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  1. Hint for those not wanting to shuck, Whole Foods will shuck them for you free of charge. Did that for several years before I got my own knife.
  2. One trick pony with a drone is back. My wife is now a day past her due date, so not sure I’m gonna be able to get those sweet Saharan dust sunset pics, so you get this instead....
  3. Fuck, now I want Ceviche.....
  4. Ozona/Fort Stockton/Van Horn are your options. Great drive.
  5. There is a really fucking good take out ceviche place that we ate 5 lunches at last summer. Maybe if it’s takeout, you can add it on. edit to add, it’s called Ceviche Ceviche
  6. SimpliSafe. she can take it with her when she moves out.
  7. First drone shot Hamilton Pool? Guessing the 2 others are the Perd?
  8. OK, found the workout in my app. Was 2/22, a Saturday, and looks like I started the hike at 7:45.
  9. I went sometime in early March, I got there early and there was no one there. After my hike, there was someone that looked like she was taking fees, but I just walked right past her.
  10. Where are you located? If in Austin, start hiking River Place nature trail. Tons of elevation change, and got me in great shape to summit Guad peak two June’s ago. If I remember correctly, two trips is the equivalent of summiting Guad peak in elevation (I only ever did it once in a day).
  11. If we are posting sunsets, 78748 checking in...
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