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  1. 💯☝️ They could have held onto a core of Tatum, Brown, Smart, Rozier, Hayward and turned that pick into SGA, Bridges, MPJ, Sexton. Ainge went all in that Hayward and Horford could balance Kyrie's mental instability, providing punch while letting the young guys grow into their roles. Hayward's injury really was a kick in the nuts for that plan. Who knows if it could have worked without that injury. But it didn't and the move set them back considerably. I still like the combination of Tatum, Brown, and Smart a lot though. It sucks they basically dumped Theis for Wagner and then gave up on W
  2. Right but my point is that it's not totally unrealistic to think Boston could have come up with a package to have ended up with CP3 this year. They didn't b/c Ainge sucks.
  3. True or false: Swap Kemba and CP3 this year and Boston is the far better squad.
  4. You think Tatum is what's holding them back? They fucked up their chemistry with the Kyrie deal. Then did it again (to a much lesser extent) this year ditching glue guy Theis for T. Thompson. And they got fucked not recognizing that Kemba was past his "Best if used by" date. Tatum's a real one, Ainge is a fraud.
  5. Me: the Mavs are not a great organization and are potentially squandering a transformative generational superstar. You guys: name one player that won a championship early in their career. Me: here's several You guys: lol those teams were already stacked Me: exactly, their organizations were poised to take advantage of individual greatness You guys: get him!
  6. I mean, that's the point though isn't it? We aren't debating whether Luka's a stud that can carry a team to a title. We're debating whether the organization is run at a championship level to construct the necessary team around him.
  7. I never said it was complicated. If it seemed complicated to you that's telling, isn't it. Tell you what, write a computer program that takes the text "47 + 28" and returns the integer sum 75. You cannot use any built-in string parsing functions that do the work for you. It's a really good way to figure out what your mind is actually doing even if you don't recognize it.
  8. Proving again that you're one of the stupider people on this board. You don't even realize the steps you took to get those 3 lines. Just because they happen quickly doesn't mean they don't happen.
  9. What did I say that was either predicting doom and gloom or really predicting anything? I'm saying that when you have a player like Luka the clock starts ticking immediately. That doesn't mean every non-championship season is a disaster, but it means the window is open and every year it doesn't happen is a year of opportunity you don't get back. Luka is a championship level player. The team around him is not even at supporting level on a consistent basis. If they haven't won a title in the next 2-3 years but then win one with Luka after that, how many of the current players do you think will s
  10. Are you asking me to prove that it is quicker to do the explicit distributive property method over the carrying method? I mean, that's not something that there's going to have been a randomized controlled trial for but 1) it's quicker "for me", and 2) it is fewer logical steps when presented visually. Reading left to right the carry method requires these steps: read and ignore the tens place read the ones place and store it read and ignore the next tens place read and store the next ones place add the stored ones determine if the sum is greater than 10, if s
  11. I've thought too much about this. There are really only two approaches. Those that internalize the distributive property of addition: (x + y) + (a + b) === (x + a) + (y + b). In this case, (40 + 7) + (20 + 8)===(40 + 20) + (7 + 8). This is recursive because the next step is 60 + 15 === (60 + 10) + (0 + 5) === 70 + 5 === 75. Carrying the one is just a different formatting of the same principle with the application of an unnecessary sequence rule that state you must do the y+b portion first to get c and if c > 10 convert c === (10 + d). You then have to do x + a + 10 + d. Carr
  12. They're fine but I wouldn't say they are ahead of schedule. They have a generational transcendent player and have maybe 4 other guys on the roster that could be meaningful contributors to a championship squad and zero reliable second options. THJ is painfully inconsistent. KP is perpetually pained. Powell is a one-trick pony. They have probably two years before the window starts to close.
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