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  1. Finished Clone Wars and Rebels and am current with new season of CW. Had never had much interest in either series prior to watching Mandalorian - I thoroughly enjoyed both and them and offer up that an argument could me made for Ezra being the number one seed in a Jedi draft. We are currently working our way through Agent Carter and will then go back to Agents of Shield since we’ve only watched one season. (I have 12, 10, and 9yr old girls)
  2. I lol Thought it was a way of apologizing for the final season by calling it a computer malfunction at Medieval World.
  3. Yeah but are they even hers or a body double?
  4. I enjoyed it - not as much as YP - but even tho it started slow I thought the last 4 eps made it worth the wait.
  5. Tech walks off Rice in 11 for the sweep. 😎
  6. I thought it was a hard goodbye. Yes he went apeshit for basically nothing but Kaylee was his audience, not us. He made Kaylee not want to be around him and to pretty much hate him. We know it doesn't last because we've seen BB but I read that scene to be Mike removing himself from her life and thereby protecting her from his.
  7. Can't argue that. I too like that the stories have a beginning and an end. It's just that they are so dang good at telling the story that I miss it when it's over.
  8. This freakin' show is so well done. And like Breaking Bad, it sucks that it's only gonna be a run of 60 or so episodes.
  9. Tech walked off Houston in 10 last night. So the Round Rock tally ended at: Vols 3-0 Raiders 2-1 Cougs 1-2 Tree 0-3
  10. yeah, no kidding! jeez. that quake went on forever it seemed like. I'm used to seeing footage of them being over after just a few seconds - a violent few seconds but seconds, not minutes
  11. Kingsbury buys SB ticket for Mahomes' High School coach Well played, Kliff. Wreck 'Em!!!
  12. Burrow throws high too difference is his receivers still catch it
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