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  1. UTEX90

    Getting old sucks

    Is this where I post about me losing my keys and not being able to find them for over an hour and a half? I'm in my 50s and my parents are still relying on me to remember their passwords and showing them how to open and print emails. I have to keep my shit together.
  2. What do you want it pinned at the top of each page? But I am for it as reaction. Lord knows their names will be in recruiting threads for years to come.
  3. I don't understand why this year, in particular, the second the Brocks were out we didn't start flirting with more guys on the West Coast. I am not even sure it is too late. It may be for 2021 but not for 2022. They have to be thinking twice about committing to a PAC school.
  4. I still do not understand who/what was actually responsible for the game to be postponed. "Local government officials" would appear to be city or county officials and their contact tracing guidelines. This kind of crap could affect the whole Big XII. It doesn't appear to be a Big XII guideline that cause the postponement. If it is a Waco thing games should not be scheduled to be played there because it seems an impossible hill to climb.
  5. Does "local government guidelines" mean county or city officials in Waco have implemented this plan? If so I guess all of Baylor's games this year will be on the road.
  6. No, but it may prevent some of the best talent in Texas from going to the big. And I have personal reasons for not wanting them to play. Because fuck them that's why.
  7. I finally got in. Alas, my UTEP prediction is not entered.
  8. I wasn't worried about our WR inexperience with Sam getting the new guys the ball. I would be worried about my WR inexperience if I had to rely on Mond getting them the ball. OLine concerns in giving both QBs time is a bigger concern. But I don't think Sam needs as much time as Mond does to process the open receivers.
  9. I thought the same thing. Also thinking, while watching this one, that home field advantage may really be neutralized more than I thought it would.
  10. What you're doing here... I don't see it.
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