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  1. Wow. Not even a break from the injuries before spring practice.
  2. I find it shocking that an upstanding institution like Baylor retained Joey McGuire’s services after multiple drunk driving charges. Seems a little out of character. Guess that & turning down UT 5 times in a day is something to brag about.
  3. Another DUI for Joey? Had one back at Cedar Hill.
  4. Since he has so many negs himself, I just figured aggy. Thanks.
  5. We’re just good at being told we’re no good. Hell we beat mighty Georgia. Of course, aggy decided that the Bulldawgs didn’t wanna be there.
  6. No doubt that Aranda could fit him in. I read somewhere on this board that it would be awkward for Aranda to have Joey around when he was the guy the team wanted for HC. He would be perfect for our TE position, IMO.
  7. I’m okay with welcoming him back on double secret probation.
  8. And banging his head into helmets?
  9. Jamison can do that if they will put him back there all the time.
  10. Meant asst coaches rather than players. Interesting response now that I think of it.
  11. Nice. What’s left, Dt, TE, & perhaps RB?
  12. Think it’s IQ. The one broad I’ve met that was Mensa did not seem that sharp.
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