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  1. It's a non-issue... except that it is one. Maybe the guy was trying to establish how fundamentally wrong the bible is for claiming that women shouldn't speak.im not wiling to give that much credit though. Perhaps instead he should've started with the abomination of slavery and its sanction in the same bible that claims women shouldn't speak in church but seek guidance from their husband at home.
  2. I don't give a shit about eric hogue or his backward ideas and bigotry. I don't really give a shit who speaks to anyone else's imaginary friend. I DO give a shit when the people that do so are in control of anything. There are so many layers involved in what is fucking wrong in everything going on with this entire enterprise.so fucking bandwidth isn't really at issue. But by all means, you do you bro.
  3. If we do one, we need to do them all, right? Fair is fair after all. Personally I can't wait until we get to the concept of polytheism and have to include payers to every god that's ever been thought of.
  4. Im gonna just jump right off and ask why in the fuck is a governmental organization holding prayer to begin with? People gonna people. Stupid gonna stupid. Digress. Eric Hogue, city councilman of Wylie, Texas, has decried that women shall not lead the opening prayer of their meetings. He has cited the new testament of the bible as his reasoning for this. This speaks volumes about a lot of things. He may want his wife and daughters to never be able to speak or think for themselves, but ill be damned if I let that be the kind of life my daughter experiences.
  5. Her story is relatable for me. I work at a hospital in the city I live in. I have to admit, I kind of laughed at the bit about policy changes. I've experienced this first hand. I have a stoage unit where my ex-wife and I jointly store property. She is immunocompromised. So I put in place a "policy" wherein if I need to give her something, or she needs to give me something its dropped off there and sanitized with cavicide. Something I would encourage everyone to do is purchase HEPA vacuum bags and cut them to fit into their masks. The vaccuum bags aren't especially expensive, but they filter up to 50 times smaller than the size of the virus.
  6. Whatever helps jerrah ensure his team remains relegated to mediocrity... Other than his own lineage of course.
  7. ...so I refuse to watch this "tiger" bullshit. I do my own research prior to viewing really anything. I refuse to do a goddamned thing that gives any notoriety to anyone from fucking oklahoma. Those murderous land thieves can not be afforded any safe harbor. No media. No passage. No acceptance. I don't forgive any of them for their egregious faults. So being out of the loop for whatever stupid thing society latches onto is fine by me. I will not abide and I will not yield.
  8. I once briefed Mike Flynn. His CSM even gave me a coin for my briefing. At the time, I found him to be engaging, intelligent, and personable. That was all before he decided to, at least publicly, break the oath he swore to the Constitution, to the Men under him, and to his uniform. The other players in all of this are pawns in a grand scheme. But flynn... flynn must be held accountable for his indiscretions. Our Oath must be solemn and uncompromising. I have nothing but contempt for him as a human being and reject him and everything he has ever asserted.
  9. For me... their field sucks shit through a garden hose. But also certain people had the fucking audacity to assert that VY was a poor man's brad smith.
  10. Probably Niles...
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