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  1. There was in the cell that is east of bastrop, but don’t see anything right this moment. But it could spin some up really quick, has done it already.
  2. I'll be really surprised it UT doesn't make an announcement in the next few days. In the span of 2 days, they have purchased a brand new license covering the entire campus for remote meeting software, they are beginning to schedule large train the trainer meetings for IT staff, with the line, expect "faculty training sessions to be scheduled in the very near future" for how to conduct remote work. Things don't work this quickly, like ever.
  3. UnivTex34

    Truck Nuts

    Yup, got a buddy who recently got one, and there is no comparison to my 2nd gen 4.0.
  4. Who is the one with the reading comprehension problem? And the AR was not next to the door, I said it was next to the bedside table, pistol was IN the bedside table. if you are going to be a self righteous prick, make sure you are right...
  5. Camera going in the bedroom in about 10 minutes, if you are right, you get half off my newly created pornosite...
  6. First kid is still cooking. To be fair, it was shit from the first post.
  7. Any recs on a good/quick biometric handgun safe I can keep in the bedside table?
  8. The list of people that know what I have I can count on 4 fingers. 2 of those live in the house, the other two are my brothers who live in different cities. This was not someone I know.
  9. 78748 just isn't what is used to be....
  10. The safe cannot be gotten to or in quickly should we need it, and yes, the guns were in the safe while we were out of town, but those two were kept there because they can be gotten to quickly. Lesson learned, looking at biometric safe for the bedside now.
  11. less of him knowing where it was, more bad placement on our end. We were not using it for security, we were using it to check on the dog during the day. Problem will be fixed today.
  12. Thought this initially as well, but the dog was making a ton of noise in the living room, our bedroom is right off the kitchen, and my nightstand is closest to the door. It was literally the closest thing of high value to the point of entry. Also, anyone that knows I have a pistol, much less that pistol, and where it is, would also know how to get into the gun safe in my closet. We have video from the neighbors, it was someone walking down the street. We were gone all last week, so probably had cased the house already. This is exactly what the officer said. They have stopped going for the big TV's because they are too cheap/easily damaged/too hard to carry.
  13. Some fucking lowlife decided to toss a rock through my back glass slider yesterday afternoon. Went straight for my bedroom and got my 1911. Guess that was enough for him because he didn't grab anything else and was out 30 seconds later, left a perfectly good AR leaning in the corner, right next to my nightstand where he found the pistol. Have cameras on the front of the house, but not the back, and the one internal camera was in the living room, where he didn't go through. 4 more cameras inbound, and now I gotta install a new fucking door. Kinda hope he comes back today while I'm at home, I have some much bigger guns I'd like to introduce him to. Fucking worthless fuck...
  14. already already have a solution for this. (HDHomerun and Plex)
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