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  1. Get your fucking eyes checked. That was one of the greatest athletic feats I've ever seen.
  2. Llogg

    Poona Ford

    All non-guaranteed contracts should be non-guaranteed for both ends. NFL can either guarantee shit for players or simply have 1-year max contracts.
  3. Man, if Jokic had Lebron's diet/physio team ... scary. He's leaving 5 years of his career and probably 10% of his production on the dining room table.
  4. Which is hysterical given they had both Harden and Durant who could have led that revolution, opening up driving lanes for Westbrick.
  5. I was watching the Spurs-Thunder last night and realized the Thunder have come out of the whole Paul George-Westbrook debacle pretty nice. SGA is going to be a bad man very soon. He's a great on-ball defender and has suddenness and smoothness to his offensive game. Chris Paul is their only bad contract. Danilo is the only piece they need to work on re-signing for next year. At 31 letting him walk wouldn't really be a back breaker since he doesn't really fit the window of SGA's development. A sign and trade with him, or dumping Chris Paul's contract on somebody for draft picks and/or younger wings could really set them up nicely. They have a couple first round picks this year (if they hold onto their own by sliding into a top 20 pick), which could let them trade up to get a real early impact player.
  6. self checkout is 100% more efficient and faster than standing in a line of people writing checks, using coupons, arguing prices, or just talking about their lives with the cashier.
  7. 15/42 from three is fine, still >1 pt per shot attempt. Do you complain if the team is < 100% on FTs? The individual 2/13 is unacceptable, especially for a guy who can get to the rim AND who constantly gets the benefit of the doubt on foul calls.
  8. Does anybody take a flier on IT if they can get him for the vet minimum? Spurs or Blazers might make a little sense as both are desperate to get into that 8th seed. Not sure who he's an upgrade over for either team though. Miami?
  9. I just fundamentally disagree. If play continues without stoppage there is no way that a review can be equitable and fair. How many possessions might pass without a stoppage before you say a play is no longer reviewable? Why stop at goal tending. Have every play reviewed after the final buzzer and tally up the corrections to determine the actual winner. It's absurd. Refs are going to fuck up. They should be instructed to blow the whistle for anything close and allow for review to happen. But you can't just have a review at an arbitrary later point in the game.
  10. Imagine there's goal tending but offense recovers the rebound. No call for goaltending so they swing it around and hit a 3. On replay do they get the original 2 for the goaltending and wipe away the 3?
  11. The issues are not analogous. Difference between 2 and 3 points does not change the flow of the game. Difference between made basket or not is the difference between live ball and dead ball out of bounds.
  12. Needed an excuse for that makeup sex.
  13. It's sort of dumb, but it's also just practical. If there is no call then there is no stoppage of play. If there is no stoppage of play there is no potential for review. The alternative is to give coaches the chance to stop time even without possession to challenge or to have refs call everything and then review it to see if they got it right. Refs are going to fuck up. Welcome to life.
  14. This team would have been dramatically better with Morris, no doubt.
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