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  1. i feel really, really bad for anyone that feels pressure to buy a house right now. it isn't going to end well, i fear.
  2. what you need to understand is that Florida guides are assholes. come to mexico, they actually appreciate you being on their boat and love sharing their passion with you.
  3. i will never, ever fault someone for getting filthy rich off of selling shit to evangelicals and aggy. good for them, i say. wish i had the stomach to do it.
  4. There weren’t any clicks in 1972. (See: Al Gore)
  5. there is no money in actually solving the problem. there's billions to be made treating the symptoms. the reason we're fat is because corps make 100s of $billions each year making sure we are fat. it's big business.
  6. Slorch’s super simple solution!!!
  7. I agree with others questioning what was actually happening here. Doesn’t seem like a precursor to a mass shooting event. Will be interesting to learn what they were up to. not putting up the do not disturb sign is a pretty fucking stupid move.
  8. Kinda seems like folks have snapped. All the passengers going bonkers on planes...maybe we were sick and covid kind of tipped more folks over the edge? I don’t know.
  9. can you complete the following sentence so I understand your position... The proliferation of random mass killings in the US in the last 20-30 years is because of...
  10. Yeah, man. I live in Mexico. It’s a narco-state and the violence is really easily explained. There’s billions of dollars at stake selling drugs. But why are there so many instances of Americans walking into random crowds and killing strangers?
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