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  1. Just a thought... Sark's quote of "You don't say no to Texas." Kind of resembles DKR's response when he was offered, then hired as the head football coach.
  2. Did I miss who is (expected to be) the new S&C coordinator?
  3. 20 January 2021 1201 is the appropriate time to point out the most re-occuring crime charged in the Russia Investigation.
  4. I've remitted myself from comment on this. I don't require or want "upvotes" for this comment. This open insurrection against a Constitutionally mandated process is not acceptable. The actions of donald trump and this mob are treasonous. The Constitution is very clear about how to respond to treason and what methods shall be taken. I am one of the many Veterans that post on this board, or the old board, or the one before that. I swore and oath to the United States Constitution. I may no longer wear the uniform; however, I will always honor my oath. This will not stand. As long a
  5. You're at about a 9. I need you to be at about a 3. Can you do that for me?
  6. I have celebrated your avatar for years.
  7. The: Fuck It, I'm Just Gonna Get Drunk Bowl
  8. I hope above all that @CHAD BRISCOE decides to use this feature.
  9. He's still grazing. Trying to fetch a high price at the stock show.
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