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  1. A&M will have at least two losses when it goes to Auburn; spring game & Leach in Starkville. If Jimbo has fully embraced what it means to be an aggie, he likely will have lost to Arkansas as well.
  2. I'm sure Colorado wouldn't think of hiring a coach currently under contract somewhere else. I'm certain they will only hire a currently unemployed coach, likely on an interim basis, to get them through this year. I also expect to be engaged to Ariana Grande before April.
  3. If you want me to drive to Ohio, just come right out and say you you want me to drive to Ohio.
  4. Herman on moving Joe Ossai to the “Jack” position, which will allow for more rush off the edge: “He’s aggressive, he’s twitchy, he’s fearless. I love him. I absolutely love him.” # of times Ossai drops back into coverage + the # of times our offense throws to stationary receivers behind the line of scrimmage = X If X < 4, we win If X is > or = 4, we lose. If X is > 7 at any point in 2020, Monday morning after the game, Bellmont will look like the church scene in The Kingsman.
  5. Worse. Lots of Texas high school kids on your roster from when your team was great. Some people on this board know some of them. We know what happened on the recruiting trips.
  6. The people who made the Iowa Caucus app should design a Rape Portal so Baylor & Texas Tech can efficiently swap players.
  7. Maybe not now, but back in the day, with your holy roller coach, CU was dirty as all hell.
  8. Because, like everyone that isn't you, he isn't you.
  9. Unless Colorado is going to go back to buying Texas high school players, like they did in the 80s and early 90s, they will never matter again in college football.
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