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  1. i don't need to connect the dots here, but it's pretty much the only silver lining i see in all of this.
  2. Has he uttered a single scripted word of condolence to those that have passed?
  3. I want to make sure this is accurate before I go into a blind rage... Trump signed a bill into law that had specific language regarding congressional oversight for how, how much and to whom taxpayer funds would be doled out. He then notified Congress that he did not understand the oversight language and will not comply with it. is that accurate or am I off base there?
  4. My current rate is 3.875% and I’m looking to re-fi. What a time to be alive...right before we all die.
  5. What did you lock in? I’ve got my app ready and am in a holding pattern...
  6. Also, did that dude here ever go on that 4 day cruise with his wife? Is he dead?
  7. So @Jack Straw do you make your own Indian sauces? We’ve tried but just can’t get the flavor profile of the pre-made shit in the jars. we’ve also been cheating our faces off and buying the vegan stuff from green chef and purple carrot. I’ve been taking pics with the intention of posting them here but i feel like a cheap whore doing that to y’all.
  8. Anyone noticed that when shit really hits the fan, not even Republicans pretend to espouse conservative views? The only debate is how far to the left we drift in times of crisis.
  9. Our waters are about as skinny as they get all year (slightly up from annual lows 2 from months ago) but barring something crazy we’re still 1.5 months from anything approaching runoff conditions. That’s crazy y’all are already out of the game.
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