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  1. Welcome to the 40 Acres! Hook'em. [emoji869]
  2. Data point. Sark at least was smart enough not to pull a Horney and subject us to a PC talking about Mike fn Stoops.
  3. No need to apologize bringing that classic movie to top of mind.
  4. Welcome to the 40 Acres Armani! This is fantastic news. Now bring.your boy QE back home. [emoji869]
  5. This is no routine expedition. This is a Grand Adventure! [emoji869]
  6. Is that jizz jar chicken? I did not know such a thing existed. And they call it Alabama BBQ you say? [emoji23]
  7. That was where we went in between two-a-days in the summer. We'd go back to the field house and do a hard crash before puking it up in the humidity in practice 2. But God that was a glorious 30 to 40 min of scarfing to finish with the flag of heaven.
  8. Quinn would be a plus to the loss of Hutzler. Juwan would be stupid to move anywhere. I would be ok with this.
  9. From Cal on Becton https://writeforcalifornia.com/p/cal-strength-coach-torre-becton-expected?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy
  10. Him rapping to Eric B. and Rakim put it over the top for me, but you still gotta do your job, and he didn't cut it.
  11. From one lifetime Longhorn to another... Hook'em Sam![emoji869]
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