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  1. The main difference between the Paesanos food wise is that at the 1604 location the salad is superior (it’s totally different) and they serve a bread/oil/hummus starter. Not sure why the Alamo heights one doesn’t.
  2. Unfortunately I agree with him. We went from him being a slam dunk to he’s waiting for Jimbo to come back from his rhino hunt and give him the last visit.
  3. Agree with most of your post but have to disagree here. I realize people want someone to blame when things go bad, but it looks like the vaccines were never going to all but defeat covid. We rolled them out as fast as we could. Spread them around a decent percentage of the world. The violent outbreak in India almost a year into the pandemic created the Delta variant which appears to be so contagious it gets around the vaccines to an extent. Look at country with better vaxx compliance than us. Israel, UK are getting hit now. Nature finds a way. We will all be exposed and if you’re vaccinated before you get it you will do better. The hard part will be getting there.
  4. BTC sitting at 30k and Eth at 1800 both on support. Given the general market fears about restarting covid closures, it looks pretty sketchy. If they can hold here given all the fear out there it would be huge positive, but I’m not counting on it.
  5. Also it’s outside of San Antonio, but Noli’s Vite is strong Italian in New Braunfels. It’s in a strip mall next to a surgery center but run by some Italian dudes.
  6. I haven’t been to Nonna since covid. Before that I had the pasta where they light up the parmesan wheel and make the sauce table side. Was excellent.
  7. So vaccinate kids with a novel vaccine under emergency use authorization for a disease that rarely causes them serious harm, that they don’t spread as much as adults, to protect adults. That is a truly warped, selfish view. Tell me you don’t have kids, without telling me you don’t have kids.
  8. I can’t believe I forgot Biga. Dumb
  9. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1127698/influenza-us-deaths-by-age-group/ This site says 477 deaths for flu in 2018-2019, most of them aged 0-4. In any case, the numbers are minuscule. Going on tv and screaming about how the kids are in danger is largely false. If that analyst or whoever wanted to save more kids’ lives he’d go on TV and scream about the importance of your kids getting swimming lessons and safety around water.
  10. Interesting thread here speculating on where we’re heading.
  11. Interesting interview here from someone that has flipped from deflationary to inflationary view.
  12. With this and guys like Dewberry and Perkins visiting it seems like we have our visit bag game. It’s the bigger amounts needed for commits that we aren’t matching.
  13. And for all the aspiring ethicists here, we will take care of her the same as everyone else. Besides covid precautions.
  14. This is fear mongering. It isn’t any worse than RSV or the flu to kids. Here’s a newsflash. With the delta variant around, before the vaccine is approved in kids almost all your children will be exposed to covid. And the overwhelming majority will be fine. Did you tell him he doesn’t need to worry about it? I currently have a young black patient at my naturopathic gender transition clinic that is a covid denier. Refused to be tested because it’s fake. I was honestly amazed it wasn’t an obvious redneck.
  15. New rainy season. My apologies if these are like Nicole posts and the video is from ten years ago or something.
  16. For this kind of trip you’re not looking to drive much. Another close place to downtown that is quality Mexican food is Rosario’s in King William. Also if you want to go non Tex-Mex close to King William, Bliss is excellent.
  17. I would agree that this is good pick right on the river.
  18. For this kind of trip I would also consider a place like La Gloria at the Pearl. Food is good. More like tacos and quesadillas. I like the queso fundido with chorizo. But it has a good relaxing vibe for a trip with your husband and will give you a chance to cruise around Pearl brewery. Just a thought that came to my mind.
  19. The old white guy at the computer is always funny.
  20. Exactly. There’s multiple reasonable interpretations of the same data. People here act like our judgments are infallible and final. #science
  21. Such a simple minded response. Anyway, here’s what I think about it. Lolololol
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