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  1. Yeah, that amount of snow this time of year is significant when it comes to available open terrain. The future looks bleak regarding appreciable snow.
  2. Taos got 11", and just 30 miles north Red River got 0". I know there's a pretty big elevation difference, and 30 miles isn't super close. At least some places are getting something.
  3. "I AM a professional bodyguard, an international counter-terrorism expert. I work around the world for espionage agencies. " "I have been quoted as an expert in terrorism trends and profiles"
  4. This helps a TON. And with a few days of good snowmaking conditions in the future, things are looking up. High pressure builds in over the next several days with warmer temps, and then hopefully back to a stormier pattern. Fangerz crossed.
  5. Also, there's a thread on this in Hobbies. FYI
  6. I could not agree more. He is such an asswhip.
  7. Flights booked for Bozeman to get to Big Sky, MT. Getting pumped.
  8. Agreed. Wife and I loved it. Not soccer fans whatsoever.
  9. D's out for Bing Bong. #NeverForget
  10. There is some hope for the end of November. This is written for Colorado.
  11. I should have held off on buying lessons for the kids until closer to the week of, but I was worried about the availability due to the crowds. I never thought abt snowpack.
  12. I'm going to need this pattern to change in order for New Mexico to even be skiable Christmas week. I know it's early, but I am getting nervous.
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