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  1. Mizzou? They are terrible. We should beat them convincingly.
  2. And Funkadelic as well? George Clinton is old, but he's still got da funk.
  3. Spent my study-abroad year there 1991-1992. I'm sure it hasn't changed much. Actually, one of my favorite places to hang out does, in fact, still exist: http://bluebox.at/ Good place to drink while a DJ plays everything form trip hop to doom metal, or it least it was back then.
  4. TCU @ WV a couple of years ago
  5. "He got a tug at the corner." Sounds like a solid night.
  6. Slayer? Orlando is a good candidate for the Altar of Sacrifice.
  7. Found out over the weekend that the only TX breweries who "export" to Georgia are Shiner and Jester King; however, I've yet to see anything from the latter on the shelves. And I've checked a lot of shelves in metro Atlanta.
  8. Can't get into GA bands Cloak and Norma Jean, but I am going to see the Slayer Killology movie tonight in at the Roswell Movie Tavern.
  9. Looks like this is Boise's first year of varsity baseball since 1980. Should be a good challenge for us...
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