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  1. Total Wine in the ATL burbs had a dearth of beer on hand; however, the no-contact pick-up process was flawless. Settled on an old fave which still hits the spot. I mean the Sierra Nevada, not the Lysol.
  2. We don't have the same options here in the northern ATL burbs as you guys in Austin or Decorah, but Variant in Roswell brews some fine beer. Picked up a porter, a stout, a NE IPA, and a helles.
  3. Learn me on which beers are better stored, please.
  4. 3rd release from Detroit death dealers Temple of Void:
  5. Flashback to fall of 1989 and first semester in Austin. Ministry and KMFDM played the Austin Opera House(?). Crazy show with a fence between bands and crowd.
  6. No, but I'll be listening to some Mourning Beloveth, Primordial and Gama Bomb.
  7. Same here. Got to see some Eckhardt action!
  8. Dixon's OPS might be under .300 by now.
  9. Hodo is clueless up there. Still 9-0
  10. Here comes Dixon. 32 33 plate appearances so far, with one walk, one single and a bomb (!) to show for it.
  11. If Caston Peter is still on the roster, get him in the game.
  12. 20 pitchers on the roster? https://acusports.com/sports/baseball/roster
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