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  1. Hell yes! Welcome to the 40 Acres Phaizon. Hook'em [emoji869][emoji243]
  2. Just don't take the NovaVax vaccine and you'll be good.
  3. Hook'em and welcome to the 40 Acres. Excited we keep working for versatile tight ends. [emoji869][emoji243]
  4. The Whittaker statue was commissioned awhile ago. http://store.oyosports.com/nfl/Carolina-Panthers/Fozzy-Whittaker-Texas-Longhorns_2#.XxoJb2lOl-E
  5. Yeah...they're gonna have to rename that school soon.
  6. I remember Brock's playing days. Fuck that and fuck them. There should be no question. Hook'em [emoji869]
  7. Oh shit yes! I. Welcome Jamier. Hook'em Horns! [emoji869][emoji243]
  8. Wow. Pleasant news. Welcome Keeyan! Hook'em [emoji869][emoji243]
  9. Very nice get. Welcome to the 40 Acres J.D.! Hook'em!
  10. Hell yes! Welcome to the 40 Acres Ish! Hook'em!
  11. Boo! WTH?!! Futureman assures us he is a Longhorn.
  12. Hook'em Issac! Welcome to Austin and the 40 Acres![emoji869]
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