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  1. "8 yards rushing on the ground..." says Tillman.
  2. No. We've gone in there before and just kicked their asses plenty of times.
  3. If Overshown had recovered that lateral/non-lateral before the half, they'd still be reviewing it.
  4. First UT game that I remember was in November 1978 at Amon Carter Stadium. 41-0 with a Johnnie Johnson pick six. First game at DKR was v. Penn State when I was a freshman in 1989. Donovan Forbes at QB?
  5. Violence - Eternal Nightmare Dark Angel - Darkness Descends Coroner - No More Color
  6. Best Sabbath album is Born Again. The Who sucks/sucked (don't know or want to know if they're still around), and Pete Townsend has never written a memorable riff.
  7. Only go to metal shows, and I've never had a problem with anyone. No talkers, no pukers, very few fights.
  8. Made quick work of that one. Best US octoberfest I've tried so far this year.
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