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  1. I have seen the pictures you post. Neither were you.
  2. Hospitals like that have VIP floors
  3. Luka can’t pull off the Dirk move. But the turnover gives life.
  4. If they are gonna shoot like that and we are gonna defend like thar just forfeit at halftime.
  5. Sigh. Well it wouldn’t be the 2024 Stars playoffs without a Game 1 loss.
  6. Those guys were actually fun and didn't try to charge McLovin with any bullshit though.
  7. Humid as shit in DFW....not good for the ice. If this game was in Reunion that shit would be slushy
  8. Which two don’t get the love of a man with a so so jump shot?
  9. Pretty sure it is because until practice facility is finished they still use the main field a lot for practice. Grass comes once they only have to play games on it.
  10. You probably also think when guys take 3 or 4 steps on the way to the basket they should be called for traveling....amateur.
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