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  1. Remember, Mond is a senior. Senior QB's at aggy tend not to finish the season as the starting QB, so Demas will have plenty of time to build rapport with the committee of QB's that will replace Mond after he is benched for ineffectiveness or injury. In Year 2 Stowers the Savior will be coming in to bring aggy nation to The Promised Land, so of course Demas will stick around for that. Year 3 is when Demas will enter the portal.
  2. That was rough. I could only listen to about 20 seconds.
  3. Make no mistake, I am not defending his writing, just trying to interpret it.
  4. By lower, I think he was comparing his confidence level for Jaden Alexis with his confidence level for Ishmael Ibraheem, the recruit he had previously mentioned.
  5. I joined a day after you did, loser.
  6. Another example was when Blaine Irby went down for the year in 08 and Davis used Jordan Shipley the next week as a flex TE against OU. That adjustment almost resulted in a national championship, if not for the incompetent/corrupt pollsters.
  7. Wow. You kind of missed the whole point of his post. The picture was of an United States Flag and a State of Texas Flag.....not the background. Texas Memorial Stadium was dedicated to all Texans who died in World War One.
  8. But he is so creative comparing recruiting to the stock market. That is some higher order thinking right there. We are lucky to have someone like that on our side.
  9. Losing King sucks, but at least it is early enough in the process to find someone else. We really do need two TE's in this class because of depth issues.
  10. He was a freshman who didn't get much playing time. Underclassmen DB's who play well are the exception, not the rule.
  11. Evil Roy was the epitome of "in the box safety." He was always making plays at the line of scrimmage, blitzing the quarterback. The passes he would defend were more like a linebacker dropping back into a deep zone. He was a safety in name only because they used him like a linebacker. A sideline to sideline linebacker.
  12. Too bad we don't have Godzillatron anymore to scare the shit out of the visitors.
  13. For your next project, if you have the time, could you do another one showing how Texas did in the 2001-2010 NFL drafts? It would be interesting to see some other schools, but I mainly want to see how Texas did during that decade.
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