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  1. I’m afraid that sleeping bag with pockets from J.C. Penney isn’t quite the same in styling or thermal function.
  2. You know if she could coordinate Uber to do the pick up, take it to the wash and fold people, and the shipt to deliver their clean clothes and groceries she might be on to something there.
  3. Well she could pilot it in a laundromat to give her some idea of overhead. And, she could even pay the people who work at the laundromat who get paid next to nothing to wash and fold for her. oh, I guess someone already does this for less than minimum part time wage with no benefits.
  4. So why didn’t you see her purse?
  5. AM Wood

    Bidet Meta Threas

    it's like frollicking around in the alps like that jewish family did in the sound of music.
  6. AM Wood

    Bidet Meta Threas

    Yes. Travel to Europe. They have them all over the place.
  7. AM Wood


    Sweating like Britney Spears taking the SAT’s
  8. AM Wood

    Bidet Meta Threas

    Welcome to team clean hole.
  9. Jebus Christ it’s exactly this.
  10. welp, that's fucking annoying. mine tells a story and only says the highlights that she thinks are important. more than half the important information she figures you already know because it's in her mind. most of the time i have no idea what the fuck she's talking about, but i nod yes and raise eyebrows and stuff so i don't have to hear about it anymore.
  11. This will come up in their future therapy often.
  12. on a similar note, we are invited to my wife's brother's house for my birthday. they know the wife and i eat low carb/keto, but i sure as hell wouldn't push that on somebody kind enough to invite us over. this time her spaz of a brother says "oh, and my is making you a keto banana bread. yeah man! it's keto. you'll be able to eat it." I asked my wife to tell them not to do it but thank you very much for the kind offer. Nope, made it anyway. i know they are class A idiots, so i'm suspect of the bread. But, i'm sort of forced now (because they made the fucker for me) to eat a few bites of this cake. of course it's sickeningly sweet. me: "wow, this is sweet. this is keto?" her: "yeah" me: "what did you use to give it the banana flavor?" her: "bananas." me: "what did you use as a sweetener?" her: "honey."
  13. Does she have tits? I’m asking you... does she?!?!
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