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  1. 52. Fuck all y'all. I can't necessarily agree with this. More responsibility when it comes to making sure my kids are on the right path and I'm doing right by them, but otherwise things are good. 23 years into marriage, things could be a bit better, but I can't complain.
  2. Sofi Stadium will certainly host it in the next few years. It's going to supplant Jerryworld as THE place to play high profile games. It is liekly to blow every other stadium in the country out of the water. Now it won't hold a candle to the traditional greats in terms of college football atmosphere, but from a straight stadium bells and whistles standpoint, it is going to be crazy. At least it should be for what Kroenke's spending on it. I guess it's already slated for 2023.
  3. That's really surprising. Not surprised Tito's is a top selling vodka, but Smirnoff sells a gotdam ocean's worth of vodka.
  4. One of my best friends daughter (nope, no pics, I visited them in the hospital when she was born and she's still a child to me) is a soph at UT who did the "one semester at ACC" and then transferred in to UT. Not sure how the whole logistics worked, but it was sort of pre-understood she was in to UT after a semester there.
  5. Pat Benatar*- yes Dave Matthews Band*- no Depeche Mode- definitely The Doobie Brothers*- amazed they aren't already in Whitney Houston*- no Judas Priest- definitely Kraftwerk- no MC5- no Motorhead*- maybe Nine Inch Nails- no The Notorious B.I.G.*- no Rufus featuring Chaka Khan- no Todd Rundgren- no Soundgarden*- yes T. Rex*- no Thin Lizzy*- no, just not enough quality
  6. ECM had maybe the other greatest moment with Roman's Excellent Adventure.
  7. No, I don't think so. They will be branded, and that stink will stick with them, fair or not.
  8. Yep, kids rained down upon. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/17-kids-injured-after-delta-jet-dumps-fuel-l-playground-n1115586?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_ma&fbclid=IwAR2msK7CxCcT8dWJtFVXlt3cay0oitsrcolZJT14FRpUpTRmb1nT_RYxVYE
  9. Bar-S bacon is mostly circus animals I think.
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