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  1. I have the Hilton Amex and like it. It comes with Diamond status, lyft credits, one free weekend night per year and lots of other little perks. I also got a 150K point bonus when I signed up.
  2. Headed to Telluride tomorrow. Apparently they have been dumped on the last couple of weeks so looking forward to great conditions. I've had my own boots for the last couple of years and can say that if you guys ski with any frequency at all, they are absolutely worth buying. I only ski 8-10 days a year and it was quite easy to justify the expense for me. This year though I've upped my game and just purchased skis for the first time at the conclusion of my Crested Butte trip over new years. It was the first time that I rented skis and thought "I'd really like to own these." Then after putting 5 days of turns on them, I had to have them and bought some on my way out. These are them and they are awesome: Also, whoever was talking about lessons for the kids, here's what we did. We started taking them when they were 3&4 years old. At that point, "ski lessons" are basically glorified babysitting and it would be very, very difficult to justify private lessons at those ages. They did get a lot of fundamentals down though that process and I recommend it when they are young. We switched them to private lessons when they were 6&7 and they have progressed very rapidly. At this point they can basically ski the whole mountain. Bump runs, steep groomers and tree runs are all favorites of theirs.
  3. BTW


    When I was there we did 2x tours/tastings per day and driving was dicey. If you can get a driver, I'd do it. Otherwise I'd pass on tasting the white lightening and vodkas they will offer you. Also, bring snacks. You'll usually get a chocolate or something to eat with your bourbon, but that's about it.
  4. BTW


    Very much this right here. Was in Crested Butte for New Years and got a bottle of BIB Henry McKenna 10yr (not available for me locally) Also, they had Weller Antique 107 and 12, but they were gouging on prices ($150 & $250 respectively)
  5. BTW


    If you are staying in Louisville for this whole trip I hope you have a driver. Some of those distilleries are quite a hike from there. Also, second the recommendation for Woodford if you can squeeze it in. Also, Castle & Key is a very cool new distillery (located in the old EH Taylor Castle, you could swing through there on your way to Buffalo Trace ... its worth seeing)
  6. Thanks all for the recommendations. I'm a red wine drinker and can't pass up the opportunity to be in Bordeaux. The most recent iteration of the itinerary looks like: Arrive 8am @CDG then train straight to Bordeaux for 3x nights Direct flight from Bordeaux to Nice for 4x nights in south eastern region with planned day trips to Provence and Monte Carlo Either nonstop train or direct flight from Nice to Paris for 4x nights in the city before departing for AUS We are trying to minimize the number of hotel changes while getting to experience different parts of the county. That being said, I'll gladly accept any dining/activity recommendations in any of those three locations. I have already taken note of "Frenchie" in Paris from back in this thread, but def don't want to end up eating in a bunch of places that are loaded with tourists. I'm also learning French in preparation of the trip (apparently unnecessary as many there speak English, but I thought I'd challenge myself)
  7. Bump. Booked the Norwegian direct flights to/from AUS/CDG for this coming June. I figure even if its no frills, can't be the <10 total travel time vs connecting once or twice. Never been and the tentative plan is to do 3 days in Paris, then either Avignon for a couple of nights then three nights in Nice before a final night in Pairs before we head home. Alternatively, we would go straight to Bordeaux for 3 nights, then 3 nights in Biarritz followed by three nights in Paris. Does anyone have an opinion on one itinerary over the other or maybe just some pro/con thoughts. It's the first trip for us both and we are just wanting a fairly rounded French experience.
  8. The 20 year olds are literally half my age as well and I have no issue at all with them. Honestly, the 20-25 age window has been my wheelhouse for over 25 years now.
  9. BTW

    Bob Menery

    He does those buffalo wild wings commercials now. Impressive that he has turned VO social media posts into a paying gig.
  10. Monday through Friday I eat only dinner and have zero calories in between. Then I eat lunch/dinner on weekends but I never eat breakfast. I lift weights at lunch time two days a week and do an hour of cardio two days as well. I’m fasted when I do those workouts and I typically feel great during and after. I don’t have any post workout either, I just chug some water and wait till dinner to break my fast. I’ve been doing this since May or so and I have been really happy on it. Back in September I started doing a 48 to 60 hour water only fast once a month. This is when the Autophagy really kicks in. Full disclosure, I’m not fat and have never been fat, but I was able to shed 15 excess lbs with this program. But this program works for me, YMMV. I’ll paraphrase what Dr. Peter Attia says about eating. All dietary restriction programs can be broken down 3 ways: 1) limit what you eat 2) limit how much you eat 3) limit when you eat He says to do one of these all the time, do two of these most of the time and do all three of them some of the time.
  11. Heard this at a Christmas party last night. At this point they can have Oxy+Anadarko for what the offered for Anadarko alone.
  12. If it’s anything like your SS, I can’t wait to read it. Congrats
  13. It took me a while to track down the video so let's see if this works It's a .mov file so it won't let me post it directly. Here is the dropbox link
  14. Sorry for the FB video link, but this is worth clicking and watching to the end (all 45 seconds of it). https://www.facebook.com/jefbwerner/videos/10219351653969669/ It’s a friend of a friend here in Midland and was taken during this past weekend’s airshow out here.
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