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  1. Ran a 10.96 at district meet in Waxahachie, but it was slightly wind-aided.
  2. How bad must James be? The Bama center couldn’t even snap the ball to the QB. Our walk-on LB was the best Brock, so I guess we did a great job of developing him (compared to his brothers who were massive busts).
  3. Porter was in LF; the ball dropped between CF and RF. He had no direct involvement with that play. He had moments last year when he looked a little shaky out there.
  4. AFAIK, no one has stopped the Colin Klein offense since it has been a part of the Elk Regime.
  5. He is getting 2B, which I'm in favor. Jack is more suited to frst, but that of course assumes JT in CF.
  6. Pickng on JOD here is unfair. He is off to a bad start, but he had some really big hits in Miami and Stanford last year. He has earned a longer leash this year, imo.
  7. I'm guessing that you mean Blocton here? (Think Becton is our S&C guy)
  8. Still like those two better than Kansas and OK St. Been there and sone that...
  9. Florida and Kentucky seem better than the same old shit we've been getting. jmo.
  10. I'm saying that Corum is more than just a goalline runner, which is the only context in which you (finally) mentioned him. His stats are nearly identical to Hall's, with the only difference of note being a better YPG by Corum. The numbers are so close that anyone trying to say that one is clearly superior to the other is a person that I will ignore because they are full of shit.
  11. Corum is better at the goalline? It is apparent to me that you've not watched him much. Here's a clue that might help: at least go look up his stats. Putting Breece Hall significantly above Corum is a fucking joke.
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