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  1. C’mon Jerry this is boring. We know this bullshit retread ain’t gonna work. I mean if in a world where this was even possible if Jerry got Pat and Andy to leave KC and come here next year you just know the week before the Divisional Round Pat’s brother would get like 4 key players caught in some dumbass incident out partying on his brothers name and Andy’s kid would kill some Dallas socialite in a drunk driving accident. The team would be shorthanded/distracted and lose. It would be the same result but at least the journey would be entertaining. If you’re gonna suck at least make it a shitshow trainwreck to watch. Fucking Schottenheimer
  2. What if it's not really a spy balloon at all. What if it is "communicating"? An actual "trial balloon" if you will. Main intent being nothing more than simply to see how we respond to their "letter".
  3. Knew this was a trap match with Everton fighting off relegation and with a new voice at manager.
  4. I'm gonna guess they got satellites that do a better job at spying than hot air balloons....not a ton of incremental value.
  5. Stuff like this is why Chris Beard is no longer employed at Texas. There isn't even as much clear public evidence (at least at this point) of that incident as there was of that horrific shit Mixon pulled in Oklahoma. Now first to say, that at least at the moment this incident doesn't have that much public evidence either, but yea, we all saw that shit the first time so pretty easy to jump the conclusion that fucking lunatic did this. Fair in a court of law? No. But fair as fuck in the court of public opinion given the history.
  6. One of the most frustrating things about what Corby did and other parents who do likewise. Youth/prep sports have a lot of benefits. One of them is how to practice dealing with situations life is going to throw at you with very little or any risk. In this case there are shitty people in the world who will rationalize their shittiness all sorts of ways. But in this instance nobody is losing a job, a home, a spouse, their life etc. You have the kids there with a chance to process how they feel about it, what they think they want to do about it (if anything) how their workgroup (their teammates and coaches) handle it etc, and the worst thing that happened is their basketball team got beat by 47 points. But instead of letting that happen Karen Corby interjects and short circuits that entire chance for them to learn and grow a bit.
  7. That was ultimately my thought. Do I think the opposing coach was shitty? Sure. Do I think as a parent you should interject yourself into that? Absolutely not. Let your kids coaches decide whether to confront it or not. In that regard it is really no different than don't sit there and berate officials for bad calls as a parent, let the coaches handle it. That move by Corby was a bit much. But then taking your grievance to the Hardline, that's a bitch move.
  8. Was it an ass kicking? Yea. But there are a LOT worse ass kickings handed out in basketball. Corby being a bit of a bitch
  9. LH has a pretty good hoops team, no way a Davidson was hooping there (though his wife was a pretty decent athlete)
  10. I look at games being rigged like I look at this. There are human biases and circles of influence (gambling) that will conspire to impact individual games here and there but there is no tops down scripted rigging of it all to get to one or one of a few outcomes at the end of a season, etc.
  11. Losing to Dak will make you reevaluate some shit.
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