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  1. I feared Hart in his prime, moreso than Ederson. ManC D is not that great overall
  2. A really flat & atypical display, that half. bring on Firmino & Henderson!
  3. Unbeaten in 56 at Anfield... Fortress isn’t a descriptive enough term for this kind of domination.
  4. I’m loving this! Emptyhad, get ready for Jurgen’s mighty Reds!
  5. The win/loss record isn’t exciting. There’s very little exciting about the program. We were led to believe shaka appeals to students, there’s scant evidence of it the past 5 years, judging by our “crowds”, or lack thereof. I have no desire to attend games, pay outlandish ticket prices and park a long way off to watch mediocre basketball, then drive 100 mi back to Waco afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised during the 5 game win streak. I think players pride runs deep. Shaka has pride. Even when talent wasn’t on our side, we managed to win some highly unwinnable games. But we can’t evaluate Shaka’s 5 years on a single 5 game streak. It must be judged on the whole 5 years.
  6. The game that never was, that saved Shaka’s job. Tceh would’ve buried us. Amazing
  7. Just back home after the game. I love the infield (Williams’ bat is missed), outfielders are reliable at the plate. The ACU pitchers really feared Powell (3 walks). I’m also concerned about failure to throw strikes, no excuse vs ACU. This doesn’t bode well vs Big-12 sluggers. what to expect 1st series in Norman, no idea.
  8. I’m in Austin for the ACU game tonight, looking forward to seeing my first Texas game of the year. I can help with updates, if needed.
  9. I would like to believe this, but Texas’ great defense was present all night, and held the goons in the low 50’s. We knew when shaka arrived, Defense was his forte. Imo, still not as good as Barnes’ defenses, but not bad, either. What Texas did in lubbutt previous was also partly coaching, partly players execution of same... in-your-face, mind-numbing, talk-to-yourself inducing, defense. I will give shaka credit for that much.
  10. Pierce has used 18 pitchers this year. Elder, Madden & Cobb are our weekend starters. Pete Hansen has shown his quality. Kubichek will get innings in midweek games. Stevens, Duplantier, Diaz, & Merryman will get regular work in the ‘pen. Quintanilla & Fields are enigmas. Who knows with the other 7. That’s what these games are for. But if a guy can’t throw strikes, he ought to have eliminated himself from consideration by the time we get to Big 12 schedule.
  11. To win a Big 12 road game, with 7 scholarship players for half the game, is simply amazing. Credit to shaka and the players. Cunningham must be covered in bruises today. What a great game he had, every loose ball & rebound, he was there. Yes, I know we will bomb from here on, hopefully we can beat Okie State. I will let others worry about Shaka’s future. I will take the 5-game winning streak.
  12. This is the kind of weekend Pierce sorts out all those pitchers he has on the roster. By my count, he’s used 17 so far. By the time we get to Big-12 play, barring injury, he probably has 9 or 10 he uses on weekends. It’s about what we should have expected.
  13. I didn’t want that inning to ever end.
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