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  1. It’s not a hoax. Just another way for at-risk people to cash their chips. At the end of the day, 2.9M - 3.0M people are going to die in the US this year. Corona or not, that’s what is going to happen.
  2. F it. I’m not a Hispanic so I’m all in.
  3. This is pretty simple. Density and service industry drives transmission and cases. Obesity and diabetes drives bad results. Venn diagram has Hispanics in the sweet spot.
  4. Nah. Just go ahead and put some meaty flaps instead. Go ahead and own it. We like pussy.
  5. Should have been Switzer. Another sign of the apocalypse
  6. Can you check how many daily new cases there are in New York.
  7. I give the Mexicans a lot of credit. They are going to blow through this bitch and achieve herd immunity first and the sit back and laugh as the whitey dips their toe on the water.
  8. Absolutely true. Will be very telling at the end of the year if we see a significant uptick of total deaths for the year in the us. Until then, the noise is too great to see the actual trend.
  9. Count me in as a believer in Herman. He’s done the work to build the roster for a big payoff this year. Winning big this year would bring in a flood of talent going forward especially with aggy absent from in state recruiting. Would absolutely suck if we are robbed of a 10-12 win season this year. If that happens then Herman’s days may be numbered if we take a step back in 21.
  10. The minor probation was a warning shot to aggy. The demas payoff and a few others pissed off a lot of folks in big 12 country - Don’t bring that sec shit to our back yard. Notice the extreme drop off of in-state recruiting for aggy since demas.
  11. Other than the forgery of the seal, are the numbers accurate?
  12. Great example of the crap narrative coming out of the majority of ‘news’ sources these days. Thanks for posting this.
  13. Just do Austin / Norman this year and next until the city of Dallas grows a pair.
  14. CDC admin, “Jerry Jones waiting on line one”.
  15. Pretty sure I just heard BLM protestors at Rocket Mortgage. oh and Bryson is a tool.
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