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  1. True, but Kyler had not done much at aTm, iirc. He was definitely highly sought out of HS.
  2. Which is why no one should be jonesing so hard for a specific coach in advance, trashing the program as it is now. It is too hard to know who is the right guy, and shit is constantly changing.
  3. Bowlsby should be suspended for allowing the atrocious officiating that has happened.
  4. Well sure, if you like little boys.
  5. Seems like a weak response on your part. I’m expecting the team to do better.
  6. Dville been dragging their nuts over DeSoto and Cedar Hill faces.
  7. Have to agree. When I saw them play twice in HS, Bowman looked legit & J’Tavion looked like a pre-Madonna. Don’t like to be harsh about our guys, but he is very raw to be so highly rated.
  8. The guys we got in the portal were avalable because none of them are complete players. We tried, but we have to get better through recruiting. Of course, we are tackling like last year. Which is to say we can't tackle.
  9. Tried to do this from memory, but when I looked it up on my spreadsheet it is #17. Yes, I said spreadsheet😃.
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