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  1. Llogg

    Gym Pet Peeves

    All school facilities are locked down. I do work the stairs at home though.
  2. Llogg

    Gym Pet Peeves

    Yeah I know there are things I can do. The max load I can get for squats and lunges is around 100# (weighted best plus dumbbells). But it's just not the same. I'm also still affected by my spinal cord injury so balance is an issue as is impact level. So jumps are out.
  3. Llogg

    Shit My Kid Says

    when's the funeral?
  4. Llogg

    Gym Pet Peeves

    I have a shitty garage gym that I'm back to using. Rings and suspension trainer, some resistance bands and smallish dumbbells are okay for upper body stuff, but legs are just hopeless.
  5. Counterpoints: Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, Urban Meyer (dickhead but not the same kind of dickhead as Saban), Switzer. The hardass coach is one way to develop championship culture, but history suggests it is hardly the only path. †† Not suggesting that Shaka is a guy that will suddenly develop championship culture. I just don't think the reincarnation of Bobby Knight is necessarily the ideal replacement.
  6. I don't know that I disagree necessarily, but that rant sounds like every old person bemoaning "kids these days".
  7. my face hurt from laughing while reading that. AngryGorilla, you are a gentleman and a scholar.
  8. Did you miss the humble brag part about whole foods?
  9. I feel so much better about my shit after seeing angry gorilla's post.
  10. Seriously that cover is too good for a writer.
  11. You're just showing off now. Great story
  12. This is bullshit Derka baiting. Derka's basketball posts are generally pretty good, including in this thread.
  13. Pointless speculation: league delays season and playoffs long enough for KD to come back. Nets upset errbody.
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