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  1. Wtf, we aren't even tracking planes yet?
  2. Anyone interested in buying or trading for this Ball? Cool watch, but I don't wear it enough. There is a better pic back in post 742 on this thread.
  3. I finally ditched uverse a couple weeks ago. Using prime, Netflix, and hulu live. What's the best option for LHN? That's the only thing I miss.
  4. I think Elvis used to rock that Jetsons hammy. But yeah, your mom sucks at picking watches.
  5. And all that comes from the rapey confidence that hair gives him.
  6. Ya, some targeting calls would be nice. Let's get chippy here. Also, if someone wants to break kyler's knee that's ok too. Even if OU doesn't win.
  7. When I grow up I want hair like Holgorsen. Also, fuck OU!
  8. Ball showed up yesterday
  9. Been waiting on this from Singapore. Should be here any day now. (Sorry for all you rich assholes having to look at this slum. Also, thanks to whoever made the Ball suggestion. I chatted with their customer service to verify this watch was legit and their service was great. watch.)
  10. Ended up picking up another oris today. I always seem to go back to them. Good quality for the peice IMO. Still plenty of cash to blow on something else left after this one.
  11. Any of you owned an older seamaster like this? Worth a couple grand in good shape still? These have been tempting me. http://imgur.com/a/AC6y1U4 (I miss when I could actually use tapatalk here)
  12. Kind of what I was thinking. Tempted to just get a power reserve Seiko cocktail with the white dial and a baby mm and call it a day. Nothing much interests me even at the $3-4k range unless I could find a nice aqua terra or maybe a sea master 300 (probably cost more though). Tudor 58 would be cool, but they don't seem to be around much yet and are way marked up when they are. That or just leave the watch stash put away for now until one of you guys have a garage sale. I figure that PP having touched G650s dick has to drop the price down quite a bit, like used Chris Ward or Squale range.
  13. I sold off a couple watches and have about $2k for my next watch. I have an Oris 65 for my diver already and like it a lot. I have decent field type watch with a black dial that I like and a couple smaller dress type watches (old seamaster and an oris date pointer). I'm having hell deciding on what to buy next. I wan't something for more of an everyday work watch. Been considering an aqua terra, but they are a little out of the budget usually. Also looked at Stowa, but I can't decide if they are a little boring for what I want. $2k seems to be kind of a dead spot for good value on watches. Maybe I just need to bump up the budget, but $2k for a watch already seems like a lot to me when I really think about it. Any other suggestions for when you bastards are slumming it and not wearing a Daytona on one wrist and a PP on the other? I need a shaggy "not quite poors showing pictures of my skx007, but also not dropping $5k" watch thread.
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