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  1. I thought they caned you. Or booted you. Or some such shit.
  2. Yeah, not sure if it would work the same in a cat, but on a mono it's pretty easy. Backwind the jib, and then ease the main until you are +/- 40 -50 degrees off the wind and it should bounce back and forth within a 10-20 degree window, at a knot or so.
  3. When you say you "rested" one night, where? Not hove to, right?
  4. This is the reality. And a big reason the browns are getting hit harder. They are performing necessary jobs, forced to take public transpo, and have limited access to necessary protections. @Royalfan5 is absolutely right that repurposing idled school buses coul dreally help.
  5. And it usually turns out you had it right the first time, but your execution was wrong.
  6. The one thing they've done in our marina is shut down the shitter pumpout. And it will remain that way for awhile. I don't have a gauge telling me how full it is, but i know it's getting there. The closest pumpout is probably an hour away in Long Beach.
  7. Yes, you can. Sailed last weekend and it was glorious
  8. I looked like a Sioux preparing for battle.
  9. I have on the wife, to my surprise, horror, and disgust.
  10. The boat is the only place I can escape to. So I have.
  11. I haven’t knowingly gone in on Aunt Flo since high school.
  12. I was going to come here yesterday when I was watching this squid during the press conference. What in the ever loving fuck is this douche doing being anywhere in the administration? Trump should be removed from office if for no other reason than allowing this dolt to have any influence on policy. Good piece from the NYT. Fuck Jared Kushner. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/02/opinion/jared-kushner-coronavirus.html?smid=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR0b8Nbqhozb6q1YBAGUwSdoCMYDl2C0ZDmCMfXnSATtXtGex7GckxGD2iM
  13. follow-up: it was some of the best meatloaf I've eaten. Probably should have pulled a little earlier, but otherwise delicious.
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