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  1. We have Ehlinger, Virginia has this dude, and somehow they are ranked and playing in the orange bowl and we are terrible?
  2. Pretty sure it started as colt mccoy and was repainted when the coop sold it.
  3. Just saw this at the round rock antique mall if anyone needs a last minute Christmas idea Fuck you, sideways pic
  4. Wtf, we aren't even tracking planes yet?
  5. Anyone interested in buying or trading for this Ball? Cool watch, but I don't wear it enough. There is a better pic back in post 742 on this thread.
  6. I finally ditched uverse a couple weeks ago. Using prime, Netflix, and hulu live. What's the best option for LHN? That's the only thing I miss.
  7. I think Elvis used to rock that Jetsons hammy. But yeah, your mom sucks at picking watches.
  8. And all that comes from the rapey confidence that hair gives him.
  9. Ya, some targeting calls would be nice. Let's get chippy here. Also, if someone wants to break kyler's knee that's ok too. Even if OU doesn't win.
  10. When I grow up I want hair like Holgorsen. Also, fuck OU!
  11. Ball showed up yesterday
  12. Been waiting on this from Singapore. Should be here any day now. (Sorry for all you rich assholes having to look at this slum. Also, thanks to whoever made the Ball suggestion. I chatted with their customer service to verify this watch was legit and their service was great. watch.)
  13. Ended up picking up another oris today. I always seem to go back to them. Good quality for the peice IMO. Still plenty of cash to blow on something else left after this one.
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