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  1. So these guys were obviously fishing and drinking all day. The f-bombs and slurring shit-talking coming from that boat are top notch. The one guy has a harsh Boston accent, and I think a Sox hat. But all 3 are so hammered. They were casting into the fairway hoping to catch fish. The only thing you'll catch in San Pedro is some bottom dwelling suction eel. Oh and CRANKING Bon Jovi.
  2. Outstanding. Not likely tighter than 30 degrees unless you have one of those rigid AC mains. But those look like happy kids . Sailing takes me away to where I heard it could be...
  3. Dude. You are living life proper. So jealous.
  4. Yes. Hood fights. One of my favorite threads. It was tongue in cheek, as it were.
  5. Fight the hood fight. I'm game. There’s a thread for that.
  6. And Olazabal at +1. Way to go old man.
  7. Phil lipped out on 2 and then just bogeyed I think 7. Could have been the start of a charge.
  8. So fly into Bozeman. And then...
  9. So this just hit my radar, as there is a new low cost airline that is going to be based out of Burbank Airport and fly into 11 select smaller airports in the west. They are having blowout fares right now to get people to give it a try. Bozeman Airport is one of them. Four of us mid-August would be $232 R/T. And no, that is not per person. That is total. Holy crap. We were looking for a summer vacation idea. This could be it. https://www.aveloair.com/
  10. Sbbruin

    Getting old sucks

    That car was awesome. Got it handed down (I was the 4th to have it) with 186K miles (on 86K on the odometer as it only went up to 99,999). I could start that thing no matter what if I had 15 feet of room to get her going. Mid-80's SoCal, the Beetle was as commonplace as the Civic or Corolla today.
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