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  1. Is XII waiting for another P5 to postpone/cancel fall sports before they do?
  2. 2nd amendment doesn’t protect right to bear legs.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to give y’all my fishing report for the Colorado River at Webberville. Dam release had the water moving this morning but low visibility. Bass were hitting my wacky worm on a drop shot but spitting it before I could actually hook one. Crappie were crushing my pink and yellow lure fast retrieve all day, but again, spitting the bait before I can actually catch one. Most of my tackle is decorating the overhanging branches that provide terrific cover for the big bass that are down there along the muddy banks near stumps. Hit the limit early for spiders one one attempt to recover my tackle in a branch above the perfect bass hole. Look for structure and rocks in 4-5 ft water and you may find bass and my polarized sunglasses as well. Keep your lines tight and enjoy Father’s Day relaxing with your family in the beautiful outdoors on the water. Stranger: “Did you catch anything?” Me: “No. Did your house catch fire?” Stranger: “No” Me: “Do you want it to?”
  4. I’m in the camp that used to sing eenie meenie miney moe until I discovered the roots of the song.
  5. LongestHorn

    Black Pumas

    Oct 33 is a good song, but really the whole album. They’re live-streaming a show this Sunday at 7 pm courtesy of Texas Lottery.
  6. Of course. I wanted to feature the joke, but I recognize my fellow poster and yield my time.
  7. In 1989 for the series “Making Sense of the 60s”, David Hoffman interviewed a number of police chiefs to discuss 1968 riots. He just published this today, and it’s relevant.
  8. like jalapeño, it’s pronounced “Hey, Peg!”
  9. Sorry for coming in hot. https://www.lexipol.com/resources/blog/brady-giglio-and-you-how-the-duty-to-disclose-exculpatory-information-impacts-police-disciplinary-files/
  10. We clearly can’t trust the cops or their unions to root out racist cops in the department. Question for counsel. Why aren’t you lazy bastards expanding the enforcement of the Brady doctrine, a pretrial discovery rule that prosecutors must disclose to the defense any material exculpatory evidence, and the related Giglio doctrine, which requires disclosure of any such evidence that could be used to impeach the credibility of prosecution witnesses, including police officers? Either you’re stupid, indifferent, complicit, or you don’t know why Mark Fuhrman is famous. Pick one.
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