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  1. I seem to recall the defense performing moderately well in the back half of the year while the offense diddled itself to low scoring losses.
  2. Not that unusual. Most prototypes cannibalize parts from existing planes for the stuff under the fuselage skin, and start using more personalized tech once the proof of concept and selection period is done. It also helps that the Air Force isn’t trying to work within the constraints of a plane that’s built with VTOL and carrier ops in mind.
  3. Yes. If anything a normal runaway trim situation is worse as the trim moves much faster than MCAS activations. In that respect MCAS trim activation is more insidious, because it’s much slower and possibly less noticeable.
  4. I fly the Airbus so it’s not something we specifically trained for. The unreliable airspeed scenario (what primarily led to the Ethiopian crash) is a memory item for us, and we don’t have pitch trim cut outs. We can get the plane into alternate flight law whereby any uncommanded pitch can be overridden by the pilot.
  5. I believe it was the same airplane with a different crew and the jumpseater recognized the situation and responded correctly. The first part may be off. The second part is correct.
  6. You have trouble carrying two thoughts at once. Boeing and the FAA are criminally negligent. The pilots responded poorly. The Lion Air crash, in particular, was very recoverable. I’m not arguing this again, because it’s clear that you’re incapable of reconciling the two ideas above.
  7. Life’s short. Being a bitch is optional. Both crews responded poorly on top of the sins of Boeing and the FAA. Responding in a manner consistent with uncommanded pitch procedures in the 737 fixes both situations whether they knew about the new system or not. Sorry that’s hard for some to understand.
  8. Probably a clogged fuel filter would be my guess. I’m sure that lights up something somewhere.
  9. Venomorphs. Guaranteed. Like a Xenomorph, but alphabetical classification indicating an earlier stage of development.
  10. It’s no Minotaur, but I would find this acceptable for part of the pregame crowd warm up.
  11. There’s some connection between Teebus, Elijah like calling down flames and footBaal worship, but I’m too lazy to make it.
  12. Helluva tractor fire apparently.
  13. UF’s stadium spontaneously combusts as 2020 rolls on.
  14. Just memorize the comprehensive trip review answers. Those are the ones that are most time consuming and have the least applicable use in the real world.
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