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  1. Last time I go to Circle K and try to steal shit. Oh no! Say it ain't so!
  2. I shiver just thinking of those temps. Brrrrr.
  3. Guy I know (friend of a friend) who lives in Newport Beach, the epicenter of trumpville in CA, who was a trumper anti-masker, went out partying about six weeks ago, bar hopping maskless with a bunch of his similar minded friends. He's been in and out of the hospital with the rona for the last month.
  4. And I especially love the depiction of a middle-eastern Jewish dude with the complexion and 'do/beard of a guy named Cletus fixin' lawnmowers in Kentucky.
  5. This may be one of the greatest lines ever typed on surly.
  6. This can't be overstated. No one knows everything. The ones who think they do usually know the least. Relying on people who specialize in specific areas of expertise to give their opinions and taking that opinion under advisement is what smart leaders do. We have a President who, despite a basic ability to read and comprehend, is certain he is an expert in epidemiology and infectious disease and knows significantly more than someone who has been a leader in the field for 40 years.
  7. My FIL's cub scout troop in late 30's performed a minstrel show as part of a pack talent show.
  8. This is me (specific team excepted). Decades long season season tix holder, but I was already going to pass on renewing this year before this happened. Last season broke the camel's back. Planning my entire fall around the football schedule, only to be rewarded with dogshit, was getting painful. Then the last game of the season we cut short our Thanksgiving vacation to scramble back and watch a woeful Cal team kick our ass in freezing cold weather. At 7:30 pm. Fuck it. I figured I could get secondary market tix for 3-4 games of my choosing based on MY schedule, save a shitload, and enjoy the weekends as I saw fit. I still wouldn't miss watching the games on TV, but sacrificing a whole Saturday (or sometimes scrambling home on a Thursday or Friday), all the logistics of it, just was losing its appeal. Of course, we have been mired in the worst stretch of football in my lifetime, so that helped fuel my indifference.
  9. Not to get all paycheck stubby, but damn if I didn't make, then lose, a lot of money today. I try not to look so frequently, but I can't help myself.
  10. Hair salons and barbershops. Oof. Son and I were gonna do this ove rthe weekend, but time slipped away. Gonna have to go hippie again.
  11. That's pretty much been the case at most places already.
  12. Tiffany Jeurissen and Shabby Dhawan are what's wrong with America. BTW, if they posted that shit on our ND, people's heads would explode.
  13. Agreed. I think when you take refuge on the extremes of the spectrum, rational people prevail.
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