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  1. i say this as someone who believes higher education needs to be completely blown up and reinvented, but a Harvard degree at $50K/yr is probably about the wisest investment you can make nowadays.
  2. what's tough to grasp is that someone rightly pointed out that it's not obvious he had underlying conditions and you went full retard.
  3. what point is there of getting tested if the results don't come back for 10-14 days and there is no contact tracing done for positives?
  4. Always, always, always visit a local shop for fly suggestions.
  5. In all seriousness, I’m pretty dejected today. It’s supposed to be a celebration of this country, and pretty much everyone I know and associate with is feeling embarrassed and angry about who we apparently are.
  6. i suppose if you wanted to equate a shitty concert with a fight for basic human rights you could do that. but i'd like to think there would be a little more calculus involved when deciding what risks we're willing to accept as a society. side note, you sure seem to be asking lots of questions. just asking questions?
  7. to wit, a few short weeks ago there was a large contingent of people on this thread that felt like the proper course of action was to a) let the overwhelming majority of society get back to their lives as usual and b) isolate the elderly and infirmed.
  8. New Mexico might as well be a third world country in terms of medical resources to fight this thing. With the number of Texans traveling through that state and giving zero fucks, it's just a matter of time before it lights that state on fire. As best I can tell, virtually every resident of New Mexico has comorbidities.* *i am not a doctor
  9. looks like Houston is about tapped out. I'm a bit surprised they're choosing to transfer patients to other systems as opposed to deploying the Tanned, Ready, & Rested system for resource deployment. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
  10. "those are my ladybugs" i'll have to live with those words for the rest of my life.
  11. you don't sound tanned, ready, and rested. in all seriousness, that sounds like a mess. sending overflow to smaller communities (that are undoubtedly going to see a surge in cases IMO) seems like a recipe for disaster. what a fucking mess.
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