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  1. This is a shitshow of the highest order
  2. Getting baked and listening to the Jerky Boys was a pastime of mine.
  3. shart thread's over there----------->>>>>>
  4. Brat used to play cowboys and indians with that as a young boy.
  5. Sbbruin

    Uniform Pron

    Speaking of the jumpman logo, UCLA may do a short term apparel only deal with the Jordan brand.
  6. I don't know why that music cracked me up, but it did.
  7. Yeah, the Fritos are the first ones I hammer.
  8. Sbbruin

    2020 MLB thread

    Man this best of 3 first round has me stressed. The Dodgers were 15-1-4 in series this year, so hopefully we get through round 1 alive. The longer the series, the better I like our chances. mill-eh-wah-que hasn't named a game 1 starter.
  9. Lakers are -360 for the series. That's a pretty hefty favorite.
  10. Did she have that thing shoved up her snatch?
  11. The Lakers will be favored over whoever comes out of the East. And @ztejas you know the Dodgers are the best team in mlb. And it not even close.
  12. And the Dodgers may win the WS. Maybe 2020 may not be so bad after all.
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