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  1. Used to I'd agree. But the academy's can recruit a higher level of athlete because it's my understanding that their active duty can be deferred until after pro career has ended.
  2. Good call. Brainfart on my part for leaving that out.
  3. 65 - P5 + ND 66 - BYU 67 - Boise 68 - San Diego St 69 - Cincy 70 - Air Force 71 - Navy 72 - Army
  4. Well maybe there'll be an updated plan for the fall as we'll find out soon enough if large gatherings pose a real threat or not. These protests going on all across the country are gonna provide a pretty good litmus test. no CR
  5. I’m not sure that I want 2 more episodes but I’m curious as to why there were only 8 instead of 10.
  6. I echo what has already said and have to admit that the allergies kicked in a bit there at the end.
  7. This show is all kinds of F’d up! ....but I’m still watching.
  8. This. Didn't think that when the series began but more and more it's what I'm thinking now. Just doesn't add up that he would continue to help them (dealers, creeps, bad seeds) after something like that. Unless... his partnership with Gus is to get payback.
  9. Realignment Talk Not Going Away This has been done on other sites and I even administered one on the old “Fans Only” Big12 site. For fun (quarantine time killer), would anyone be interested in doing a mock draft for football teams/conferences? We would need a league president, and X number of commissioners. I personally would prefer an 80 team league made up of 8 conferences with 10 teams. I also think each conference should have a pair of traditional rivals as anchors. (tOSU/Mich, UAB/Bama, etc etc) I would volunteer to be league prez but I think I’d rather be one of the commissioners. So any takers? Thoughts on league size and format (divisions, round robin, ccgs)? The top 10 traditional rivalries?
  10. Finished Clone Wars and Rebels and am current with new season of CW. Had never had much interest in either series prior to watching Mandalorian - I thoroughly enjoyed both and them and offer up that an argument could me made for Ezra being the number one seed in a Jedi draft. We are currently working our way through Agent Carter and will then go back to Agents of Shield since we’ve only watched one season. (I have 12, 10, and 9yr old girls)
  11. I lol Thought it was a way of apologizing for the final season by calling it a computer malfunction at Medieval World.
  12. Yeah but are they even hers or a body double?
  13. I enjoyed it - not as much as YP - but even tho it started slow I thought the last 4 eps made it worth the wait.
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