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  1. Dude, the guy gutted out 3 rounds and could really set back his recovery pushing a 4th, for what?
  2. If they said everyone gets one at bat with a walk up song I think it’s awesome. And I coached Little League and tee ball for years.
  3. There isn’t shit on that in that thread. So bumping. Thoughts on where to source a decent parent based student loan where credit score isn’t an issue and assets are more than adequate. Really thinking of doing it as a financial play while our portfolios and his 529 recover from the ass raping of the last 4 months, when we can then start using it again. Would not look to carry it very long.
  4. Watching “The Blood” episode from Season 9 where Izzy Mandelbaum is Jerry’s personal trainer. Turns out Lloyd Bridges died only 5 months after that episode aired.
  5. And now ep 3 is “Serenity Now”. C’mon man. The cool breezes of Anytown, USA.
  6. OK, watching S9, ep2- “The Voice”. It’s genius. The voice storyline sucks, but the Kramerica Industries internship with Darren, with George and the PlayNow office battle are top flight. And then a little Puddy/Elaine side thread, it’s a near perfect episode. So you are incorrect, sir.
  7. Tiger making the cut at these majors on a seriously bad wheel at his age is just a spectacular achievement.
  8. Somebody's bucking for a promotion. Probably that pederast Hanrahan Perfect avatar synergy. God, I admire you.
  9. I guess you could call it that. They raise the spirit of Count Istvan Teleky using some gypsy stuff Barney picked up who gives Opie 3 wishes.
  10. Well, doesn't look like this thread got a lot of feedback. Anyway, this is more of a student loan for parents question. Given that both the boy's 529 and our stock portfolios have been kicked square in the nuts, dipping into them now locks in our losses. I think I would rather just pay the first year or 2 cash while these things recover, even if I have to pay a little interest, assuming we get into a recovery sooner than later. But I don't know the first thing about them. Where should I start looking?
  11. Stimulus is a big part of the inflation we're seeing. Adding 10% more cash to the system, inflation will rise by a similar amount. Oversimplification, but essentially correct. And take it from me, a failed econ major turned poli sci major.
  12. Am I a bad person if I want to shove some more muck down her gullet?
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