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  1. NFHS. Most of their games are just re-broadcasts of TexanLive, but it was 10.99 for the month, and you get to watch tons of games. And they have AppleTV app, so I can watch seamlessly on my TV. It’s what I have done the last three years. $11 bucks for basically the entire playoffs (I subscribe so I get all the games before state, so basically bi-district on). But yes, it depends on the facility as the quality, so some will not be great, but way cheaper than TL.
  2. Checkout the app Flyover Country. Really cool when on long trips over land.
  3. As a Godwin owner, I feel for you Evans owners.... Except I first pumped several times, when I realized the every other week think might be gone for the playoffs
  4. Fucking fuck fuck At last minute started Rudolph Cook maybe dead, but with 19 points...
  5. Let’s make it a 3-for... rudolph over cook vs niners?
  6. I bought a Mountain Hardware ATherm a few years back and it is amazing. Went back last year to get another color, and its discontinued. Bummer. The Arcteryx Atom and North Face Ventrix are very similar soft shells. Looks like the Kor from Mountain Hardware replaced it, but without the Polartec Alpha insulation.
  7. Our "Beer bitch" is the one who got last during the regular season. Teams not in playoffs cannot add/drop. If you are eliminated from playoffs, you cannot add/drop. Consolation is meaningless.
  8. Yeah, wonder if the Amarillo schools go small district, and Lubbock gets fucked into a 6 team with El Paso.
  9. 5A D1 in El Paso gonna fuck some folks. Only 3 schools, so they will likely get bunched in to the Panhandle.
  10. Holy shit, with all that scoring and spreading it around, Andrews only had 4.5, and I won...
  11. Glad I didn’t start Dak, but fuck Amari for his no showing ass. Down 10 with A-A-Ron and Aaron Jones to go, he has Andrews
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