out once pass pro tightens up and we
  6. In other news Indonesia apparently sources their uniforms from Wal-Mart and we have an Argo F yourself sighting.
  7. Technically speaking are those Indian blankets?
  8. I would assume so. It’s a well engineered vehicle. I only wish the HUD was a stand alone option.
  9. Just bought a Kia Telluride for the wife’s new mom tank. It does a very fine job of lane keeping other than the occasional attempt to follow the white line on an off ramp or slam on the brakes when it sees a car slowing on an off ramp ahead of it. I basically drove it hands off from Dallas to South Louisiana. You’re supposed to touch the wheel every 45 seconds to let it know you’re still awake, and it’ll fuss at you with a message, but will otherwise keep driving. It changed speed as the speed limit changed and the only thing I didn’t like was that it would slow down to maintain distance from
  10. So you’re saying LB’s and S’s standing lead footed while staring into the backfield in fear of a VY keep read instead of taking their drops may have simplified things for our offense?
  11. About a decade of watching OL coaches fall in love with measurables and potential to the exclusion of production for significant parts of entire seasons has jaded me to the possibility that the current OL coach isn’t doing the same. There are more than a few UT sports content producers who pleasure themselves to thoughts of a pure meritocracy taking place in the football program while handling their units anew with each staff change, but, without fail, actual humans with coaching titles continue to fall into the patterns of behavior that are associated with being actual humans. Notably,
  12. Those old school metal spikes must have made Kite look a lot taller.
  13. I think I’ve identified why Sam struggled on deep balls.
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