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  1. Why so many American players are finding a place in German Football https://theathletic.com/1827680/2020/05/24/american-players-germany-pulisic-reyna?source=user-shared-article
  2. He ran straight into the tackle, got lower than him, and ran him over on the way to the QB. Exactly what you said DL don't do anymore. How is that proving your point?
  3. Good to see him working on getting to the rim, I think that'll be an important part of his game next year.
  4. What do Ketch and Terry Price have to do with this?
  5. Judging by the amount he knows about and posts on the threads re: our softball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, non-revenue sports teams....I think you may have your wires crossed on this one.
  6. I would like your honest opinion....over the past 10 years, has Baylor had more talent on their rosters than Texas?
  7. UH NFL Draft 2016-2018 (would've played 1-2 years under Herman): Classes of 2012-2015: Had no draft eligible 4 or 5 stars on roster, but did have an unranked and a few 2 stars drafted Guys he recruited but were drafted after he left: 1/1 5 star, 0/3 4 star (class of 2016, played 1 year for Herman, drafted in 2019 or 2020) UT NFL Draft 2018-2020 Class of 2014 (one year under Herman): 0/0 5 star, 0/7 4 star (including Poona) Class of 2015 (played one or two years under Herman): 1/1 5 star, 2/9 4 star (Kris Boyd, DeShon Elliott, Holton Hill) Class of 2016 (played two or three years under Herman): 0/0 5 star (247 has B Jones listed as a 4 star), 3/12 4 star (RS Okafor could still add to this. Also includes guys that played at least one year for Herman and transferred, so Buechele, K Porter, Christmas-Giles, and Urquidez could theoretically add to this number) Class of 2017 (transition class): No early draft enrollees (6 4 stars, 1 has transferred, 1 JUCO undrafted)
  8. 2008-2017? So you're saying late era Mack Brown and Charlie Strong sucked at developing? That's the first time that opinion has ever been shared on this site! Looking at Tom Herman's recruits/draftees according to 247: Houston (played at least 1 year under Herman): Unranked: 1 2 Star: 3 3 Star: 6 5 Star: 1 (out of 1) Given that Houston hadn't had multiple players taken in a single draft since 1998, I'd venture to say his developmental track record compared pretty well to Houston's past. Texas (played at least 1 year under Herman, none were recruited by him): Unranked: 1 (The Punter) 3 Star: 2 4 Star: 5 5 Star: 1 (out of 1)(Malik, Brandon Jones was a 4 star on 247) His first draft class would've been eligible this year, but none declared early. All that to say, the graph you provided is entirely misleading when it comes to the developmental track record of the current staff. But as a "guest" on this site, I'm sure you knew that.
  9. That's, um, an interesting addition to this thread...
  10. Yea, but with the context of being on the hot seat... Patterson has a statue on campus and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Hell, that record is pretty acceptable for TCU. For Texas, that record has the Fire Tom Herman thread at 140 pages (granted it's buried on page 6 of the football board right now) and fans wondering if he'll earn job security this year.
  11. siap but, these were last week's power rankings https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29158569/kbo-weekly-power-rankings-top-plays-performers-ahead ESPN's KBO Power Rankings 1. Kiwoom Heroes: 5-1 (Last week: 1) -- Sang Woo Cho has been the anchor for the busy Kiwoom bullpen, going 3-for-3 in save chances. 2. Doosan Bears: 3-2 (3) -- Jose Fernandez of Cuba, who hit .344 for Doosan last year, leads the KBO with a .591 average (13-for-22). 3. LG Twins: 2-3 (2) -- The Twins rallied from a 6-0 first-inning deficit Sunday to hand the NC Dinos their first loss, 10-7. 4. NC Dinos: 4-1 (6) -- The Dinos broke out of the gate 4-0, getting solid starts from former big leaguer Drew Rucinski and Chang Mo Koo, who combined to throw 12 shutout innings. 5. Lotte Giants: 5-0 (8) -- A league-best 3.13 team ERA led to a big start for the Giants, who finished last in 2019. 6. SK Wyverns: 1-4 (4) -- SK has scored a league-low 17 runs despite Dong Min Han's league-high .944 slugging percentage. 7. KT Wiz: 1-4 (5) -- The young Wiz pitching staff is off to a slow start, with a 7.19 team ERA. 8. Samsung Lions: 2-4 (7) -- The Lions, who are hitting just .199 as a team, scored more than half of their 27 total runs in a 14-2 win over Kia. 9. Kia Tigers: 2-4 (9) -- The Tigers have the league's worst run differential (-15), but they also have Week 1's top hitter, Preston Tucker (.476, 3 HRs, 11 RBIs). Tucker played three MLB seasons with the Braves, Reds and Astros. 10. Hanwha Eagles: 2-4 (10) -- Hanwha looks to bounce back from a three-game weekend sweep against the Giants.
  12. 13 out of state vs 10 in state. Including almost their entire defensive class coming from OOS? Yea, that'll turn out well.
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