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  1. My base airport is the same airport as a prominent sportscaster and US Congressman. I see both of them often enough that we recognize each other and pass casual comments or if we sit next to each other on the flights we converse a bit during the flight. One of them is Tim Brando. I know, I know. He does like Sark and the Horns in general. I guess the effect of his usual OU broadcast partner has some voodoo on him during the games. The other is Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Of course he is not flying commercial anymore I guess since I have not seen him since the week before his appointment.
  2. I don’t think that is a function of this one either. That may be the super deluxe model.
  3. This series reminded me of Christmas growing up; it took forever for Christmas to get here and, once here, it was gone too quickly. You were happy with the toys that Santa brought but were always wanting more. I do hope for more mega projects like this centered around WW2. Loved it.
  4. Yes, I have spreadsheets and “values” of most of my collection. All of my uniforms are well documented with whatever history I could find on the respective soldier through family members, unit histories, Ancestry.com, Fold3, and Newspaper.com. I have heard horror stories about donating to museums. Unless you have Eisenhower’s uniform or something like that it most likely will end up in the basement or some other storage area only to be sold at a later date by the museum. I would prefer my kids and grandkids get the money if they elect not to want it. They can sell it off or I will liquidate it one day. I just want to make sure the groups stay together and that we keep the family stuff.
  5. I have been traveling in India and am now just finishing up the MOTA. If anyone saw a middle-aged man crying like a baby in the Delta Lounge in Concourse D of the ATL airport earlier today that was me watching the last two episodes. No apologies. The below uniform is one of several that I have from the 8th, 9th and 15th USAAF. It belonged to a waist gunner that was WIA during a bombing mission over Karlsruhle, Germany on September 5, 1944. He was originally assigned to the 492nd BG before tranferring to the 466th BG, 785th and 74th Bomb Squadrons, 8th AF. Plus some assorted flight gear:
  6. Not sure about WWIII but if we go to war with India it is probably my fault. I just pissed half the plane off while I was de-boarding in a proper manner from Raipur to Delhi. A casual backpack adjustment sent the multitude shoving me forward into a startled reverse domino effect.
  7. I am currently in India so this hits close to home.
  8. My ex is a type A with big mood swings to begin with. Menopause comes along. The doctor puts her on hormones that were in the form of pellets that she would get inserted in her hip ever so often that seemed to work for the most part. She decided that she did not want to keep getting periodic incisions so the doctor prescribed some different medications which was a trial and error which, IMO, was more error. We got divorced.
  9. Yes, I highly recommend it. You need to put any preconceived ideas or comparisons of BoB, Pacific, SPR, etc. aside and enjoy the emotional ride.
  10. Where the streets have no name.
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