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  1. I’m on board now that Trump needs to win. It’s the only way to rebuild. We have to fully tear it down. Biden is not the answer. He will go 4 years with being blocked by the trumpers on anything reasonable and smart. Then the cycle will repeat with someone far worse than Trump (someone who is a psycho and smart - Trump is only 1 of those).
  2. Prior to 2016, this would be the craziest thing ever said by a sitting President. In 2020, it doesn’t make the top 5 of a Tuesday.
  3. burn it to the ground. Trade all the players for draft picks and hope in 20-30 years the process will work.
  4. I’ve lived in a country next to Thailand for the past 5 years. Travelled to Thailand many times. Sailed in Thai waters for a week. I live 1/2 a block from a great Thai restaurant run by a family from Phuket. I’ve met and worked with many Thai people. Not once has it been pronounced Thigh... Trump and his followers will lie about anything. It is a sickness.
  5. we have one of the most dishonest people leading this country, not as in one if the most dishonest presidents, but one of the most dishonest people to have ever exsisted. If you support him in any way, then fuck you. 160,000 Americans are dead. Most could have been prevented. Once again, fuck you. You are the problem. Fuck you
  6. But using the word “Democrat” is a sick fucking burn. All the libs were owned.
  7. To be fair he didn’t say he did more good. Hitler did more for the Jews after all.
  8. He has to lie about everything. It is a serious disorder. Even when telling the truth would help him, he must lie.
  9. Unfortunately he has already done it and it didn’t go well.
  10. Fuck this year
  11. Lots of grift possible in the medical/insurance space. I’m sure Trump abs Kush are planning something big.
  12. Trump is basically my dad on the course. I use to live on the course at Lago Vista and played 4-5 times a week and was a solid 10 handicap. My dad came to visit and is keeping score. Me (16th hole) “how’s it looking? Dad “You’re up by a few, but it’s close” i had made 15 straight pars and he hadn’t had less than a double bogey. Usually a 8 or 9. I’m thinking, “if I take triple par on the last 3 holes, it might be close...” Typical - Par 3 short of the green. Into the front bunker. Into the back bunker. 3 to get out of the bunker. Over the green. Chip onto the green. 3 putt. ”what did you get dad?” ”bogey”
  13. Yes. There is this pandemic thing that will keep people away from the polls. Trump will also deploy his goon squads to “protect” polling places. They will intimidate and incite. Portland was just a test for this. Plus, Russia...
  14. I may not be naked, but I am almost always shirtless.
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