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  1. The other day I was in a meeting at work discussing the action that someone took at a mine and I compared it to Slim Pickens riding the nuclear bomb down out of the plane. A couple of the guys laughed out loud at the reference. Two others asked why the laughter? Me: Have you not seen the movie Dr. Strangelove? Them: Nope. Who is in it? Me: Peter Sellers Them: Who is that? Me: The Pink Panther!!! Them: Never heard of him. When was the movie made? Me: The 60’s. Them: That explains it. Me: You guys ruined an awesome reference. Go watch the movie.
  2. I had a '78 Monte Carlo while I was in college. It loved to eat starters. It got to a point that most of the time I was using a long screwdriver to jump the post to get it started. It once "died" in the Intramural field's parking lot where it sat for a week until I had time to change it out. I got quite proficient in changing that sucker out.
  3. I hope that this is not a qualifier. I love this show.
  4. I believed this up until you said that you do not get sick at sea.
  5. I bet your kids did but perhaps your kids were smart enough that they did not need to consider applying to an aggy school?
  6. Scooby Doo is/was a kid’s cartoon to watch on Saturday mornings. I would think that it was not written or produced to be critiqued by adults, acting and viewing it as adults. When was the last time you got up on a Saturday morning, got a bowl of cereal, and planted yourself in front of a TV to watch cartoons for an hour or so before you went outside to build a fort in the woods, ride your bike, play army or cowboys and Indians with your friends until it was time to come in for the evening? It is/was great viewing for a kid.
  7. Our (NE Texas) fight song was the tune of Dixie played super fast. Had been the fight song forever. Two, three years or so ago it was changed. Some alumni that was the former drum major at Alabama wrote a new tune. The school song remains the same.
  8. Do I need to lend my expertise to this project to move it along? I have access to equipment and explosives.
  9. How can something like that happen to your head and you lived?
  10. Same place of business as the image I posted yesterday. Left another note for what it is worth. As mentioned before this happens all of the time. Spoke to the store manager about it. He is hoping to have that area painted red for a fire lane or something like that.
  11. Of course you do things logically...you are not a wife.
  12. Another lazy mofo that is too privileged to park in a proper space. This happens all of the time at this supermarket. Not that it will do any good but I have begun to leave nice little notes on the windows.
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