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  1. What values? They talk about all these self righteous values and never follow them. They cheat and cheat and cheat.
  2. I would imagine football for most P5 teams is a money maker because of TV rights as well as ticket/suite/club seat sales. The other sports depend on football revenue to survive.
  3. Hmmm, receiving their 8th(?) NCAA sanctions may indeed put them at the top. EDIT- Looked it up. They move from tied for fourth most penalized to tied for third most penalized. Plus they are now one of the five most penalized teams. Well by the time Jimbo's contract is up, they'll be in the lead.
  4. Stunned I tell you, stunned. Who would have ever thought the Aggies would cheat in football? By the way, are they the National Champs at cheating? If so, maybe they can put that on their wall.
  5. Without paying players, Texas A&M is nothing more than a Miss. State, Kentucky, or South Carolina in football. Just a mediocre team who thinks they are the next Alabama.
  6. I had not driven close by the stadium since last fall, so I went yesterday. It is just as ugly as the pictures look maybe worse. The side by Texas Live looks okay, but the rest of it is hideous. What were they thinking, and who signed off on this monstrosity? The "old" stadium is 1000 times better looking.
  7. Ouch! That is going to really hurt.
  8. Come on people $1.2 billion doesn't get you what it use to.
  9. That I haven't heard. They do have a sizable endowment, but it too was probably affected by the oil prices and the stock market. TCU was in the middle of a billion dollar campaign when this hit. Unless things turn around quickly it will be difficult to reach to the goal. They are about 2/3rds there. A crumbling economy is going to hurt all colleges in the near term. They better get ready.
  10. They are probably preparing for the worst in case we have another virus quarantine. It's been a rough year for education.
  11. What they did is cut the TCU contribution from 11% of your salary per year to 8% per year.
  12. Bottom line is Gundy picked the wrong shirt to wear at the wrong time especially in these politically charged times.
  13. Gundy has a thousand OSU shirts to pick from and he chooses that one to wear? Got to question his thought process.
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