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  1. It was a fantastic win. What he needs is some bats/run support.
  2. We need to beat cougar high. This is the series they gave us instead of Cal State Fullerton out west this year. I'm fine losing the Stanford series to an SEC team each year.
  3. John Savage at UCLA, Pat Casey has quit more times than a mid 90's BMW.
  5. Everyone is having the same problem, but not the same results. I know I am pissed about the de-californiacation of the schedule (I liked going to those games) and the lack of letting us go to games period but hey you can buy football tickets! So I think I am more negative this year than usual.
  6. Do I just have rose colored glasses from last year, but we were doing pretty fucking well before covid struck? This year does not look like anything is going to be easy.
  7. Guess he can move the fences there too?
  8. Calling bullshit, there is no way they scored 33 runs and kept the game at 3 hours and 14 minutes.
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