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  1. Grimas

    Airsoft thread

    Lesson learned from playing first indoor session - don't wear shoes without some tread on them. Flat rubber soles, bb's and smooth concrete floors don't like each other...
  2. I applied for my renewal in October with mine expiring next week. I'm glad they extended the grace period...
  3. Grimas

    Airsoft thread

    Searched but didn't a thread on Airsoft... My teens are now getting in to it and figured there was some knowledge to be shared on here... Made the mistake on buying manual, spring loaded rifles for the kids but they a) have barely the strength to cock the guns and b)get hammered by all their friends with gas/electric ones... Now that I've started shopping for better guns, the versions and accessories for airsoft are as bad or worse than when buying real guns... Any helpful tips? (Gas vs. electric? Specific brands to get/avoid?) Just got one of them a Glock 17 Gen 4 with gas but the other one wants a rifle... I was just assuming that in the indoor range, the larger the mag is best so you can just keep pumping out bb's downrange...
  4. Thanks! I had seen these steps posted somewhere but couldn't find them... I just checked and my original points posted in my November 2015 bill so I should be good to start the process (after a trip next week so i can get 2X points)
  5. Also, what’s the delay? I’m planning a trip over Christmas so should I wait until the trip is over in January before doing this? I’m not sure the delay in downgrading the CSR and the application and approval of the CSP lag...
  6. I’ve have a Chase sapphire Preferred for the past 48 months and want to upgrade to the Sapphire reserve to get both the greater 3x as well as the sign in points. Do I downgrade the CSP to the Freedom card then apply for the CSR to get the 50k bonus? If I understand correctly, if I ask for the upgrade w/o the “downgrade”, I don’t get the 50K signin bonus. Also, I have 200k credits on the CSP, my understanding is those drop to 1x when I downgrade to the Freedom. What happens to these credits when I then get the CSR? Also, if I pay the extra 75 to add the wife, is she able to get the same benefits (300 travel credits, lounge access, 100 back for Global entry, etc)?
  7. What were you really being offered $1000 for at the bar?
  8. Grimas

    Bidet Meta Threas

    Before an overseas flight, I usually try to unload before boarding hoping I won't need drop one on the plane. I was very pleasantly surprised that the main business lounge in DFW for AA (I think it's in terminal C) have every toilet equipped with an every bell and whistle bidet - seat and water heater, frying fans, multiple sprays, etc. (I didn't see the brand) The first time I've seen one like this in a US "public" toilet whereas you see them pretty standard in Japan. Oh, and the wifi works in the stalls as well.
  9. I like that burnt orange jacket Matthew McC is wearing. Anyone have a clue of the manufacturer?
  10. I downloaded the whole season when I was in Europe last week - it was good enough to binge and to keep me awake on the flight home... Not a spoiler but not enough of the blonde girlfriend compared to last season...
  11. My UT roommate and I decided to take a road trip/fly fishing trip the summer I finished at UT and was headed off to grad school (roommate dropped out of UT a few years earlier). We loaded up his 4 Runner and drove up the eastern side of the Rockies to the CA border and then headed south to San Diego along the Pacific coast for about 5 weeks before heading back to Texas. i had been fly fishing on the San Juan river the previous summer as part of my geology field camp class in the 4 corners area so we headed there first. Caught a bunch of trout there but decided if it was that good there, it would be even better as we headed north. We stopped a few places along the way but didn’t catch crap... Got to Yellowstone and after a few days of fishing but not really having any luck, we decided that we’d have one last fishing day before heading to the West Coast. We stopped by the fly shop we had been dumping money on the past few days and mentioned we were done and were leaving because the fishing wasn’t panning out as we had hoped. The guy in the shop said that before we left, he’d put us on a spot. He said to drive west past Quake lake west of W.Yellowstone, cross the first bridge we encountered west of the dam, park the truck there and walk west until we hit the first fence line and fish the hole there... i caught at least 40 rainbows within 2 hours and it seemed to get a hit on every cast. My buddy was doing the same but fell in at one point and filled his waders with ice water so we had to cut the session short as he was freezing. Best fishing I ever had in my life... That being said - the dumbasses we were - we ended up packing up camp and headed to the west coast the next morning rather than going back to the same spot for the next few days as we were meeting some girls we knew in San Fran and later in San Diego... Yes, each of us ended up getting laid in Cali but I still kick myself 25 years later for not having spent another few days going back to that honey hole... Best fishing spot I ever visited... Not sure if you can even access that spot any more but I plan on trying to get to the same spot next summer with my boys...
  12. Thanks for the advice... I ended up cutting into 2 rib portions, added a Demi glacé/trinity mix to each bag and cooked for 48 hours at 167 and served over polenta. Wife complained it was “too rich” but kids and I sucked the beef down... Happy dog got a bone as well...
  13. Picked up some beef short ribs from HEB already vacuum packed. Has anyone tried SV ribs “as-is” (without opening, seasoning and then repackaging)? The plan is to go 36 hours but I hate pulling out the vacuum sealer if I can avoid it because mine is a pain to always get a good seal.seal. I know the effort of adding seasoning before sealing should be worth it but has anyone tried to SV without seasoning the meat before cooking?
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