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  1. They're currently blowing home field for the LCS.
  2. Harumph. Them crooks always write themselves a loophole.
  3. I lean more to the Ms. Flack version.
  4. Sal should have listened to the Buggin Out as he went on to have a very successful chicken franchise.
  5. People given draconian sentences in the United States for marijuana? I feel quite comfortable in thinking I could put together a dominating squad of HOF caliber players from that pool.
  6. His over thinking gets in the way of any natural athleticism. You never get the impression that he's just out there slinging for fun in a way that would allow the athleticism to shine.
  7. My two seconds of googling found this guy in Mississippi doing life for an ounce and a half. https://reason.com/2021/05/13/this-38-year-old-man-will-spend-life-in-prison-over-1-5-ounces-of-marijuana/ Former Vet sentenced to life in Louisiana for less than $30 worth of weed. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/08/us/man-freed-life-sentence-marijuana-trnd/index.html For the record, your presumption is incalculably wrong at both the federal and state level. As a regular smoker who thankfully now lives in a legalized state, I view going into the deep south states with weed equal to going to Russia. You're putting your life in the hands of ignorant people handing down draconian sentences with zero justice being served. She was convicted for smuggling with criminal intent (trafficking) for what is reported as a single vape cartridge. Our jails are bursting to the brim with those sentenced to equally bullshit trumped up charges. There is no high ground for this country or its populace as its been the #1 pusher (pun intended) of the War on Drugs. She can thank America for the hysteria around a plant.
  8. Herpa Derpa


    Agree completely.
  9. Why you care, Kurt? You'll just vote for some else you fucking douchebag dwarf. His face reminds me of my farts.
  10. Ayup. Discovery CEO made $250mil+ last year dumping content and cutting jobs. Now he gets to do it all over again to somebody else's baby. Greed is good God.
  11. I kid. I just find Gaiman to be insufferable as a person.
  12. Looks more like it's gonna be a new service merging HBOMax and Discovery+. They're already starting to swap and share stuff between the two (ex. Magnolia shit on both). But like most media conglomerates they're just going to do it in a really inefficient, shitty, and most consumer unfriendly way possible.
  13. Sadly, that's all some care about.
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