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  1. I just recently got a smoking deal on a 10 piece All-Clad set from Bloomingdales.com. Already the same low sale price as others, +25% off, +free shipping.
  2. It’s nothing to do with zoning and everything to do with history and geography. Portland historically was downtown and wealthy west of the Willamette and the poor and working class neighborhoods east of the river. It makes sense as downtown is in a pocket surrounded by hills. When Portland was founded it was just the place where larger ships couldn’t advance further up the Willamette while Oregon City at the falls and Fort Vancouver on the Columbia were the larger settlements. I don’t think they anticipated that it would become the dominant settlement in the area or they’d probably picked the east side of the river to accommodate the growth.
  3. It would suck on the west coast with our traffic. I’m a Washington season ticket holder who lives outside of the Central Puget Sound area and have made it explicitly clear to the AD that 9am is out of the question. If they want to open up the parking lots and Union Bay preserve to camping and RVs maybe I’ll be amenable to it....
  4. Not low key at all. That area is a hip gentrification neighborhood. I’d look further south.
  5. The whole thing needs to be rebuilt/refurbished from what I understand and that the private company running the thing would need public help for it to financially pencil out. I had to drive to the top last August, but it was awesome. Paved road to top but construction at summit limited parking. I got there early enough to avoid being forced on to a (free) shuttle bus from one of the mid elevation parking areas.
  6. I’m drinking this tonight: http://seattlerefined.com/eat-drink/well80-brewhouse-recreates-olympia-brewings-first-ever-lager-recipe It’s a flavorful light beer. It’s a shame that it is just a limited run to coincide with the two local beer festivals. Anyone in Portland or Seattle area next weekend should beeline down/up to Tumwater for their beer festival.
  7. Anyone “climb” Wheeler Peak (NM) via the Williams Lake trail? I’m going late August. I know to start early to avoid afternoon lightning. Any other tips?
  8. Great showing by Mariners fans in Cooperstown. Far and away the second most represented fan base behind the local Yankees fans. Brian Kenny even thanked Mariners fans for our impressive attendance after Edgar’s induction speech. I’ll be back for Ichiro’s induction for sure.
  9. Anyone going to Cooperstown on Sunday?
  10. It sounds like you are enjoying your trip. If the weather is cooperating staying on Lake Otsego is great. Late winter is also great along the lake when you can ice fish. I’ll be in Cooperstown in a few weeks to see Edgar Martinez get inducted into the HOF with a bunch of pitchers he dominated against such as Mariano Rivera and Mike Mussina.
  11. On a clear day the Rocky Butte hike is worthwhile. It is one of the extinct? volcanoes within the city. I am sure Forest Park and West Hills have some good hikes too but I haven’t done any of them. This should be a good resource: Oregonhikers.org Portland & Willamette Valley hikes
  12. I visited there last August for a Rockies game. There are a lot of breweries near Coors Field. I’m not big into IPAs either and found plenty of good beer. The River North (Rino) neighborhood directly to the NE of Coors Field is being rapidly redeveloped and is loaded with places to eat and drink.
  13. Rent a canoe at the WAC at UW if you are in the city.
  14. About 50 people line shortly before 10:30am. Only 10 to 15 at 10:00am
  15. I appreciate all the suggestions! I had a great trip and for the most part dodged the worst of the weather. Due to the threat of bad weather last Tuesday I was able to score front row club seats for under $20 at GLP for the Rangers game. The bad weather was to the north over Denton so no delays plus bonus baseball. I ignored the suggestion to not stay in Arlington but for this short trip I made the right call. The next trip I’ll probably stay in Dallas. Hit Pecan Lodge first after picking up the rental car at DFW. Line wasn’t terrible so I stayed in it while I pondered my order. I appreciate the heads up on the bar tip above. The brisket was excellent that day, the tamales just ok. The Hefeweizen from Legal Draft of Arlington I had there may have been my favorite beer. For breweries I visited Braindead, Deep Ellum, Four Corners, and Peticolas in Dallas, Cowtown and HopFusion in Fort Worth, and Humperdinck’s in Arlington. All had at least one beer I really enjoyed. The AT&T Stadium tour is totally worth it if you can go during a slower time. I was with a small group so we got to visit Jerry Jones’s viewing box, the Cowboys locker room, the cheerleaders locker room, and the press box. Cattleacks was fantastic. I got there early and was one of the first in line. Get there early if you ever go. Line gets long and moves slow, but the food is way worth it.
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