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  1. You are free to have your opinion of me, of a game, or anything else. I raised my hand so you could do so. That being said, being accused of being a baby killer because I refused to be the person to die in a combatant vs combatant situation isn't on me. You think of me what you will, I don't give a shit. But I'm not going to apologize for surviving.
  2. I am zero high. I don't find games that trivialize the shit we've been through appealing. Personally, I find them offensive. If someone needs to experience the suck, raise your right hand.
  3. Quick question. Why is everyone so into these war video games? Personally, they disgust me. I dont get why anyone would want to do something that is a facsimile of some seriously heavy shit. I'll probably be begged to oblivion for this and I dont care. I'm not advocating for games to be made less violent. That's Busch league. But things that portray things I've experienced is not a game. Things that use the issues we face are not a game. So what is it? Please educate me.
  4. No, she's just a fucking horrible human. I wish I could remove the genes that I and she share.
  5. Just what I need. My goddamn sister, to whom I refer to as "Chernobyl" as she has... a certain propensity to melt down, just showed up at my.goddamned house. Goddamn I hate my family. Fuck everything. Perhaps burning it to the ground would fix the problem.
  6. Fuck yes. Pussy is getting defeated this day, despite todd orlando and his shenanigans.
  7. Goddamn it. That's the kind of play texas needs to run with rojo on the field. STOP FUCKING IT UP.
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