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  1. This is just a flat out lie but for some reason bald faced lies do not draw the ire of the legions of surly shitlibs.
  2. That’s a good line Bojack. More artful than anything from that insipid cartoon.
  3. Keep negging cowards. No one can dispute the amount of suffering produced by the inequality between owners of capital and their hench(wo)men in the PMC is far greater than that produced by intra-class gender/race inequality. If you believe otherwise then do us all a favor and vote Republican.
  4. The compensation of board members and of executive officers relative to average workers is a much, much greater concern than how many women get to to benefit from those unjust disparities.
  5. We are in the midst of an unprecedented decline in life expectancy brought about by an epidemic of deaths of despair but what really matters is the gender balance of boardrooms. Go fuck yourself.
  6. If you think representation within elite circles is one of the top thousand issues facing this country then you should shut the fuck up and pull your head out of your ass.
  7. I would take it back to King Charles tbh.
  8. I haven’t mentioned either of those things in this or any other thread so I don’t know why you keep bringing it up. if you’d like to learn more about what RBG believes in, start here - https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/544/197/#tab-opinion-1961815
  9. Go to bed, UpperWestSide. You’ve had a long day spamming negs. You need your strength for tomorrow.
  10. I wouldn’t lionize any of the justices, but if you were to pick one to turn into a pop culture icon, why RBG? It’s not just happenstance that her and Scalia were besties. More so than any on here would like to admit, they shared a certain worldview. Sotomayor is so much better.
  11. You have no idea how money is created and what taxes actually are.
  12. She wanted to step down in 2016 once a Hillary was elected so she could pick the replacement. So she was ready to step down but she foolishly believed Hillary was a lock to win the election.
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