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  1. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    Never mind. Checking out and focusing on sexy time. Thanks for paying attention..
  2. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    Fucking DTO. He has 80% of our team’s turnovers.
  3. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    Josh Kelley is a stud RB.
  4. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    We’re outclassed here. We’re moving the ball well, but can’t overcome that D. We have something like 60 freshman and sophomores (including RS), so things are looking up. And our recruiting class, while lower than normal, is up to 29 from 50 something, so I do think next year we take a big step.
  5. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    Thx, buddy already has that assignment.
  6. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    Dammit DTR, airmailed a wide open receiver
  7. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    I am very much in the same boat. This season was OVER a month ago. But here we are. Win out, as unlikely as that is, and we win the south. its my anniversary tonight and my wife is struggling to understand why I want to watch this game versus go out. I caved and we are headed out in 2 hours
  8. Sbbruin

    UCLA @ Utah

    After a 1-5 start and being, without a doubt, at the lowest point in program history, we now at least have a pulse. But the sharps say we still suck, and personally having PTSD from last season and the start of this one, I have difficulty arguing with them. But I do think we have a chance here. We’ll see. Starts now on Fox.
  9. Sbbruin

    NCAA Week 12

    I do tend to have whatever the opposite of the Midas Touch is.
  10. It is really getting sad. If they keep dragging him out there, he’ll be drooling on himself in no time. Not to mention shitting himself.
  11. Damn, how have I missed this thread until just now? I love this one so much. Just read it from the beginning. Updates o'plenty, please. Different type of Thanksgiving for us this year. 3 out of 4 of our parents have passed, and my MIL is bedridden in a board-and-care memory facility, so she's out. Last year my wife bro got married 6 months earlier than planned as his soon-to-be MIL was weeks from passing from cancer. We all rallied and flew to Lafayette, they got married, and sure enough her mom passed a couple of weeks later- but got to see her daughter walk down the aisle. So this year we are getting together with the same BIL and his new wife, and her younger brother and his super-smoking hot wife and their two young kids who are flying out from Leesiana. And we are all headed to Catalina for T-Day. I'm going to sail out Wednesday, my fam is ferrying over that afternoon as is the whole other clan. I suggested to my wife it might be chilly staying on the boat as I can't run the heater all night while on the mooring, and if she wanted to get a hotel room for her and the kids I would understand- which she took me up on. So I get Tuesday night solo on the boat before leaving early Wednesday, and then I have the sanctuary of the boat to retreat to each of the following 2-3 nights. Our return is going to be predicated on what time the UCLA-Cal game is on Saturday. If it is anytime before 6p, I'll come back on Friday. If it is 6-8p kick, then I'll come back Saturday morning. Either way the fam will come back Friday afternoon. So I've built in numerous nights alone while still doing lots of family stuff, all under the guise of my personal sacrifice. Only reason I'm going out there on the boat (other than because I really want to) is to take the cajun folks out sailing. Because I'm such a good guy.
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