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  1. The only way to stop this at this point is to shut the entire world down for 2 weeks with total isolation of every person.
  2. Those minks are some bad son's. Packing now to leave for gods country. No stops, straight to the ranch for some rest, hopefully pig killin and some whiskey by a fire.
  3. Definitely. Cool snek.
  4. My mom sent me these pictures just now. Badass snek.
  5. You already have this all figured out. Why are you responding to these rubes?
  6. If they issue a shelter in place, am I going to go to jail if I drive out to my ranch? I wanted to go this weekend but skipped because of the rain. Dammit.
  7. HOOKEM4

    Truck Nuts

    So, nobody. Thanks.
  8. This doesnt belong here but sometimes you have to applaud your wife on her dumb luck. I quit drinking save for the random drink when we go out to eat here and there. We are self preventative quarantined and I had been quietly thinking a beer or 2 would be nice while I am just sitting around at night. She ordered heb delivery and got me a case of beer without asking me. They delivered 2 cases and only charged us for 1.
  9. My family has been completely quarantined for 6 days. We have daily mandated (by me) 'outside time' for the kids which is just a bunch of complaining about wanting to play fortnite. Today we were suffering during outside time and across the cove, there were probably 50-80 college aged kids going apeshit partying at a house. I am not going to lie, I was more jealous than dissapointed. But also, fuck them for having fun and probably spreading herpes like wildfire
  10. Take them out to the back yard and teach them the game of smear the queer. They get energy out and you get to blow off some steam. Win win.
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