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  1. Driving while black is pretty dangerous in the Sip.
  2. all he needed here was: "i hope in 10 years my name is said in the same breath as Lebron, KD, Giannis and Steph. I am going to work my ass off to make sure that happens."
  3. This is a real conversation I had with what use to be a normal person H: “you aren’t pissed that the election was stolen?” Me: “there was never any proof of that, in fact even the audits they did show there was nothing” H: “it’s all rigged, brother. You should watch the movie 2000 mules, it’s all there.” Me: “don’t you think if there was evidence, it would be bright out in court?” H: “the courts are rigged, like the media.” Me: “what about Trump, Cruz, the crazy lawyer lady? Wouldn’t they show the proof?” H: “just watch the movie man. It’s all there.” Me: “so a movie with an anonymous witness and some very disputable research is proof? That no one else is using?” H: “just watch it. It’s all there” It’s a sickness. A disease. He also said the country has moved passed 1/6 and we should stop talking about it and we should focus on the the 10,000 people that were killed in the blm riots.
  4. His comparable to me is Rashard Lewis. A good player, but a number 3 guy. Still good value, but I don’t think he will be some kind of superstar. His 2pt pct was one of the lowest in the NCAA. Auburn had shit for playmakers, but still, he should be able to dominate inside the 3pt line as well.
  5. If I was Orlando, I would gauge the interest of OKC moving up 1 pick for 2 and a future 1st. OKC has too many picks and needs to spend them. Orlando also needs lots of help for the future and needs to stockpile. Maybe then even look to trade down again. If they could get a couple of firsts and still get Ivey, I think they are huge winners. Anthony Suggs/Ivey Wagner Issac (lol) Carter/Bamba* Ivey to be has the highest floor and least chance of busting.
  6. There is a bit of a difference between the govt bailing out a business sector and the government actively trying to tank a business. I don't agree with either, but the difference is more than "but Obama..."
  7. It’s hilarious that Harden is going to get a max contract. If Houston would have taken Jared Allen instead of Olidipo, it would have been the steal of the decade.
  8. We had in there for 12 games. I don’t think he really “played”
  9. https://mustsharenews.com/king-cobra-monitor-lizard/ This is right where I play golf. It’s why I don’t look for balls in the woods (jungle). Pro V1. Yeah fuck it. I’ll drop.
  10. Just came today. New. But serial number says made in 2017. Still not much tuning after sitting in bud 5 years.
  11. And Vince Young was the last offensive player. Malcom Brown (the DL) was the last overall 1st rounder (2015).
  12. This year was not the quantity of our players drafted. It was the quality….
  13. All this shit was teed up for the Dems and they still fuck it up. They have a 10 shot lead on 18 and hit 7 drives in the water.
  14. Some say he is the most religious person in history. Well at least since Jesus. But probably more than him, since he was from a shit hole country.
  15. Some say he is the most religious person in history. Well at least since Jesus. But probably more than him, since he was from a shit hole country.
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