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  1. Poetic justice yet one more time. Aggy runs out of time over and over. Fucking losers.
  2. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Or did the morons just run out of time?
  3. Reminds me of Clayton Williams, who flew an aggy flag over his building 51 weeks a year. Texas -ou week, he flew an ou flag. Fucking loser.
  4. Sweed & Pittman had their moments, but Duvernay was much more consistent in 19 - kinda like Quan in 2008.
  5. Happy BD to the Tyler Rose.
  6. It’s still a touchdown regardless of quarter. We wouldn’t have been playing catch the rest of the game had we scored there. In any event, they kicked our asses? Come the fuck on, man.
  7. If Ingraham doesn’t drop that pass in the end zone, it would have been OT at worst. So yes one play, crawdad.
  8. Got to the 1975 Bluebonnet Bowl vs Colorado quite early. Went to see where the Toy Cannon & Rooster seats were - quite a blast to get it up there. RIP Jim.
  9. How sure are you that Wescunt is not a troll?
  10. This waiting on her - does she not express her opinion currently? Why would she wait until late in the process? That seems strange.
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