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  1. maybe the biggest day with the greatest implications for this trainwreck of a presidency and we're focused on a troll. can we maintain focusness here? more twitter commentary during the break would be nice...
  2. that's ken starr quoting one of the dem reps, not ken starr's quote
  3. He’s not going to fall on the sword for Trump. He doesn’t want to go to prison.
  4. can we get our resident trumpkin military grunts to chime in here? y'all are cool with donnie jr shitting down the throat of a decorated war hero, correct? and it's because you got a 3% pay raise, correct?
  5. You asked if it had been reported that they didn’t make clear to the players to not jump on a hard count. I assumed you asked that because you felt that it was relevant to the conversation, but alas, here we are posting videos from YouTube.
  6. Has it been reported they did? I’m curious why you’re willing to give this staff, in general, and whoever the fuck coaches special teams, specifically, the benefit of the doubt here.
  7. So your assumption is that the coaches made clear to not jump and he did? That might have happened, but the evidence to date would seem to support that they neglected to make that clear. When I’m doubt, I tend to blame coaches that have proven they aren’t good.
  8. Rex, I’ve always enjoyed arguing with you. That will never change.
  9. Calm down, Rex. I think Westlake is a wonderful high school and that Highland Park is filled with wonderful people.
  10. I agree. I think Sam’s best trait is his love for the game. I wonder how much “give a fuck” he has left in him this year. I get the impression he knows his coaches are a complete joke.
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