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  1. Fantastic doc that won Oscar. Director also won another for American Dream about a Hormel plant strike in Minnesota. No idea where one would see it these days. Fellow Texans might be familiar with her Dixie Chicks doc Shut Up and Sing (currently streamable with ads on Pluto).
  2. Howard can only relate to fellow malignant narcissists. Dice took off the jacket and self-reflected. Howard, Billy, and the like never do that so when others do, it makes them uncomfortable and they avoid being around such people. The Dice impersonator allows Howard to interact with his stagnant thinking and pretend he's evolved by protesting something the impersonator says instead of a true conversation with the real Dice that would force Howard to face his own past of misogyny and homophobia. All you have to worry about with Billy is to stroke his ego enough that he'll stroke yours back. They can remind each other that everything they've ever done was great and meaningful and any failures were someone else's fault. While conveniently ignoring the pile of broken careers and actual bodies that is their human legacy.
  3. TIL the number of posts on a topic directly equates to one's knowledge on the topic.
  4. Solid Tuesday win over a lesser program.
  5. This is really where the focus should be. Wilson, Bowen, Lauren Adams, Aniston, Decker, Meester, Beckinsale, Biel, Chriqui, Barrymore, Bello, Hayek, Vega The man knows how to fucking cast a co-star no matter how shitty a movie it may be. To my bunk!
  6. Intelligent people constantly change their subjective unproven opinion based on the latest data point. It's just good thinkin', my dude.
  7. I'm sorry you're a pathetic jackass.
  8. Naysayers need to take a step back and recognize one the greatest seasons by a HC in Texas basketball history. Finished regular season 2nd in the top conference in the nation, one game behind a team that he boatraced twice to end the season. Won the conference tournament, including the aforementioned dismantling of the regular season winner. I don't give a shit how the man fared at Fresno or El Paso. He's 22-7 and masterfully guiding Texas to its best tournament performance in 15-20 years. I don't give a shit what the man recruited at Fresno or El Paso. The NBA is littered with Texas alums. One thing Shaka didn't fuck up was the pipeline Barnes created (and which RT was a major reason for it existing). Texas is viewed in the eyes of the AAU circuit as an NBA stepping stone. The players will come. If we're paralleling with Steve Fischer at Michigan, he brought in the Fab 5 following his interim championship. RT had to earn the job. He did.
  9. If Aztecs can maintain a slight lead I think Bama puckers as the clock winds. Not prepared after the mentally weak SEC sked.
  10. I can think of something that shall not be said. But it would be cooler.
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