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  1. So private groups raised money to bring the program back and now they have to raise money to save it again. https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-boise-state-baseball
  2. DC FOOTBALL is what I would pick. But you know a large segment are going to wear the old gear for years to make a point.
  3. I saw Lawyer Milloy play for the Huskies at Graves field my first year in Seattle.
  4. DP seems to think that they will start practicing earlier this fall, so hopefully some scrimages/exhibition games will be played. I did not get my 2020 Texas baseball road trip fix this season.
  5. I don't know if I am addled or it's corona/cabin fever but I actaully looked at that and said Toronto has a MLB team?
  6. Y'all need to learn to take a few pitches son...
  7. Retire Beau Hale's number before the game?
  8. https://d1baseball.com/featured/how-the-2020-field-of-64-would-have-looked/ Tempe.
  9. The regular season would just be ending about now.
  10. https://challonge.com/2020b12baseball In.
  11. I would have just gotten to the ballpark in Houston about now....
  12. I was going for maximum suckage.
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