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  1. On the other hand, I'm always prepared for three or fewer defensive linemen to wreck our offensive line.
  2. If he puts on weight his arms are gonna get shorter so it's a lose-lose situation.
  3. He would still need to add 2 or 3 zeroes to make it accurate
  4. aggy wishes they could build a pool like that
  5. Why is Karen begging Texaggy posters to kiss her a s s?
  6. Those look nice but I'd look fuckin dumb in them.
  7. He can rest easy. They look like idiots every month of the year.
  8. He appears to be an (/all) EDGE (/caps). Can someone confirm for me if he's gonna put his hand in the dirt or stand up?
  9. Well some people thought this was a character concern for @RGBIII and we know that's bullshit.
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