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  1. I get what you are saying, but typically there is somewhat of a correlation between quality and cost in those name brands.
  2. I dont know why anyone is buying yeti shit anymore. rtic and others make essentially the same thing at 1/2 the price. $800 for a cooler. bwahahahahha
  3. People that kick heads after they knock someone out are going to really enjoy the murder charge when they kick the wrong head.
  4. Yeah like I said...has to be stroke or someshit. The wife and I are the only ones in the family that include them in anything. FIL is always appreciative and does the things he can to help (on a fixed income). It isn't about the nail...err...corn. it is about the cray.
  5. It is a 10. The brow tines are there just obscured some. I keep forgetting to post a 10 I saw this weekend. Maybe it is actually an 11??? It has dual brow tines on right side and one on the left. One of the tines looks like a unicorns horn, it goes forward instead of up. I will try and remember to pull it off my laptop later.
  6. Just got a text from wife that MIL thinks I should pay them back for all the corn they have taken to our ranch. This year they have taken 20 bags!!11!!1! (I have bought several hundred for reference), I called FIL and asked him if he was upset about me not paying for the corn he bought. He was completely confused why I would ask and told me he is taking more bags up this week because he feels like he hasn't contributed enough to the feeding compared to the deer he has taken there. Of course, like always I told him not to worry about it, we are family. My contention is that the MIL had a mini stroke the way she is acting.
  7. We alternate T-day between my family and the wife's family. We have done it for 8 years now. This week the MIL is realizing it isn't the year we are coming over and she is having a complete meltdown. It is like watching a 10 year old grapple with all the emotions that come with not getting your way. We are still in the lash out phase where she is making all these horrible statements just trying to get under my wife's skin. So far we have shit talking about my mom. Shit talking about us never doing anything for them (I rebuilt part of their roof and all the fascia on my own time/dime and bought and installed a new stove for them all in the last 4 months). It is actually comical how absurd the things she is saying and how wound up it is getting my wife. She just wont let it go and ignore her crazy ass mom. I love the holidays.
  8. HOOKEM4


    Is a vasectomy really considered surgery?? It is a minor inconvenience for a day or two. It takes what? 5 minutes? Some of you are really building this up more than it is.
  9. Tell me what other experts say about the time of death and cause. What I stated above is 100% plausible.
  10. Anytime a cop is involved and there is any evidence they could have committed a crime, especially one that was found guilty of rape shortly after, I am 100% biased. A cop in early 90's Bastrop could most certainly make that chain of events happen to a spouse cheating on him.
  11. I had lunch with him today and he paid so I dont think so.
  12. Easy. Cop finds her right after her affair ends, takes her home, uses the belt to control her while he holds her head underwater. Drops her body a day later with all evidence still intact. Just look at what interdependent ME's have to say about the original ME's findings. I just dont buy it and the fact that some very key evidence was just ignored? Why not leave no stone unturned?
  13. I have a buddy who went to NO last weekend and dropped acid before going to the bars. They bought coke (baby powder), then a gram of "weed" and in an effort to find a pipe, ended up instead smoking crack with a dude in a random bar bathroom.
  14. It is entirely possible there are two rapists in this case, but there is only one murderer and that person isn't Reed imo.
  15. My FIL is a 75 year old man of very very few words. I asked him how it went and he said they shot 2 deer. He didn't shoot anything. No idea if they were good deer, I assume he would have told me if they had shot a good buck.
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