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  1. The answer would depend on what level of failure Mansfield had and how it progressed. In imagination land, if you completely removed the dam as a whole in one instant, you would have over 1 million acre feet of water flowing into a river that holds like 25k acre feet (at pool elevation). So the impact of removing that volume of water is pretty inconsequential. There are too many factors involved to try and estimate the downstream impacts since it would wholly depend on the level of failure and the discharge rate of the failed section. Any substantial dam failure would likely result in the rest of the dam failing at a fairly rapid rate and the impact from here to the coast would be catastrophic. If it was PMP/PMF situation (say from a hurricane tracking upstream and camping in the watershed) that caused the failure, it would cause biblical flooding and the damage would be inconceivable.
  2. I finally get to go down to South Texas and hunt on my bosses lease next week. We are taking a client and they are way below the max they can shoot for the year (both Bucks and Does). Looks like I will get to fill out all my tags this year. I hope it is a light travel time for our southern neighbors. Last year was a shitshow. I had a group walk right past my stand in the pre-dawn hours that I could only hear but not see. I would have not been that on edge but the week prior another person on the lease had been in a stand with his daughter when two dudes walked through carrying AR-15's. It truly is the wild west down there.
  3. They have to be using different units of measurement, right? Whatever it is at today and yesterday, it is fucking killing me. One would think that after 37 years of living in the area, you would build up a tolerance but it just seems to be getting worse every year.
  4. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    Get the best husky liners and dont look back. They are better than the weather tech by a solid margin. I went to them in my new truck after having creasing issues from the weather tech. Trust me I am pre med.
  5. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    We have run the toyos hard to 60k and the michelins that come on them for the same. But we need something more aggressive for the land the trucks roll through than the michelins. Our guys abuse the shit out of these trucks and will get stuck on pavement. True specimens we have working for us.
  6. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    What mileage do you get from the bfg's? We were seeing 40k before we swapped when we easily would hit 60k on the old compound.
  7. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    Toyo will kill the bfg's in longevity. Michelin if you want better road handling. We run a fleet of F250s and use a variety of tires. We used to exclusively run bfg till we noticed they changed the compound. They just dont hold up like they used to or should.
  8. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    Do yourself a favor and shop other tires. KO2's are not the best or the most bang for your buck. They are just riding the legacy at this point.
  9. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    They dont use the same quality leather anymore. That was the only real reason to get one and now it is just another stupid badge you are buying.
  10. That will buff right out.
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