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  1. Let's see a Lebarron Johnson to Caston Peter battery in the 9th
  2. Geib might have forgotten what to do on the base paths
  3. Combination of much improved approach at the plate and truly awful pitching. Well, to be honest K State pitchers last night weren't bad.
  4. Didn't Bryce Reagan hit multiple bombs in 5 games in a row?
  5. This Canuck has given up 6 runs in 4 innings, but only one ER.
  6. K State being kryptonite in baseball is a myth. We have absolutely owned them.
  7. Guys making the most of their opportunity.
  8. Abysmal 0-2 pitch. Thanks, shitty pitcher.
  9. Station to station. Just like the Thin White Duke.
  10. Kennedy bunt loads the bases with no outs
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