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  1. Perhaps the most damning point to be made against Shaka is this thread is only 4 pages long. Even the surliest here have abandoned ship on Shaka Con.
  2. Last night was absolute garbage. When you can’t hit outside shots, most coaches would run a play designed to get a shot in the paint, get fouled, etc. not Shaka... just keep banging away, and hope something falls in. Maybe the players aren’t the best, but they’re good enough... IF they get some coaching. If they’re not good enough, that’s his fault, too. They’re all his players. We might win 3-4 Big 12 games. I used to make the 100-mile trip for the big games, but I won’t support this rubbish. 8,800 to see a huge game, a rivalry game, the biggest game on the calendar. We used to draw 15,000 for these. The season can’t end quick enough for me. Goodbye, Shaka.
  3. Another big sooner bowl game, another big loss. Big game Bob, meet Landslide Lincoln. This is the kind of game that a cheap, drunken OU female fan gets into a fight in the stands. let’s hope so
  4. Puke on all of ‘em, glad they left. Especially anm.
  5. We will miss Orlando in the bowl, those were our two best defensive performances the last two years.
  6. Cowboys are 6-7, yet +63 in points. Only one other team has done this, ‘63 Lions. Yes, Fire ‘em all, Marinelli first
  7. This defense is horrible. Sack the whole staff, Orlando needs a job.
  8. No new Bowl forecasts today. When the dust clears, I won’t be surprised to see us vs ag’s in Texas Bowl.
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