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  1. I mean, it IS Bill O'brien calling the offensive shots over there now...
  2. I swear, you guys are doing this on purpose now just to get Tex all riled up
  3. "Namely, if we have another season as good or better than we just had" Even if they do have another great season, they're acting like other coaches aren't going to tell elite wide receivers, "Yea, you want to watch that season from the stands like Demas did?"
  4. Manziel playing under Jimbo would not have been the same Manziel he was under Sumlin/Kliff. So even if he is Clean Manziel, he's not gonna play like him as long as he's handcuffed by Jimbo "The QB only runs when he doesn't understand the offense" Fisher.
  5. WTF is going on here? I had to double check and make sure I was still on Surly.
  6. Yea, in hindsight, felt like our coach overthought himself. Everyone in the stadium knew Shak was gonna get the ball, so why not fake it to him and let our QB (who was also a very good athlete) get the first? Turned out, the other coach saw it coming. If your cousin was anywhere near my grade, then I probably knew him. Weslaco is still small enough that you played little league with just about everybody. "Box of rocks" is probably a little far... But dude just didn't want to put in the effort in the classroom. Yea, he's doing speed training in both the Houston and RGV area
  7. He doesn't have enough hair to pull off the Maalik, but he's trying.
  8. "They will be mediocre for the next 4,5,8 years with a good season peppered in here and there." I swear, the self awareness on that site is off the charts.
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