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  1. I wish we had a true road test before we start conference play, I guess this neutral site will be as close as we get to one.
  2. Man, Greg Bear was my introduction to "Hard SciFi" I've read hundreds of books in that genre since, but Eon was my first RIP
  3. Yep, I was driving so I didn't feel anything. But several group text messages I'm on suddenly lit up with "holy shit did you guys feel that?" and the like. It was described by a few as if a car had crashed into their office building. Man, I'm glad I sold out of most of my commercial SWDs ... I'm sure there will be another (or expanded) Seismic Response Area in reaction to this one.
  4. Is that what's going on here in Midland today? Bunch of suits with badges walking all over downtown.
  5. BTW

    Game Week- TCU

    TCU ranks #73 in scoring defense, allowing ~26.9 PPG That is including against OOC teams with overall records of (1-8) (5-4) (5-4). Texas ranks #38 in scoring defense, allowing ~21.8 PPG Despite our issues in the secondary. (FWIW, our OOC opponents have overall records of (3-6) (7-2) (7-2))
  6. I believe the number is 3 Correct. (on the multiple residences, not cult/mormon)
  7. I realized this morning that I own 13 beds. On one hand that seems like overkill, on the other hand, it might be nice to have some more.
  8. Happy for these guys, I really like DB as a company. Which is funny because Travis is an Aggy and Kaes is a torjan, so I shouldn't like them at all.
  9. This is unfortunate news. The same thing happened to me when I was with Western National Bank and they got bought by Frost. Turns out Frost isn't much of an energy lender either and they were total nazis on terms relative to WNB (which is why I left). I found this bank with reasonable terms headed by a guy I've known and seen weekly for over a decade, and now they're selling too, smh. Personal guarantees give me heartburn, with our relatively low LTV, I'd say we have a case to not have to do one, but if it's a blanket policy I might have to go bank shopping. Thanks for the info
  10. I guess I'll carry the torch for VolenteHawk for a bit ... Ended up doing a parlay on Dodgers to win & the over on 7.5 runs. Dodgers won 5-3 (if I'm not careful I'll convince myself that I'm good at this).
  11. Thoughts on tonight's games, and early playoff bets? I admittedly don't bet much baseball, but it would be fun to have some small action going for the games tonight, I just have no idea where to start.
  12. Does anyone have any experience with Prosperity Bank out of Houston as an energy lender? We are a small E&P, operating a handful of Midland Basin assets and our senior debt is with a bank that was just acquired by those guys. Any info or experiences you guys can share is much appreciated.
  13. betonline.ag still takes credit card and direct bank drafts. CC fees are high( ~10%), but they offer a "sign on bonus" of 50% that makes up for it. Example: deposit $100, get hit with $10 in credit card fees, but they credit you with $50 in "free play" money that has to be gambled a few times before you can withdraw it.
  14. Over the summer I enjoyed the "Cradle" series by Will Wight. It's apparently known as "progression fantasy" a genre that I was unfamiliar with until this series. There is a 12th and final book due out early next year.
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