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  1. At least Patrick Peterson's podcast audience grew larger, unlike Kyler after the 3rd grade.
  2. May @South Austin be forever damned for bringing the garbage plate to my attention. Yes, I know this is Surly, but even this site has boundaries. And those boundaries have been violated. Violated worse than his mother has ever experienced.
  3. Since the December signing day started, every year you have late bloomers get their time in the sun prior to the Feb. signing day. That will only increase with the portal window in December opening up additional roster spots and position needs. Or maybe we don't think he would be eligible, but want to get to the front of the line if he does ok at a juco.
  4. Lil Shep will win 3 titles at UT, then get drafted in the first round by the Astros. He is available in the final pick of the first round because everyone knows the only team that could keep him from playing his senior year would be the Astros. He goes straight to the majors and helps the Astros win yet another World Series, so many consecutive that everyone has lost count. Before the champagne flows in the locker room, Lil Shep finally marries his longtime girlfriend Julia Morales, who left her husband the day Lil Shep turned 18.
  5. The Searchers - The life of Ethan Edwards before, during, and right after the Civil War. Saving Private Ryan - Civilian and pre-DDay life of Captain Miller, his detachment, and the Ryan brothers......with a poignant scene of Ma Ryan sending her boys to war Casablanca - Sequel - The adventures of Rick and Louis
  6. The Texas Defense. It would be fun to mess with aggy (and their copyright) by celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dave Campbell calling our defense the Wrecking Crew. (Bottom right corner) That would be over 10 years before aggy started calling their defense the wrecking crew.
  7. F.o.r.r.e.s.t. W.h.i.t.l.e.y That's 14 letters right there.
  8. Hutson being an early enrollee last year gave him a head start on the other freshmen OLmen, and Angilau getting injured in fall camp gave him the opening for a starting job. He will miss this spring due to injury, so whoever wins the competition this spring will probably be the starter in the fall. Irony is a bitch.
  9. And yet we beat aggy 2 out of those 3 years, finished in the Top Five 7 times from 1960 to 1970, and won 3 MNC's.
  10. I'm still surprised we haven't had any mention of Chris Gilbert as the WR coach. If he can coach WR's, let's throw our weight (and money) around and snatch him back from North Texas.
  11. Brunch = late large breakfast, skip lunch. Lupper = late large lunch, skip supper/dinner
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