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  1. My poors inlaws are digging in. Fox News is too liberal for them. They are afraid of what Biden is doing to America with all the protests etc... they are blaming everyone but themselves for their current financial issues. I asked my fil to watch an actual video of trump speaking about RBG spot and his tweet from 2016. He claimed it was fake. Some people just want to go down with the ship. Before he was elected I heard for months about how he wasn't conservative and there was no way he would vote for that 'piece of shit yankee' I don't get it. I am a conservative voter that cannot watch this bullshit anymore. It isnt spin when this fucktard says it on an open mic/Twitter. Emberassing. The Republicans in power aren't conservative, they are sucking a demagogues dick. We are fucked.
  2. It is insane how much light pollution there is in a county with 130 people. All the o&g rigs I guess. /random observation
  3. Jfc narc. You trying to destroy briskets life? Let me clarify this for you, unbelievable flooding, total loss of all structures, unsurvivable situation.
  4. Basic level makers is better that GJ on a bad day. You don't mix anything over Kentucky deluxe with fucking coke. Unless the coke is white and you are fucking a 10. Then you do you.
  5. Not that I am worried since I don't drink and drive ever, but I will have some splainin to do if I get pulled over until I can figure this shit out. 2 days later it smells like a distillery still. I did a vinegar soak today. 50 bucks and loss of all that goodness is the real kick in the nuts. FWIW angels envy won the battle royal. So some solace to be had.
  6. Buying two bottles of bourbon, and having them kiss on the way home. Then figuring out how to get the smell of a 1/2 gallon of makers out of your carpet. Fuck that action, thanks for the legit packing job total wine.
  7. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    20 lbs for a starter? Fuckit, send it. /dodge engineers.
  8. I am seriously considering selling our shit jayco and turning the pole barn into barndo if these crazy prices don't come down by January. Hell, might even sell the airstream as well. Could have a 100k to bankroll the new quarters. Shit is just stupid now. Wish I had a motorboat I wanted to sell as well.
  9. Lol yeah good luck. Take plenty of before and after prop pics.
  10. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/product/bilstein-b8-5100-ride-height-adjustable/ Set it one notch from the highest setting and your truck will be dead level. I had them on the last truck and they were rock solid. I did do a lot of offroad driving in fairly rough terrain.
  11. Definition of more money than sense. What a dumbass.
  12. Also, typical tosu worthless dumbass. Thanks for the advice fucktard. Post less.
  13. I got the survey shit sorted with him. Fence posts are installed. I will have the fence done this weekend. Fence building was slowed by ranch work, me being lazy waiting to bring tractor/auger home and the rain. Ole boy came home today from his latest 2 week journey and flagged me down tonight. He tried to convince me that the fence wasn't needed. This was after 4 straight days of drunken 18 yr olds occupying his rental after he told me he was changing how he monitors the renters. We just ignored it and dealt with it. Thankfully some new renters are here that are quiet. No lawyers. Just fences, hoa changes and other neighbors working to pressure as well. Fuck strs.
  14. Shit, I thought someone signed me up on some list. I have been getting blown up by different PACs. This is just the new norm? FML.
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