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  1. Seems like a lot of posts got nuked, moved, or deleted by their author(s). If this was the work of mods, personally I prefer that dumbassery be allowed to be mocked for eternity.
  2. My plan was to vote Tuesday or Wednesday at an off time. Tested positive for COVID on Monday. Guess I’m slumming it on Election Day. any Rec’s for deserted polling locations down south/central? Sunset valley city hall has been ok in the past.
  3. If you have stormwater management in place already, then your structural engineer should be able to look at your soils report and tell you if you need french or perimeter drains based on your foundation plan. They're a conservative bunch, but have a group conversation with your builder, SE, and LA about future development and how your roof and future impervious cover is going to direct water long term. I'm guessing by your comment there may be future development uphill of you. At least you have plenty of grade to direct water!
  4. Burrito the gravel, not the pvc, but yeah that’s the minimums I would do. If you’re to the point of having an issue I’d say go bigger. Site conditions obviously play a huge part in where you put this stuff. I lean towards managing the water as far from the structure as possible. Usually there are utilities on at least one side of the house, side yards aren’t very big, getting appropriate grade can be a challenge…it’s not rocket science but getting it right does take some work. Honestly I try to not ever need a French drain by grading, guttering, and landscaping. They are needed in some situations but the majority of problems can be solved for with those.
  5. We've done them early, once they're covered as long as you don't have delivery trucks or dumpsters driving over them they're fine. That's assuming you put them at appropriate depth, backfill appropriately, manage runoff during construction, etc. As far as cost 10k didn't really seem that out of wack to me depending on the specs. 2-3 days of guys plus equipment, plus a shitton of gravel adds up. The PVC and landscaping fabric are cheap, but that's about it. In my head I'm assuming you have a normalish quarter acre lot, which means doing 3 sides of the house, one at at least 50', call the 2 long sides 75' towards the street, for a total run of 200'. Even if your cross section is just 2 sq ft for gravel (which is a bit small, do it right and do it once) that's 44 yards of gravel. It's not a small undertaking, but sadly basics like giving water somewhere to go that isn't your house is often ignored. If you like the house, buy it. In the grand scheme of things 10k is worth a lot less than a good place for your kids, short commute...etc.
  6. necrobump, but depends on how the house was framed. Could be the interior walls see little/no load and everything bears on the exterior.
  7. Labor is expensive. Solve for bulk water first. Gutters, grading, etc. Then french drains and the like. Finally, the option of closed cell foam on the underside of the foundation and subfloor, and/or making the crawlspace "conditioned" are both common and work well.
  8. drt

    Austin FC

    It’s probably been said, but this ref is all over the place with contact. He’s been pretty terrible all half.
  9. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/battle-syria-us-russian-mercenaries-commandos-islamic-state-a8370781.html?amp edit to add, the Wikipedia entry is more informative but pretty dry reading.
  10. I think the only surprising part of this story was that the cop was fired within days. That the entire jury was white sure wasn't. Story doesn't say if the cop was rehired there or elsewhere, but odds are pretty good he's gainfully employed as a LEO somewhere.
  11. Very unsurprising update: https://www.fox4news.com/news/wolfe-city-officer-shaun-lucas-jonathan-price-murder-trial.amp
  12. When should I apply compost this year? Austin area? Usually do it late September but this year is all sorts of fucky.
  13. As little as possible. While being pretty well funded.
  14. This is where my wife is. We had a rough go of it after our 2nd and had both finally come up for air enough to talk about a third. That conversation is done, barring we move or the laws change. We are both doing well at work, but actively talking about leaving if we can find the right situation. Austin always felt like home. Fucking assholes.
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