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  1. It’s people like that slug that will assure the most amount of people will die from this. I hope she dies in an aids related fire.
  2. So pinterest started a liquor brand? this. she bought it because it would look pretty in the liquor cabinet.
  3. and make her gargle with lysol before kissing you.
  4. Please enlighten me; why do you need to load up on toilet paper for the ‘rona?
  5. AM Wood

    Bidet Meta Threas

    I’ve been a bidet aficionado for many years and it was this thread that brought me to the light.
  6. Ask Bobby Kneivel. You got to get better shocks.
  7. also, diarrhea is a dish best served cold.
  8. They’ve made some great advances in science and now you can get them made in various waterproof materials.
  9. Bruce LeenCuisine could wreck about 10 x 6 year olds at a time.
  10. That’s a lot of effort. I just occasionally raise my eyebrows inquisitively , or nod my head a little.
  11. Beginner luck! sincerely, mister Miaggi after loosing chopsticks fly catching competition to Danielson.
  12. vocabulary is definitely not one of here inherent strengths.
  13. Sure. I can use a new rain coat.
  14. I’m afraid that sleeping bag with pockets from J.C. Penney isn’t quite the same in styling or thermal function.
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