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  1. All you Tarrant County area Longhorn fans, don't forget the game on Sunday in the new Dickes' Arena against the Aggies. The new arena is really nice.
  2. Arkansas screwed up, but they will never admit it. They might be making a little more money, but who cares if you never win very often. With their location they would fir perfectly into the Big 12.
  3. Yes, it was criminal how Reagor, Anderson, and Sewo were all used. Our offense could not get out of its own way. I would say we were pathetic, but that would have been an improvement.
  4. I don't know how he can. The fans already have the tar and feathers ready.
  5. Our offense reeks. Lost 6 of the 7 games by a touchdown or less.
  6. I doubt our offense could have scored, but I hate it when the refs don't even give you a chance with a poor spot, and a terrible review.
  7. 6 games for hitting someone with a helmet, and 10 more for going full Aggie.
  8. I guess this is what Arkansas gets for letting Jerry pick their coach. We know how good he is at that.
  9. Our hope for a victory hinges on your team heaving on the sidelines all game long after seeing these uniforms in person.
  10. Our QB is a true freshman, our receivers think they are on Dancing with the Stars, our OC will be fired at the end of the season. We have good running backs, but our play caller is clueless. We are not a good this year.
  11. We have no offense. You could put your band in there and beat us. If you score 40 you will win handily. 30 would most likely do it too.
  12. Well that will be easy money. We can't even get out of our own way.We will make your defense look like Clemson's
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