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  1. That is the John Dunn bridge over the Rio Grande at the gorge outside Taos.
  2. Not yet, we are here for a week, and our AirBNB I can see the bridge from, so it's on the list.
  3. Been a while since I've had the drone up. This seems like a decent subject....
  4. We had to fly Hawaiian to Kauai, because Southwest hadn't started their route. Was $119 both directions. Flew Southwest to the Big Island. $39 both ways. Both from Honolulu. I hear Southwest flies to all islands now, so that would be the way to do it.
  5. @immamac I tagged you in discord as well, but can we get this thread added over there for easy following?
  6. Where the Ferrari fanbois at? Love the new logo!
  7. My understanding in my research was as long as it was Manu'd after June you were good. Would be worth just updating the SW to find out. My 16 Lariat was manu'd in April, so it did not work, and I had to wait the few days for the part to come in.
  8. Just an FYI, if you have a 16 and don’t have CarPlay, you can update to get it, but you may also need to replace the USB hub in the media cubby with a Hub that is CarPlay compatible. I had to do that. $60 part, and easy plug and play swap.
  9. I have one of those, but 4x4 conversions are pretty rare, and Sportsmobile conversions even more so.
  10. Sportsmobile? If so SUPER jealous......
  11. Follow the guide, and you should be good. I have done 3 trucks so far. If you have push button, you need to stay out at the truck (or take a drive) as it will auto shutoff at ten minutes.
  12. Ours was the Monday that the power went out. Shit was on curbs for a few weeks, and not in good condition.
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