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  1. She has a daughter with a fever and has no food except for a little rice and no money. I am going to meet her to give her some money, no strings attached, because we are friends. It is not that complicated.
  2. Hahaha. It turns out my favorite 3holer/asslicker was just asking me for money.
  3. Maybe you are right and reports of people not isolating and not wearing masks is exaggerated. I don't live there so I don't have first hand knowledge of anywhere in the US. Based on what I do read I expect the first wave in the US to reach 100 million cases, and the real case fatality rate to take place, whatever it is. I used 0.5% because it falls in the middle of the expected range.
  4. Sorry, I am just trying to point out that the 100,000 to 240,000 estimate was based on certain measures being taken, and they a not being taken. We must be prepared for something worse.
  5. A friend in my apartment complex said he always used a 30x approximation at work to estimate the real number of flu-like illnesses. So using his rule of thumb there are around 10,000,000 actual cases in the US. Given that only half the country appears to be taking effective isolation and mask wearing steps, the number of cases will continue doubling every 3 to 7 days. Consequently I expect the US to have 100 million cases in the next 10 to 21 days. That could lead to 500,000 deaths by the end of May, unless something is done immediately. Of course politicians will find ways to not count all those deaths appropriately. Unfortunately, herd immunity takes over 80% of the population to be infected, so that will take at least three waves. We won't achieve herd immunity until sometime next year, and probably not until a vaccine has been used. This is a long way from over.
  6. That is a bullshit article that misrepresents the way things are here.
  7. Freelancers run $20 to $40 for boom-boom and bj, but I have a friend who is not very picky who pays $10 to $14 and he often does 2 or 3 a day and only does bisexuals so he has more fun 3somes. You might get a bj alone for as low as $10. Bar fines run $50 to $70 plus tip with most Walking Street bars charging $70. I usually get a bargirl's number and meet her outside work to save a few bucks. Since the girl gets less than half the barfine it works out better for them as long as they don't get caught and get fined by their mamasang. Including drinks and a tip it is easy to spend $100 in a bar, including the girl of your choice, but that is mostly tourists doing that.
  8. It is complicated but most of the sex trade is not human trafficking. Most Filipinas get into it willingly for the money and the chance of marrying a rich (in their mind) foreigner. Some do get tricked into coming here thinking they will be a waitress, but most know the truth from their friends. Most of the ones who are tricked leave before ever having a customer, or they get a foreigner boyfriend right away if they are really hot and leave the bar. I have heard the Chinese set up brothels in Clark and other areas with girls from China who they bring in on tourist visas. Then they don't let non-Chinese in. That is sex trafficking and they get shut down when they don't make the proper payoffs. I heard there was a bar full of Ukrainian women that got shut down before I moved here. The Philippines government is active at preventing Filipinos from being trafficked to other countries but often there is a fine line between a foreign job and being trafficked since they are cheap labor and are being taken advantage of in at least that way.
  9. I am a quantum field theorist, nuclear physicist and whore monger, but not so well known, yet
  10. Yes and yes. I wear condoms with the meth whores, or if I can tell from her smell that she has trichomoniasis vaginosis, or if she asks me. Otherwise I go without and figure I will be taking antibiotics for something eventually anyway. Most Filipinos don't use condoms, so the women are used to bareback. The 24 year old who is fixing breakfast for me never used a condom before when we met last year.
  11. My current live in fell asleep while we were watching TV the last two nights, and she is shy about having sex when the red tide is in. But it is different when 5 or more different women a day are messaging needing money for sex, as there is usually one that makes me think hell yes. Even so, when I don't have a live in I try to take off a day once or twice a week. Prostitutes tend to run out of money and get hungry when they have their period, and most Filipinas never have sex then. Some will ask for money for food for nothing or just a bj, but I don't mind a little blood. I have lost track of how many have told me it was the first time they had sex during their period.
  12. The Philippines is up to 3094 cases and 144 deaths. 14 of the dead are doctors and 4 other doctors are suspected to have died of it. It looks like there is still vast under reporting. I am getting contacted by more women needing money for food and am handing out some to those I know. My ex girlfriend who is staying with me during the lockdown is annoyed, but I am taking care of her family and friends first, so she is keeping her mouth shut about it. I sometimes wish i was living alone, but it would be risky to be doing a different woman everyday right now. I have had bronchitis like pain with a dry cough for the past 9 days while being more tired than normal, but with no fever. I have actually had the cough for 2 months following a case of a flu like illness, so I did not think much of the bronchial pain initially. I feel much better today and walked a couple miles doing errands. I was able to breath better through the N95 while walking briskly than I have in the past week. Now I am wondering if I had a mild case of a virus on top of whatever is making me cough. I don't dare consult a doctor as I don't want to be quarantined with a bunch of sick Filipinos and end up getting really sick. The local Mayor who shut down a local hospital for accepting Wuhan virus patients from Manila and promising he would never allow it to reopen as long as he is Mayor, was overruled by the National government and told to let it reopen. He complied. He also keeps running misters around spraying bleach water into the air. He is a real dumbass, like most Filipino politicians.
  13. I posted about this previously. They also banned the sale of alcohol. They do that during elections in an attempt to minimize killings although around 150 politicians get killed anyway. I suspect they will extend the quarantine another month rather than let them expire on April 14 for Manila or the 12th for the rest of Luzon. That is a sure way to make sure there are protests and riots. I only go out in the morning now.
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