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  1. Screw you. One is a CPA, the other is a successful typeface designer in Brooklyn. I’m not sorry shaka lost to a team in only their 3rd year in Div. 1. Why are we destroyed that ACU was able to beat Texas? It’s been coming under Shaka. If anything, we owe Golding our thanks. It should get shaka shoved out the door.
  2. Is shaka still coach today?
  3. As a Texas fan, I will recover... more likely than not when Shaka is canned. But as the father of two ACU grads... I’m thrilled.
  4. Unless you live here in Waco, you can’t know how good it feels to beat these twerps. It doesn’t shut ‘em up, but they aren’t as mouthy as usual.
  5. Yep. It’s gonna be a long 7’
  6. We need to get all 3 pts today. Wolves are in worse disarray than we are.
  7. That’s what I thought at first, too
  8. Without Henderson, the passing is not near as good. Aimless and desultory.
  9. Alisson’s save, or it’s 1-0
  10. That was my last big day out before covid... ate at Matt’s, went to the bicycle store on Congress, then the game. Hopefully, we can get out and go to events without worrying again soon.
  11. I was an advocate early on for Texas hiring Brad Underwood... I still am. As an SFA grad, I hated to lose him, but I knew we would eventually. Might as well lose him to my *heart* team, Texas. Now, we see Underwood’s coaching genius emerge, at a Big-10 program. I hope the Illini win it all (assuming Texas doesn’t). Our two oldest children are ACU grads. We are proud ACU made the tourney, but we’re doubtful they play spoiler. Just hope it’s not a 100-50 type of result.
  12. We can’t beat Tech, especially, with worst officiating ever.
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