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  1. I LOVED Grande when I could get it.
  2. Need some help, doubting myself. pick 2: Gurley vs Bears McKinnon @ Giants Henderson @ Bills. standard scoring
  3. UnivTex34

    Truck Nuts

    I ended up with a camper shell after I did a bunch of research for my Tacoma, but had I gone cover, I had pretty much settled on a Roll n’ Lock. Both my dad and brother have them on their F-150’s and love them (dad has had them on his last 7 trucks). Pricey, but they are very nice.
  4. For you legacy guys in Austin, GF now allows you to ditch the GF Network box completely. Just select the Use your own box on the manage plan page. They will ship you a power adapter for the wall jack, but it just uses a micro-USB, which I have plenty lying around. Then you can plug your router directly into the wall jack. No having to set up VLAN profiles or using a managed switch. One less piece of hardware you have to mess with, and no double NAT issues.
  5. I’ve never had any issues, but I’ve also never done it during hurricane season, or when the forecasted high tide is higher than normal. But I think those type of decisions don’t even cross the minds of most folks....
  6. Seems like you could lose a motorcycle in your blind spot if it's nearly the length of a car. I've got my mirrors set so if your front door is even with mine I can just about see the back door in the mirror. That's effectively no blind spot. You can’t. Maybe I put it the wrong way, but at the point when you are looking at the mirror and can no longer see the vehicle in the mirror, you can see it out the side window. And at the other side of the mirror, I can see two lanes over. There is zero blind spot. It’s like having a wide angle camera at my front bumper looking back.
  7. Convex mirrors on both sides is still the best mod I have ever done to my car. I have no blind spots. At the point where I can no longer see a car in my mirror, their front bumper is at my front door, and I don't need the mirror.
  8. One of the small jumper boxes as well. Small as book, and can jump the vehicle several times by itself. Set an alarm twice a year to check charge level. Can also charge phones in an emergency.
  9. Imgur links have never worked on this site. you can upload directly to this site, and it will host for you
  10. Put a new alternator in my 9 year old Toyota Tacoma yesterday morning. Took an hour by myself. Fuck this shit.
  11. This has already happened. I don't mean the skew, I mean the dorms are occupied already with normal students. Have 1 positive case in Jester, and 1 in SanJac. https://thedailytexan.com/2020/08/31/two-ut-austin-dorm-residents-test-positive-for-covid-19
  12. Chat said both people in reeds car got in the Tahoe and left
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