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  1. It’s like someone is forcing Harris to remain in this race. I’m not sure her heart is in it anymore.
  2. I feel like this would be more interesting on FNC. It couldn’t possibly be more puerile.
  3. The questions have been awful. Either stupid or they come from a right-wing or centrist vantage point with the intent of making progressive answers look stupid. I fucking hate MSNBC.
  4. Hunter Biden should be running instead of his dad. Dude would knock the "which candidate would you want to have a beer with?" test out of the park. Hunter seems cool as hell.
  5. Because they watch MSNBC and CNN 18 hours a day. http://inthesetimes.com/features/msnbc-bernie-sanders-coverage-democratic-primary-media-analysis.html
  6. What an excruciating time to be a Texas fan. Makes me feel bad for the students.
  7. I think I just found the holy grail of CFB stats at https://collegefootballdata.com/. No more needing to look through Bill's twitter feed to find SP+ updates or the box scores. This is awesome.
  8. He needs Warren's campaign to implode but he can't openly attack her without the media screeching incessantly about it. I think Mayor Pete could be the vehicle for his deliverance.
  9. They just had free and fair elections dumb dumb.
  10. Imagine being a United States Senator and getting fucking crushed in the polls by some kid who, in the biggest electoral victory of his life, received fewer than 10,000 votes.
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