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  1. Texas was favored by most odds makers going into Omaha. While this looks to be a fairly even match to be, I like OU's pitching. And Skip will know how to manage it. The other difference to me is OU's speed. I have to favor OU even though I'm rooting for the Rebs.
  2. It has been Mon-Wed most recently. This year they started a day early (on Friday rather than Sat) and also squeezed a day out in order to get to Sat-Mon. As mentioned above, no rain helped out. Usually that will factor in a least a day's worth of delay.
  3. Correct. Team pitching stats can be skewed by bottom end guys who will not pitch in Omaha and by early season blow-ups that have long since vanished.
  4. No argument here. The discussion I had was bullpen specific, not related to starters at all.
  5. A former MLB executive indicated that he thought we had good arms in the pen during a mid-season discussion. So I’m gonna side with Fletch here.
  6. The wind has blown out to LF all year in '22. That is part of the reason our team has obliterated the HR record offensively. James Street and Randy Peschel might be a couple of familiar names from the gridiron. (just noticed the Street mentions)
  7. I was not surprised as I knew Mackovic lived for a play like that. Unfortunately, that play was the last life in his career.
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