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  1. I came across two this weekend. The first one. My truck is to the left so I know that there was no need for her to park like that. The second pic...the license plate says it all.
  2. I briefly caught some of the HOF ceremonies today. It looked like Berman was doing all of the intros. I thought in years past that the players had someone special to them introduce them? Or did I miss something?
  3. I have a lot of "older" recipes that, when they were written, you could get the ingredients in the amounts noted. However, over time the packaging sizing has changed thus creating an issue.
  4. The first shingles shot kicked my butt. The follow-up shot...no big deal.
  5. Vengeance starring BJ Novak with Ashton Kutcher. It is a dark comedy with a state of the current time message. It has several laugh out loud moments. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  6. The BMW did a pull through park. Could have easliy parked again the curb on the LH side providing plenty of space on the RH side to guard against door dings. But opted to take up 2 spaces instead.
  7. This right here. I find myself doing a lot more FLRA's (Field Level Risk Assessments) now before I start to do even the most basic of things.
  8. Just another reason to only drive a truck.
  9. The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men...
  10. Sounds like you have a real dog. I would take it over any specialty breed any day of the week.
  11. I finally cracked today regarding this. As usual, the hostess announced that she was going to wait a couple of more minutes before starting the meeting to allow everyone to log on. I told her that she should just set the meeting time to 9:02am so that everyone will be on time. She awkwardly stated that people get busy and they need the time. I then asked her if their time was more valuable than the time of the people that logged in on time. I just got a nervous laugh in response along with a couple of stammering incomplete sentences.
  12. Just how much poor health are you in to have to get needed surgery out of the way quickly? Sounds like this is a frequent thing for you.
  13. Restuarants that stack all of the food in the middle of the plate. A month or so ago I went to a nicer restuarant that I was told did a top notch chicken fried steak. The chicken fried steak was served on a bed of mashed potatoes and was covered in white gravy and was topped off with grilled asparagus. The problem with this was that the crunchy batter around the steak was all soggy so I could not enjoy the crunchiness of biting into a chicken fried steak. The next time I went I ordered the chicken fried steak but instructed them that I wanted the steak and the potatoes to NOT be stacked and that I wanted the gravy in a bowl. They told me that the kitchen was working on their "presentation" and that others had mentioned not stacking everything too.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me that there are such dumbasses and assholes in the world like your SIL. My thought process is so foreign to these types that I actually enjoy listening (or reading) about the absurdity of it all.
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