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  1. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    I wouldn't tow 3k behind a Tacoma. That isn't even a decision there. If you insist on Toyota, get the tundra and move on.
  2. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    Whatever you do go 1 step more than your gut tells you, but I would have zero issue buying a 150 or equivalent for that setup personally. I am the dumbass who bought a 250 gasser because I was right in the middle of 150 and 250 diesel for my needs. I am happy with my choices but it is not the best for everyone. I would likely eat the extra 10k if I knew what I knew now regarding work and other positive life changes but when I bought I was worried and got what I needed. It is a slippery slope setting the bar at 70k for a truck when you know the wife is eyeing vehicles..
  3. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    How heavy are we talking here? What are you thinking of towing length wise.
  4. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    The Ford issue with timing chain is purely scary sounding. Once the oil pressure builds up the phasers tension the chain and it is fine. From what I have seen it isn't a widespread issue of the chain's breaking, just an uncomfortable sound on startup. My old truck did it for close to 50k miles and I never had any issue other than that with the motor. I would much rather have that noise than a failed transmission in a chevy. I have only owned 1 chevy my entire life and that is the only vehicle to have a transmission failure. Same failure happened to my brother and a close friend around the same mileage on thier chevys. Glad to hear they still havent figured out how to build a tranny 20 years later.
  5. Do you have a walk in cooler to hang it in? If not, for a nominal fee of some Axis back strap, I would be more that willing to store it for a few days for you.
  6. We are sorta out near Spaulding, only east of Junction. https://www.socomuffler.com/ These guys fixed it and after about 1hr of total work pulling and installing the radiator, I am back in business.
  7. Location, amenities and price. I dont want to dox myself but imagine a place that is perfect for chad bros to go and not spend $500+ a night but get those amenities. Every single outdoor amenity you would want in a party house is in the backyard. A new group just showed up today. Already getting turnt up. The next two months will be fun. I checked and all but 5 days were booked.
  8. Not sure that matters in the 5 mile etj. The party is rocking to tonight and I ran into the renters at the corner store getting beer and other stuff. I went to get some tortilla chips for some nachos the kids wanted. Guess who grabbed the last two bags right before I walked in? You cannot write this fucking script.
  9. Essentially perfect reviews. She is U G L Y. Hard pass. I had my legal question pretty much answered and will figure out how to deal with the people going forward. It sounds like the folks are having an even larger party already today. They decided to park some cars in my front yard, mostly in the ROW but my wife subscribes to that idiot from TOS school of thought. She chased them off. It was a pretty bold move of them considering there is no curb and they parked fully in the grass front yard.
  10. Sounds like a rental is in your near future. I found a shop that still repairs them. I was surprised as shit. The dude said he will have it fixed by tomorrow. May not end up too bad.
  11. I had a suggestion from a friend to play the song they play at Disneyland on loop all night. Evidently that song will drive them crazy. Yes and yes. The issue is who is going to enforce the noise? Basically it comes down to me going over there when it gets out of hand and asking them to quiet it down. By then you usually have 5-10 drunk dudes and their dumbass birds crowing about how they arent being loud or whatever other justification they create and it turns into a shitshow. I would rather not be in a position where I have to try to quiet them every couple of days.
  12. Sounds like I will have a new vrbo that is conveniently priced slightly lower than them with more amenities. My wife wants to play the purge alarm every night they bother us. I could deal with the sound outside and not go enjoy my back patio on the majority of summer nights they are blaring whatever shit music they blare, but it has got to the point the kids are kept up at night since their bedroom is the closest to the chaos. We replaced the windows in our house with double pane windows thinking that would help, but basically we need to install thicker walls I think. The kids frequently come in scared at the noises they hear late at night. I go to 11 and go over and lose my shit, rinse repeat. Guess it is time to move.
  13. Again this isn't a renter in that sense, this is a vrbo type deal. They are gone by the time I get to court..
  14. So say we have a HOA right now and a majority votes to revise the deed restrictions to prevent short term rentals, I was told that isn't enforceable....
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