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  1. I know the final score every time I watch the 2006 Rose Bowl. Doesn't make a bit of difference to my enjoyment. Because similar to your gif, we already knew the ending before it began.
  2. o/u on how long the doors stay open? I'd say about 15 months.
  3. I hope the Judge takes into consideration that he's just a child.
  4. One of the long-lasting benefits of going while still at the top of your game. Imagine a world where it goes another 3-4 seasons with one of the four leaving and being replaced by a new character. Probably Cousin Jeffrey. We all owe Jerry a debt for going out when he did.
  5. What, you don't root for the third nephew of Jaxson, Taxes Street?
  6. When did Baylor play Texas Southern University? Show Kinne and the Bobcats the respect they earned.
  7. If only they could drop the cult aspect and let their individuality come out.
  8. The incessant pointing is really weird. Like a 2nd grader telling teacher who was bad.
  9. Despite the groupthink on this board regarding Texas' ability to improve over the course of the season ("they did this before, they always will"), teams do improve.
  10. Must be thinking of some other board. Never seen such a thing around here. Never a losing wager.
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