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  1. You piece of shit bigot. They don't have special underwear. They have magic underwear. No somebody go sign this Utah Tech defensive end, or whatever the hell is going on here.
  2. I know nothing about college hoops. I just don't want to lost to aggie.
  3. I'm willing to wager every dollar I have in my name that this guy smells like cigarettes.
  4. Texas also said publicly it would join the SEC in 2025....until it could say otherwise.
  5. JFKFC


    That is an especially good point because those were the only 2 players in the transfer portal.
  6. JFKFC


    They were on the rosters of other teams. We chose not to pursue and sign them out of the portal. If we win the Big 12 this year, Sark's methodology will be fully vindicated. I think Sark is proven right if we just make the Big 12 title game. If we don't make the Big 12 title game.....
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