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  1. For street food, we had good luck going to places with a crowd. Recommending seafood is tough because there are a million options. I'd recommend looking for places close to where you will be, instead of traveling long distances to the restaurant. Tokyo to Mt Fuji and back to Tokyo, assuming you are not climbing, is doable in one day. It'll be a long day but it's possible. You can also stop at Mt Fuji on the way to Kyoto/Osaka and then continue to Kyoto/Osaka. You won't have to backtrack with that plan. If you want to spend the night in the Mt Fuji area, I highly recommend staying at a hot springs inn (onsen) in the Hakone area. The area is beautiful (as you were told), the hot springs and inns are cool and it's a great detour. Seeing Mt Fuji is nice but the Hakone area was much more fun and enjoyable for us.
  2. Stopped at Xpress Burger by Annaville on the way into town and it's great. Bun was great, meat was great and overall flavor was excellent. It's inside a gas station with a few tables.
  3. Not too much time in Tokyo. Figure out what kind of experience you want in Tokyo. It's such as huge city with so much to see, you can do almost anything. Do you want museums and temples? Alley bars and street food? Catch your fish restaurants and parasite museum?
  4. Definitely a movie to see in the theater. The sound is important and the war scenes benefit from the theater experience.
  5. Very much enjoyed the first episode. I'm in.
  6. Fool Me Once is beyond terrible. It's the kind of show where every character has to make bone headed decisions every 5 mins. The show relies on everyone keeps secrets from each other. And all of twists are easy to figure out. Show would have been much better if it was just the grumpy detective and his gay sidekick solving crimes. An example of the stupidity:
  7. Hopefully no one on this board bought the Ocean or any other Fisker
  8. About time we had a cult leader who manipulates cult members into sex (where the cult leader is female and the members are male). Finally some cult abuse equality!
  9. That's on purpose. The govt conspiracy is working effectively.
  10. When the alien tripod rises up from underground. Still tense for me:
  11. This film may have had the most sex and nudity in a film that was so boring. A rare combination. During the non-naked parts, I started day dreaming about organizing the garage.
  12. 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Anyone brave enough to see it?
  13. zman13


    Went back to Artipasta restaurant location and had another great meal. One of the specials was a gnooci with a spicy njuda sauce.
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