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  1. but maybe 2 division 1 offers = 1 division 2 offer
  2. dunno but outside of the top few teams it's an easier conference and you get a bunch of credit for beating shitty teams there, so...
  3. That's the face of an aggy right there.
  4. translation: He ran away screaming when Karen put her ovaries on the table.
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/20/business/popeyes-meme-dieunerst-collin-nil-deal-cec/index.html
  6. 260 lbs? That's probably the smallest dude Flood has ever recruited.
  7. aggy should just keep 25 guys on the roster since they don't need anybody else
  8. Verne Lundquist is a sip troll. 6 star or gtfo
  9. The ability to bounce back is also critical for the backend.
  10. Is 11 their qb? I'm assuming because he looks like as big of a doofus as Baker Mayfield
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