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  1. Llogg

    Greatest live cover

    I'm a big fan of Elliott Smith's cover of Hooray for Tuesday by the Minders. Definitely meets the criteria of being better than the original.
  2. It's not just aesthetics though. He comes across as a massive dickhead too.
  3. Harden is a top 3 skill player who is a top 1 unlikeable player. It's not a lack of respect for how good he is. It's just antipathy.
  4. But they're still in the attic. That's not solving the problem unless you have infinite attic space.
  5. Why would the Cavs start publicly shopping Love a year after signing him to an untradeable contract? They are idiots. I'm sure he'd be intriguing to the Pacers, Blazers, or Nuggets, but not on that contract.
  6. because everyone was always going to assume, probably rightly so, that it was Malzahn's show. He had to leave to ever have a chance to show he could run an offense himself. I'm not sure he's managed to do that but he's certainly a reasonable option to bring aboard the SS Tomtanic.
  7. https://www.texaslsn.org/tennis-women-always-adding-content
  8. I sprang for the League Pass for the first time because this season has several really interesting teams. All these wretched local broadcast announcers makes me regret it.
  9. If Powell can be a more skilled version of capela he's a perfect fit for this team.
  10. lolz, so tough. btw, do you consider that you have been a productive cunt on an internet message board for a decade? because that's laughable.
  11. Seriously? Just say who it was or don't say shit.
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