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  1. I'm a member of an expat group for Playa Del Carmen and they have been so excited that Uber is now available. Lotta foreign residents in PDC are tired of taxis.
  2. Do you want to be an awesome parent? MOTOCROSS CAMP https://ironhorsecountry.com/
  3. It's a thread about movies where the second half is a lot different than the first half.
  4. HVAC person: Make sure you run your AC in the winter to keep it from seizing up from non-use Me: Can do
  5. Movies that switch genres midway through the movie. The tone changes, the atmosphere changes. The second half of the movie is very different from the first half. First up...From Dusk Til Dawn. First half of the movie is a roadtrip with a kidnapping. Tense and creepy. Second half is balls out vampires and gore and killings.
  6. Do you know which type it might be? This instructional video can help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8Ow1nlafOg
  7. Bag chairs have the diagonal supports that cut into your leg. These don't.
  8. You're Next The trailer makes it looks like a "dumb family gets slaughtered by killers" but it's much more fun than that.
  9. Hoping for a Japan trip in early 2023. May want a side trip to go snowboarding. The trip isn't just for snowboarding, but if the snowboarding is good enough, why not go try it out?
  10. The Watcher is a magazine article stretched out into a mini-series. It's the classic "we don't have enough material but let's make it a Netflix series anyway" show on Netflix. I've become suspicious of any true crime/thriller series on Netflix. Watching them on Netflix is like answering an unknown number that called your cell.
  11. I'm thinking greater Nagano area. I've done some research and it seems doable. I'm hoping for some personal experiences, tips, general ideas.
  12. Anyone ever snowboarded in Japan? Looking for details/ideas.
  13. zman13

    Atlanta FX

    All the people in the mall pulling out handguns but no one can hit the shooter cracked me up.
  14. 11:30p Saturday night on FS1
  15. Some very scattered, intense showers. Had rain pouring down and drove 1/2 mile and it was barely wet.
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