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  1. Careful. OU will bite your dicks off for stealing their identity.
  2. aggy getting some exclusive content! You can keep yer stinkin' cover, ya stupid sips
  3. Knew that deluxe edition would have some dumb ultimate team bullshit. I'm still gonna get it for the 3 day early access. Fuck me.
  4. I won't tolerate your dissenting opinion about how I don't tolerate dissenting opinions!!!
  5. wut. 8-4 ceiling, 5-7 likely for anyone not a dumbass aggy
  6. Well when the NFL is gobbling up all your RBS, you gotta recruit more
  7. kiss of death. They're going 8-4 or worse now.
  8. I thought we lost someone important at LB and breathed a sigh of relief when I scrolled up. I think the only guy on the roster I would've rather jettisoned is that 4th string Herman OL recruit that we can't get rid of. Maybe a scholarship K/P that isn't going to be starting next season.
  9. Blue's biggest issue won't be those guys. Those guys' biggest issue will be Blue.
  10. Get this guy on surly
  11. Really? I was being conservative. Blue will fuck this season. He's the next great Texas RB. It'll be that Jamaal Charles junior year type of jump.
  12. Hah I remembered this. Good call, dipshit.
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