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  1. I officed in Five Points 12 or 13 years ago. People shooting up on the sidewalks everywhere. Blows my mind that’s now a trendy spot.
  2. was in telluride 2 weeks ago...conditions are great. they've had a solid start to the season.
  3. caesar dressing is my cheat code for veggie/grain bowls i pack for lunch.
  4. obligatory: i'll get it started. incredibly good lentil soup recipe: https://cookieandkate.com/best-lentil-soup-recipe/
  5. probably better than my title idea of 'I pledge to post more pictures of this PLANT'. i'll fire it up in the event others are interested.
  6. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a non-commercial vehicle with chains...I’m guessing you’re driving something rear wheel?
  7. I watched the canes a couple of times this past year. They make us look like the ‘85 Bears. You really can’t pick a program in worse shambles to transfer in to.
  8. He just seems to have a frame that could support the weight gain necessary to transition to LB...Foster’s body disintegrates on contact, makes me question how well he would hold up closer to the line of scrimmage.
  9. Overshown and Owens both seem like they’re playing out of position in the secondary. Your other 2 are crazy talk.
  10. Bitch made. Acho remains my least favorite former player.
  11. young pups moving in...stealing an OU coach...i'm approaching Show Me a Loss territory.
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