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  1. Apparently there was a prodigious explosion in downtown Richmond, IN in 1968. Commemorative plaque?
  2. Greek black metal = the best black metal.
  3. No pint glass, but it happened. Rapidly.
  4. Last memory of that year was Ruffin throwing batting practice in game 3 of the Super. Ouch... Paid a scalper quite a bit for tickets that weekend.
  5. Blonde ale from Wild Leap in LaGrange, GA. Hit the spot on a warm day.
  6. How Bizarre pale ale from From The Earth in Roswell, GA. Pint glass, but wish it hadn't happened. Insipid, sort of hoppy crap that pales (haha) in comparison to your basic adjunct lager.
  7. Dem Bones dry hopped pilsner from Pontoon Brewery in Dunwoody, GA. Enjoying this before Gubner Kemp kills us all.
  8. Had trip booked to Glasgow in early June on Delta. We just canceled and wife and I received miles back immediately. A bit more complicated for daughter's ticket (paid cash).
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