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  1. After 32 months of research and writing I finished my new book Goodbye Quarks: The Onium Theory. In the onium theory I extend the relativistic positronium solution of Feynman and Sternglass to all particles and resonances such that all of them can be shown to be made of only electrons, protons, and their antiparticles. This theory accounts for the decay products, unlike the quark model. And it explains the masses, above and beyond the masses of the component electrons, protons, and neutrons as relativistic mass. I also use basic quantum field theory to examine the structure and properties of electrons and protons to show that they have the same basic structure and should be thought of as two different charge-matter variations of the same basic type of particle. So my claim is that there is only one particle. I started this as a test to see if such a model could be done and the results were even better than I imagined. The precise match of most of the masses makes me confident that the basic theory is correct even though it still needs work in some areas. The Bohr-Sommerfeld solutions on which it is based are acknowledged to be overly simplified, while still frequently within 0.5% of the correct mass. For example rho and omega mesons are made of 4 pion group resonances which is why their masses are approximately equal to the combined masses of two pions and a kaon. Compare that to the irrational formulas used by the quark model for the neutral rho and omega. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0897JYYLG/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ray+fleming+goodbye+quarks&qid=1590625411&sr=8-1
  2. It has surprised me that most Aussie and Brit Expats have become Trumpist Fascists. They claim they started watching Fox for entertainment and end up completely brainwashed.
  3. Most humans are poor critical thinkers. Many believe in non-physical beings or that a mind can exist without a physical brain, failing to realize that any non-physical idea is not real. Most people believe that non-physical space has physical dimensions that can contract and curve and physical clocks that can change clock rate. From there it only gets worse.
  4. I have wondered if the curse if the aughts would make a comeback.
  5. Comparing 2018 and 2020 it appears the Republicans got the bigger bump by having Trump on the ticket.
  6. Georgia reported that 8800 military and expat ballots have not been returned, but I know the embassies have been pushing people for months to return them early so I doubt they will get many new ballots at this point.
  7. The lady from Clayton said there were 3500 left about 2 hours ago. Then they reported 1300 followed by 300. That leaves 1900.
  8. They said there were 16000 left before the last 1300 came in from Clayton, and now another 300.
  9. Following his discussion I thought there should be 200k. And at an 80/20 split that would be a gain of 120k votes in Philly alone.
  10. I just checked and the current percentages add to 48.1% for Democratic candidates and 2.3% for third party candidates in the Georgia special election. There could be rounding errors that throw off the total. I hope that both go to a runoff since Warnock and Ossoff will pull in voters from across the Democratic coalition. Then we can hope that Trump cultists stay home.
  11. Beto's result fooled me into thinking Texas was trending faster than it is but the trend is still there. Biden was not as strong a candidate as Beto was and Trump's cult is much stronger than I imagined. 16% in 2012. 9% in 2016. 6% in 2020. If you add back 2% of the Libertarian vote back into 2016 the trend is 16 - 11 - 6 - 1.
  12. Montana's early votes are up to 529k out of 696k, 76%.
  13. Montana has 510,000 votes and passed their 2016 total. With a marijuana initiative on the ballet they expect a big young voter turnout. Bullock is still in it.
  14. Most of the Aussies I have met are Trumpers and would happily join the Republican terrorists. Unfortunately it is mostly low class Aussies where I live.
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