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  1. I hate camp cooking. If I want well-cooked food I'll stay home. If I can't cook it with boiling water in my JetBoil cup, I'm not cooking it. I take my JetBoil, a couple Sea-To-Summit expandable bowls, a spork, some freeze dried backpacker meals, oatmeal, starbucks Via instant coffee packets, tortillas, summer sausage, and trail mix. Same menu almost every camping trip. Works for me. Our scouts are responsible for cooking their own meals. It seems like the younger ones show up gung-ho with a big extravagent menu planned and a huge assortment of dishes. They ask their dad for help and dad smiles and says, "Go see you patrol leader about that." and goes back to his nap. The older scouts pretty much all have adopted the minimalist approach after dealing with the mess of logistics with a big menu a few times too many. We have one kid who only shows up with peanut butter and a few apples. That's literally all he eats for two days, peanut butter by the spoonful and apples.
  2. You sound as fucking stupid as Cruz. Beto has said he’s ready as soon as Cruz agrees to reasonable terms. Cruz wants it only on his topics, at the location of his choosing, at the time of his choosing. Only one candidate is running this campaign scared. Scared enough to be calling in the guy who shit all over him and his family to fire up the base.
  3. Hal Needham was a stuntman before he was a director and he drove the rocket-assisted Trans Am himself in the bridge jump scene.
  4. Damn liberals these days... Tinder has them expecting 10's to rain from the sky. Back right, looking at the Christmas tree will do.
  5. I'd love to but I work an odd schedule and most of my rides are M-F mid-mornings. The Crank 'N Drank is a fun group ride from ATX Bikes on those same trails every Tuesday night followed by beers at the shop. You'll need a bright light and maybe at least little experience riding after dark. I've only done it a couple of times but it was fun and a good workout. They break up into two groups and based on my experience of working my ass off to stay up with the slow group, the fast group must be a bunch of badasses.
  6. Definitely. My girlfriend's dad is a proud Mexican. Fox News all day in his house. I don't know if it's because he wants to distance himself and his family from the undocumented immigrants or takers of handouts or what, but the idea that most hispanics in Texas are liberal is wishful thinking. He's a hard worker and he probably thinks that's what the Republican Party is all about. And he's not the only one.
  7. I think sometimes this board lives in a bubble. Most on here are very well informed and know a fair amount about both candidates. We talk about how many yard signs we see, but take a minute to think about every yard with no sign. There's probably a fair amount of the population that recognizes Beto's and Cruz' names but has no idea who they really are or what they're about. A large number of Texans are going to vote Cruz just because there's an R by his name or a Z at the end of it. They might have changed their mind if they knew more about the candidates... but they don't and they don't really give a shit. It's a very small segment of the population that is in tune as this board, or any board for that matter.
  8. Watching the Rewind show right now and Collin Johnson just said "Losing a game doesn't make you a loser." Uhh... yeah it does. It's kind of the literal definition of the word. Now you don't have to be a loser all season, but each time you lose a game you most certainly are a loser that day. There are winners and losers every week and you are absolutely one or the other with no in-between.
  9. Maryland schedules us as their cupcake.
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