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  1. Wayne Graham worked out pretty well for Rice back in the day.
  2. Roland. If Charlie says Roland, I’ll roll with Roland.
  3. Pokes picked up Roland Jones yesterday, so Bijan is likely spared the Jerrah experience. Just hoping he can avoid Dan Campbell (an aggy's aggy) at this point.
  4. Dont kid yourself, those mf's will find/steal money for L$U FB players.
  5. I don't think Disu will return, but I am not sanguine about his NBA chances either.
  6. Ok, offspring of Deliverance.
  7. Love the user name. But how lucky must they be to get Blinnaggie2002 out of the thousands who went through Blinndergarden back then?
  8. So...Penn State Nittany Lions against Penn State Nittany Lions? Not good bull!
  9. We turned it over much more than usual tonight. Hopefully we clean that up.
  10. Aggy was 10 from the bottom in defending the 3 point shot - like #353. Pedo is good at shooting the three. Shocking that Pedo was 13-22 behind the arc.
  11. Is this a scene from Deliverance?
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