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  1. Worst ending is Euron on the throne and everyone else dead. Well, the Mountain lives too.
  2. I loved watching the "sounds of the game" broadcast for the championship game last night. Made it so much more enjoyable to not have to listen to Herbie and Fowler drone on and on. Also, no commercials! I noticed that the game felt less hyped than a standard TV broadcast and I really liked it. The play on the field is enough excitement and you don't need anyone else telling you how great the game is. I was sad that there were no replays at first, but I appreciated that it made me pay more attention. There was this calm for the whole broadcast that you just don't get from TV announcers an
  3. Alabama and Georgia will get in the playoff if they have 1 loss. Ohio State also gets one freebie loss and Clemson probably does too. Every other team, including ND, has to be perfect or they won't get in...unless one of the other four has 2 losses. The CFP committee will bend over backwards to make sure a 1-loss Bama, OSU or Georgia get in without question. Teams like ND, WV, Washington, Colorado don't get the same benefit of the doubt. You either have to be perfect or hope someone else loses 2 games.
  4. I saw it in Dobie when they ran it every day for what seemed like a year. I had seen it before, around when it came out, but it was extra cool to see it in the little Dobie theater. Great movie, still one of my favorites. Party at the Moontower.
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