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  1. Dumb fucks in private vessels circling around the capsule.
  2. Also, it ain't gay if there's a center console in the background.
  3. You are always a step behind. Just getting started on moms when I just got finished with yours.
  4. Is that what she told you? Wasn't her first trip across the border to visit the farmacia, my friend.
  5. That's funny. I met your wife first at Phaces. She was rolling pretty good and down for anything.
  6. NASA was a civilian front for ICBM demonstration and its chief engineering innovations came from Nazis. The US government doesn't give a fuck about any of this shit if it can't be used for war making or population control purposes. Enter law enforcement.
  7. Wouldn't the usual access sites be more towards the ring finger rather than between the thumb and index finger?
  8. Everything about this is right.
  9. Did some of their tomahawks for Father’s Day. His shit is next level.
  10. https://www.hudspethriverranch.com/ They don't appear to currently have any in stock, but they do have lamb shoulder which would smoke up quite nice. They have a place to pick up in San Antonio, but they also ship. Had to do a big order to make the shipping work out. Those were the last 3 ribs out of the case.
  11. Nope. I’m in the dog house at the moment. Apparently I don’t listen to anything anybody says unless it involves cars or food.
  12. ...by Easter? No wonder @triplehorn has a hard on for the guy. They share the same spirit animals.
  13. Update on monkey challenge trials of vaccines. Word on the street is that for ethical reasons moving forward they are going to replace monkeys with Yale School of Medicine affiliates. https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2020/07/30/coronavirus-challenges-in-primates-compared
  14. Lamb ribs for lunch. Overnight sous vide @ 160, couple hours on the smoker to finish, basted with some drippings, ACV, lemon juice, and onions. Finished with a fresh squeeze of lemon. Served with a tomato cucumber basil and feta salad, and some greek yogurt.
  15. Why is red, brown or blonde hair or height any different than white, black or brown skin? Seems to perpetuate racism to think that identifying somebody by their skin color is somehow racist by default. There is an implicit judgement there, that the value of an individual is determined by the shade of their skin color baked into that position. It's the thing that cannot be mentioned, because the implicit judgement exists.
  16. Its just a spicy italian sausage from HEB. The cauliflower crust is honestly not totally terrible. Trying to save my carb blast for the week of pizza I am planning when my oven gets here. My wife made it using some recipe on the internet. I tried to order some from HEB but they were out, so she just made it. I'll ask her for the link.
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