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  1. I can. Who wants to place bets that the last Robert E. Lee HS in Texas is the one in Midland (pretty good odds, I guess, since the only other one remaining is in Baytown). Midland's Lee High Rebels (Who's fight song was 'dixie' until a scant 2 years ago) opened it's doors in 1961. You read that right. At a time when the rest of the country was desegregating, Midland chose to name a new high school that way. Not terribly surprising, I suppose, since Midland vehemently refused to desegregate it's schools until US Federal Court Forced Them To in 1971. (17 years after Brown V. Board of Education) I'm not nearly as eloquent about it as Eric Winston, Midland Lee graduate and former president of the NFL Player's union: When the current school board president was recently asked about re-naming the school, he simply said (emphasis added)
  2. I live in Midland so this hits, literally, close to home. I don’t know this guy, but he’s definitely been making the rounds talking about ‘his’ treatment. In other interviews he’s given, (As you can imagine there’s a lot of buzz about him in these parts) he mentioned treating dozens of patients with the nebulizer and steroid cocktail. If I understand correctly, his claim is none of his patients have died or gone on a ventilator.
  3. Yeah, I guess it didn't paste correctly:
  4. I'll try to spoiler this so I don't longcat the thread, but I made a spreadsheet showing infections and infection rates by county through this morning. It was not a comparison I had seen done on this thread so far:
  5. This is Penny. We found her at a neighborhood park a couple of years ago. She was ~14 weeks old. Matted fur, fleas, ticks and starving. She is one of the best dogs I’ve ever been around.
  6. 700K, so probably part of that 1.7M?
  7. I wondered what was moving FRSX it this morning. Also, I just now had a large buy order of SNVP execute at $.0003
  8. Mask participation here in Midland has been quite low. Many times, I'm the only non-employee in an establishment (store, gas station, restaurant, etc) wearing one. However, when I went to the post office this morning I was shocked that every single person had one on. Then on my way out, I saw the sign on the door that masks are required in order to enter. I guess this is something the local branch decided?
  9. Gov Abbot just announced all Bars to close and restaurants to go back to 50% capacity https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-takes-executive-action-to-contain-spread-of-covid-19
  10. Do you have different data than I do?
  11. 95 new cases in Midland County yesterday up from a previous high of 35 new cases. The graph looks similar to the Aggy football enthusiasm meter as they run through their non conference schedule each year: Fortunately, it looks like most of the current cases are the relatively lower risk 'under 40' crowd: What is the general consensus here regarding the idea that these younger (and in theory) healthier folks getting it is a good thing to start building the herd immunity? The presupposition being that like the flu, most of us will get it eventually.
  12. Farm thread is that way ----->> Good story tho
  13. Total shot in the dark, but I'm looking for dry gas wells if anyone knows of anything. Preferably Midland Basin, but Eastern Shelf and Central Basin Platform work too. Trying to stay away from the Delaware for now and New Mexico can go fuck itself. Thanks in advance.
  14. Just grabbed some more ALPP at $.066 My ALPN has made me quite happy the last couple of days
  15. This thread hits close to home as I'm currently at the ranch while reading it. I live in west Texas, but our ranch is in Llano county. I think a ranch is defined by where it is. In west Texas, a section is a small ranch. But in central Texas, it seems like something as small as a quarter section would be considered a ranch.
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