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  1. I’d also take any other recs for things to do not involving skiing. Taking the pregnant wife for a long weekend end of Feb. Food recs also great. sorry for the hijack...
  2. Bill O'Brien thinks the timing couldn't be better.
  3. Only Astros fans believe that. *City
  4. Just sent my V1 in for an update. Echo all of the above. Still swear my V1 is better than my buddies Escort tho...
  5. He checked in around Thanksgiving. If memory serves he said he’d be back around March.
  6. Lulz, what is this glorious thing called?
  7. It's 2020 now... https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/topic/13168-2020-rain-thread/
  8. Headed to Vegas Friday at noon, so expect Austin to get a healthy dose, because it always happens.
  9. A man that is very familiar with South Austin('s mom)
  10. I'm in South Austin('s mom) looking north towards downtown.
  11. Recently got myself a drone. Got some flight time in today, and you can see the pollen haze in this pic.
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