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  1. First of all no to Harvard and Vanderbilt as out of state entities. So Rice. Idk. How has the University of Texas been doing? Especially with minorities. “Omnipotence of competition”? I think competition more often than not helps improve performance. Apply it to pretty much any situation in life. It’s a pretty basic concept. If you have a public good that’s measurably underperformed for decades, then the public has a right to look for ways to improves their return on their tax revenues.
  2. Study review of some of the stuff related to pediatric transmission.
  3. I’m sharing this in a few threads because there is some pertinent info. It’s from an infectious disease specialist for a large hospital system that’s been charged with compiling relevant Covid studies on a regular basis. I think his commentaries are reasonable.
  4. They aren’t directly. The sources are in parentheses in a couple locations. For the study of Swiss children it’s here. https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2020/07/08/peds.2020-1576
  5. I get a lot of covid emails from different hospital systems. One does provide a literature review by an Infectious Disease doc a few times a week. There happened to be a summary of some of the studies out on kids and covid transmission as it relates to school. I'll spoiler it here and probably cross post in the medical discussion thread.
  6. I didn’t know it was old. Not here to argue it necessarily. Thought it was an interesting data point though. For me the risk/reward calculation still favors attempting in person school for kids this fall. Too much guaranteed harm to kids’ development by punting another year without trying.
  7. Which part is not supported by science? The no masks at school or attending in person at all? I linked a joint study above by the Swedish and Finnish Public Health Agencies that suggest there’s not necessarily any improvement with keeping primary schools closed, according to a couple benchmarks.
  8. Apples and oranges. Most charters are not for profit.
  9. A little competition for a monopoly is usually good. Shouldn’t be afraid of it.
  10. Evidence of lung damage in children? Jesus you’re back at it again. Comparing Covid to the Battle of Britain? Wtf? I’d venture to say here in Texas your kid will be more likely to suffer multi-organ damage from a near drowning incident or some other accident around the house than Covid. There’s about a million signs that he has no kids, especially young ones. In any case, I haven’t been posting much on Covid, so siap. Needs to be looked into further, but an interesting comparison between Sweden and Finland with regard to school policy. https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/contentassets/c1b78bffbfde4a7899eb0d8ffdb57b09/covid-19-school-aged-children.pdf As Brisket said this is no slam dunk either way. If all kids stay home for a year and a half without trying to go back at all then we have an entire generation of kids that will have significant portion of their education that is subpar. What are the effects of that across an entire country? And inequality is brought up here often and rightfully so, but going to remote learning for a year and a half is a great way to bake in a little extra advantage for rich kids. Parents can hire in home tutors or co-op with like minded parents of means to home school. Ava and Parker are gonna do just fine.
  11. So if we believe this person is actually real, they must have Duncanville connections?
  12. Interesting. What percentage of their “abortion services” do those account for? From a medical perspective the diagnosis for a d&c after a miscarriage is either spontaneous abortion or missed abortion, so technically the pregnancy has already been terminated. You would think they would split that out.
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