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  1. Is there a waiting period to be inducted into the college bball hall of fame? Or can Ramey just go straight in today?
  2. Kvelertak and Haunt are bands that I've given multiple chances, but just can't get into. On the other hand, I saw Lucifer and Savage Master last night and really enjoyed both bands.
  3. Yeah, KU might have passed the Point of Know Return.
  4. So...OU is bad. We're bad. OSU is execrable. KSU is abysmal. ISU and TCU are less than stellar. Fifth place within reach?
  5. zlavydra


    Driving up and over from Atlanta in March for a concert. Venue is downtown on Blount St. Any recs for hotels and brew pubs with good food would be appreciated.
  6. Dahmer tour? Laverne & Shirley souvenirs?
  7. Anything going on with the team? Any news?
  8. Extrapolate that Q1 to a 12-0 final. Cool.
  9. Let me know when you find out. Ball's in your Cort.
  10. Is the Ute dangerous? I don't know. Did he trade for a rifle?
  11. Who cares what the fuck KSU, etc did in their bowl games?
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