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  1. He’s implying that if 1/4 of all crossers are arrested then it’s not uncontrolled. Semantics.
  2. All vaccinated people sitting around, spread out, wearing masks.
  3. Wrong forum. I’ll just say this is not a well thought out post.
  4. So transitory, at least to this Fed Pres, means more normalized by end of 2021. We’ll see. It’s funny that appearance almost seems in response to Druckenmiller’s column and media appearance. Here’s another column from yahoo
  5. I was going to go a little higher. The one year expectations were already at 3.4%. I was going to go 4% middle of road, 6.5% high end.
  6. When do the morning coffee meetups start again?
  7. I know most of the posters here are disregarding the regarded cdc outdoors guidance, but this column is well written summation with plenty of links explaining why it should be. Hopefully the rest of the country where these fools are following this stuff can get it together.
  8. How much of a role do you think insufficient inflation and/or tight monetary policy have played in the lack of real wage growth?
  9. Good point. I guess their experience told them we really don’t want to go through that again.
  10. #1- My assumption is correct, but it’s besides the point. You introduced that as a consideration. #2- I know we’ve had some thread mixing, but discussion of debt monetization and reserve currency status is relevant to inflation discussion here.
  11. I realize you find his wealth distasteful, but what specific faults do you find with his assessment?
  12. I posted it in the crypto thread but he sees some kind of global digital ledger replacing it, but not specifically Bitcoin. I know you’ve cited Rickards before that believes SDRs will be next.
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