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  1. What cracks me up is all the "if you don't have pride for the maroon and white" etc we don't need you. None of them get that is secondary. Yes, as fans we all want the players to have respect, loyalty and pride in their school and to feel accountability to the uniform they put on....but as Sark said today on the CFP selection show about the culture he is trying to build you have to have that kind of stuff to your teammates FIRST. Until you got that....you got dick. LOL, like at Travis hand in that first pic...
  2. Think the only way that FSU can maybe get to #1 in the AP is with a smooth buttfucking of Georgia and a Bama CFP win. They were already behind Michigan, Washington and us today.
  3. That question will greatly depend on if Texas is in it. If yes....well prepare your secondary market anus.
  4. God damnit that's right we are gonna have to get Carl Spackler in there to clean and disinfect that place.
  5. Our matchup is very tough, I feel good but we will have to play on all cylinders. I understand that Michigan would have much rather had an easier time with FSU than facing Bama but I don't think them getting beat by Bama is much of a foregone conclusion. They have a defense that should do very well against the Bama run game and while they don't get much practice at it they have shown when they play tOSU the last few years that they can be good enough to very good against a more advanced passing game. Milroe's legs are clearly a factor but I think the biggest question is which JJ McCarthy shows up. The one who has been kind of crap of late or one who has looked pretty damn solid at points over the last two seasons.
  6. Right, the leadership of the alliance conferences let themselves get run by the emotion of being pissed "that we haven't been included in this" instead of once they did find out coming to the rationale conclusion of "oh you mean more teams in, potentially more money faster if we get this going sooner rather than later, that isn't so fucking bad." they let their butthurt run their brains.
  7. Greenspoint gonna cry himself to sleep tonight
  8. Round one I believe it planned to be at the home school of the higher seed....attendance will be fine. It's the sandwich rounds between those and the finals that will be interesting.
  9. I mean I buy tickets, pay tuition for a kid there not to mention various taxes and shit so sure....why not.
  10. Dear Corches and Staffs, Winning isn't hard, strongly suggest next game is win. No National Champeenships without win. Cheers, Surly
  11. The CFP would do a lot better to not have a guy named "Boo" be their figurehead.
  12. The problem for FSU as they talk about the precedents this breaks and the bad precedent it sets is that while they may be right about the first part they are not about the second. This is the last year of a 4 team CFP, next year they would be in under same circumstances. None of this set any precedent and that is why the committee was cool with doing it to them.
  13. They kind of have to if they are really going to keep the final 4 a secret until the reveal. All the other bowls have to get in line behind those choices before they can make theirs (for the most part, of course some real low level bowls can grab participants but the bigger ones have to see who goes CFP and Non-CFP NY6 first)
  14. Easier to deal with one day of questions about it than weeks of questions about it. Pussy move for sure but there you go.
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