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  1. Nice view and setup. Congrats. I’m currently debating. Bourbon or herb. I think smoking might make cringe levels intolerable though.
  2. That’s funny. I wonder which staffer came up with that. I think Joe wins tonight. He’s undoubtedly done more prep and Trump will join the list of Presidents that come out flat for the first debate.
  3. At least earpieces are something fresh this cycle. Not the same old stale Putin stuff.
  4. I mean if we’re going to compare unusual skill sets, at least I correctly picked the best ++ sized DE/DT player since Too Tall.
  5. Physically very impressive. Almost a Calais Campbell starter kit, but most of his highlights are him chasing people down from the backside. Would like to see him blowing up plays more on his own.
  6. Yes. Thus the thot obsession. Dirty old man confirmed.
  7. I’m obviously fine with Dem legislatures and Presidents passing laws if they’re in power. That’s how the government works. I love the line about the SC “overturning those laws on whatever flimsy grounds they can muster.” You make it sound as if Clarence Thomas et al can set up a makeshift court in the Capitol Rotunda to immediately rip up any bills that are signed into law by President Harris. It’s not how it works. Don’t pass unconstitutional statutes and they won’t be struck down after they’ve being appealed, and worked their way all the way to the top court. People on the left are so obsessed with the Court because they visualize it as another legislative body, which is not what it’s supposed to be.
  8. GRHorn

    Vandy @ aggy

    The Ags are heating up evidently
  9. GRHorn

    Vandy @ aggy

    They have some bad WRs. How is Demond not out there wrecking shit? He’s an NFL talent.
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