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  1. James +25 Kyrie -28 Through 3 quarters....yeah Kyrie, you are NOT the man.
  2. Bonds is arguably the best offensive player ever. Clemens is arguably the best pitcher ever. The HOF is not valid if people like Walker or Halladay are in, but those 2 are not.
  3. I think Larry Walker was a very good player, but if you asked 100,000,000 baseball fans who is the better player, Walker or Bonds, there would be 99,999,999 votes for Bonds and maybe Larry's wife as the other vote.
  4. popularity is different that success. The baseball team is more successful, the basketball team is more popular. If Texas made the sweet 16, the TV ratings would be 5-10x what they would be for a Texas CWS game.
  5. Anyone know a good NIT bracketology site? With these ratings I think we should easily get a 4 or 5 seed. I’d like to see what the experts think.
  6. Burrow with greatest college season in history. Who would have thought?
  7. I love the passion during the game on this thread. It shows the excitement for the program is REAL!
  8. 18 and 10 tonight. Too bad he could never do that in college... thanks Shaka
  9. what worked for me: AM 30g protein bar (200 calories) nitro coffee lunch salad stop salad (usually 400-600 calories) Afternoon 30g protein bar or protein shake (love the Quest brand) Dinner 200-300g of protein meat (striploin, chicken breast, salmon) baked vegetables with olive oil (sweet potato, pumpkin, Brussel Sprouts, asparagus) Drinks 2-5 liters of water a day went from 2-5 beers a day to 2-5 beers a month
  10. Nov 12, 2018 - weighed 366.5 2019 recap: Jan 4, 350 Feb 8, 327 March 4, 322 April 8, 304 May 16, 297 plateau - fuck you! August 10, 297 Sept 14, 292 (low) Nov 14, 298 Dec31, 306 In 2019 lost 43 pounds, even with gain over holidays. Roughly lost 70 pounds since all time high weight. my goal with my height (6’3”) and frame is 240-250 (I played basketball and football at 235 in HS). I think I can achieve it with what I learned in 2019.
  11. If we are going to be the evil empire, let’s go all in. No use fucking around pretending anymore.
  12. Killing himself recruiting golfing in Florida
  13. I played in a city league where our team had lost about 20 in a row over 2 years. We were video game making nerds against firemen, jocks and police guys. One game only 4 showed up for the other team. We beat that ass*. Don’t sell that extra guy short. I think even Shaka could win 60% of the time. *in the company newsletter it wasn’t mentioned that it was 5 on 4...
  14. From the last 2 years of Weltlich through 10 years of Barnes, I missed exactly 1 game (all home games live, many road games and either watch or listen to the rest). For the past 3 years, I have seen or heard exactly 0 minutes of Texas B-ball live. I might catch some highlights every 10-15 games. Apathy is real.
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