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  1. In the last episode Martin went to visit them in prison and offered to pay them more than they were getting paid so when Lisson came to them they said the price was doubled. He never got the money and then after the incident on the beach he and his wife fled to Alaska. Martin went to Texas and offered to pay them more money. Martin went to Alaska to stake them out, spotted them at the store and told the ninjas they were on the move back to their hideout.
  2. Is speculation a spoiler? I dunno. Not spoilering it. This was from episode two this season.
  3. ATLLonghorn

    USMNT 2022

    Maybe don't play in St. Paul in February again, but I have absolutely no problem making teams play in cold climates during winter qualifiers. The game is the game. Honduras has made the US play summer qualifiers during the day time when it's above 90 degrees and sweltering. Tough shit. Just because we have more options and resources than these other countries doesn't mean they deserve any mercy from us when it comes to where we schedule the games. You want to CONCACAF shit up against us? We'll do the same to you. I also think the environment 100 percent mattered last night. The US came out aggressive and as soon as they scored, Honduras quit. They didn't want to be there. If that game is in Florida somewhere and it's nice out, I think Honduras' effort would've been a little bit better. Maybe we would've just flat out kicked their asses anywhere, but we hadn't kicked anyone's asses definitively in qualifying to this point so that's not an assumption I want to make. Columbus is fine. Chicago is fine. New England states are fine. It's cold, but it's fine to play in.
  4. Hell yeah! This dude can ball.
  5. Stetson Bennett just announced he's coming back for another year which is why Georgia's best receiver hit the transfer portal.
  6. Montana State's QB getting hurt took all the juice out of this game. Montana State's defense had been awesome this year, but just got fuckin' dump trucked today. The playoff committee was backed into a no-win corner this year. Sam Houston was at best the fifth best team in the country, but had won 21 straight games, James Madison's conference wasn't as good as it normally is and NDSU's loss to South Dakota State was pretty definitive so Sam Houston kinda had to be the one seed. The committee maybe should've made JMU the four seed just to put them on the other side of the bracket from North Dakota State, but other than that I'm not sure what else you could do to get a competitive title game. South Dakota State was probably one of the three best teams, but fucked themselves in the regular season and had to play back-to-back-to-back road games and it's just possible they ran out of gas in the semis. North Dakota State is FCS Thanos, they are inevitable, but I just wish it had been a better game.
  7. Baylor might be in trouble tonight if they don't have Big 12 refs there to let them get away with defending pass rushers by grabbing them around the neck in chokeholds.
  8. They're losing by 14 and Sanders hasn't thrown a back-breaking pick yet.
  9. In the moment I agreed, but all these months later I don't feel the same way. The OU thing fucking sucked, but we still had a Big 12 championship in front of us so we could still achieve big things and the loss to Okie State wiped that out. It turns out the cultural rot left behind by the last staff was still festering and this staff couldn't fix it in a year (I hope to god they can fix it at all). So yeah, in the moment the Okie State loss pissed me off more, but it was just a symptom of a bigger disease.
  10. I don't even think so! We would've just been able to outscore everyone except for Iowa State in Ames. It's not exactly the most ideal way to try and win games, but nobody in the Big 12 could match us offensively with a good offensive line. Stupid conference!
  11. It's absolutely wild to say this since we went 5-7, but if we just had a functional offensive line we probably win the Big 12. With a functional o-line we can actually move the ball in the second half on OU and Okie Lite so they can't come back and beat us, we probably beat Baylor and then we aren't back sliding. Even if we lose in Ames, we're still in the title game. Fucking stupid. Fuck Tom Herman and Herb Hand.
  12. Not SIAP, here's an interesting story about Marion's rise as a coach. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/09/gogo-offense-brennan-marion-hawaii-innovation-scheme-analysis
  13. Wyoming's starting QB is transferring to Utah State where he'll be a backup QB. So why is he transferring to be a backup? Because that's where his girlfriend plays volleyball. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPremi2AnP9/
  14. 0-5 all-time against them and haven't played any of them since 2009 before tonight so they better win tonight...
  15. It's a festival where Floridians get drunk and dress up like pirates so it's basically like every day in Florida except on these ones they dress up like pirates.
  16. It's a crazy business because he was supposedly a candidate for bigger jobs in 2018 and then the program fell apart.
  17. North Texas is without its best running back and they've been shit all year throwing the ball so getting down a couple of scores has been a bit of a disaster for them.
  18. If you count the FCS National Championship Game, three now because of this one.
  19. Yeah, that was the real Frisco Bowl. There was one more bowl eligible team than there were available bowl slots this year (before A&M had to opt out) so they bumped Hawaii up to bowl eligibility because they had six wins (they went 6-7) so right before the bowl season they created the game being played right now so everyone could to go a bowl and I guess Frisco was like, "sure why not, come play here." You're right about it being hilarious they didn't paint over all the branding from the Frisco Bowl. They did at midfield, but left the Tropical Smoothie Cafe logos on the field. I think MLS soccer specific stadiums would make for much better venues than football stadiums would for some of these games. There was nobody at the Potato Bowl in Boise and that's just 16,000 more seats than Toyota Stadium but the difference is noticeable.
  20. According to the Miami game notes this is the first time they've played on grass since 2010 which seems impossible.
  21. Miami Oh vs North Texas in a game that was literally made up right before bowl season so that every bowl eligible team could go to a bowl game. UNT is up 7-3. I know there's another degenerate out there watching it somewhere.
  22. Are you a cop? You have to tell us if you're a cop.
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