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  1. Claire Adams is an outstanding young lady and deserves as many votes as you can give her. I don't know Jordan Windle but he probably deserves your votes as well. https://admin.big12sports.com/sb_output.aspx?form=10
  2. I can't root for this kid.
  3. Payment received. Just in time to roll this into a March Madness entry.
  4. Why in the hell are people still in the arena? There can't be that many parents there.
  5. We need someone to take up the bot's slack.
  6. Same here. Walk back to my hotel (because good luck getting any kind of transportation) I felt like I was in the movie Escape from NY.
  7. Did he borrow that Texas hat from someone in the audience?
  8. Last update I saw said he would declare well past NSD2. I wouldn't expect anything until at least March.
  9. 3rd! So did win money or nah? I have yet to receive my gift card.
  10. osu hasnt done shit since Gundy didnt go for it on 4th at the end of the half.
  11. Two missed field goals and the funt make this a game. I don't want it to be a game.
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