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  1. Soon to be ex-girlfriend once he upgrades aggy style:
  2. this gif seems like a good candidate for the Thujone dick treatment.
  3. Hey, at least we know "simultaneously before, during, and after the season" is off the table.
  4. Guess we were watching different games. Looked like they were employing phantom recruits at edge and lb.
  5. Fuck it I'm in. Might as well lean into the clownshow thing. Nah fuck Urban.
  6. So you're saying I should worry about the numbers...
  7. Disagree. You have a chance to add one of the best returning players in CFB you take it everytime. Having a 1st year QB only strengthens that argument when he has the arm talent to get the ball to his receivers.
  8. Some guy tried to trade me for his 98 million best buy coupons the other day so this hits close to home
  9. They'll throw Pluckers coupons at you until you come back.
  10. RE: EA CFB 2023, I'm kinda ok with it if the NIL portal stuff doesn't make it into the game.
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