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  1. It's generally why the month of March is about all the basketball I can stomach to watch.
  2. Bears gonna lose this at the free throw line
  3. Not really a Houston fan but I'm happy for Sasser and the Sasser family. I didn't know about the connection until earlier today. (nephew of Jason Sasser who played for Tech)
  4. That's such bullshit not calling a foul on that blocked dunk!!
  5. Thanks for the link. That links on that page also provide some really cool info regarding the sites. Just an outstanding job by Indy in putting this event together. The circumstances for it having to be done this way suck but they've really knocked it out of the park!
  6. Pretty cool that not only was the actual game played at Butler/Hinkle but that they filmed on location the final game there. Too bad more fans didn't get to enjoy the games in person but rotating the NCAA tourney through all those historic gyms this year was pretty neat.
  7. You guys were fouled on every possession down the stretch and nothing was called. I don't want to be a blame the refs guy but there's a reason all the late shots looked so bad - they were either hacked on the shot or were fatigued from being hacked prior to the shot - in one such incident an oSu shooter was just flat run into so hard it knocked him backwards but he wasn't yet in the act of shooting so no whistle. Just having the clocked stopped there would have been beneficial as it was pure chaos at that point. I hate basketball when it's like that.
  8. Bears can't but a bucket in the paint during this Wisconsin run...
  9. I feel you want to see bad officiating it's happening right now in the Baylor game - it's street ball - zebras are letting everything go - until they don't and then it's a meaningless touch foul.
  10. Something else that has puzzled me during this tourney - with games being played in gyms all over Indy, why were possible 2nd round matchups not played in the same arena for 1st round? Like right now with Texas - BYU/UCLA playing at same time. Won't it be an advantage to the team that gets to play twice in the same gym? Or is it set up so neither teams plays in the same gym? That seems awfully complicated if that's how they are doing it.
  11. Why would this be different? It's still a 1st round game. Or was a contingency in place to re-seed some teams if need be which obviously cannot occur now.
  12. Congrats to OU for fouling with a 3 point lead. I'm baffled by teams that don't do that.
  13. What happened to the notion that one of the "1st four out" would be a stand in for a team that couldn't play?
  14. As did I. I'm banking on the Big12 flexing it's strength - I picked 5 to make EE and 2 advancing to FF.
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